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Wafa Sultan Meets Intelligent Person and Gets Flabbergasted

"Atheist Muslim reformer" Wafa Sultan with anti-Muslim loon Pamela Geller

Wafa Sultan or as she is better known Wafa Stalin was recently on Russia Today (RT) news network. We have previously linked to episodes from the Alyona Show, in which the host tore apart Pamela Geller. We also linked to an episode of Crosstalk in which Professor Norman Finkelstein debated an Israeli official and utterly pulverized him.

This time Wafa Sultan was on Crosstalk with Ibrahim Ramey to discuss the Quran, Muslims and foreign policy. Wafa may have had expectations that this video would also get the MEMRI treatment, thereby recapturing those 5 minutes of fame she procured previously, but Ibrahim Ramey wasn’t having it.

Ramey came across as the more cool, collected, comprehensible, reasoned, articulate and objective in this encounter, and Wafa…well…more Stalin-ish than ever.

One more thing, dear Asra Nomani, after watching this how can you still stand by your glorifying article of Sultan in TIME magazine? Asra, come to your senses, if not not on profiling Muslims at airports than at least on supporting anti-Muslim Islamophobic bigots.

We were also sent this video, which though a little annoying due to its tedious repetitions, captures Wafa in the midst of what can be deemed a bold faced lie or the kindest word perhaps “old lady dementia.”

Wafa Sultan Lies about her niece (hat tip: Yahya):

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  • Amie

    Have you lived in a Muslim majority nation and know first hand what it is like for Christians? To my knowledge, all Christians have houses of worship/churches where they can pray. See, I live in the U.S. and in my state there is 0 mosques! The authorities would not even allow us to buy a parcel of land to have our own cemetery, let alone build a mosque. We improvise the best we can. So, what do you have to say about that? I was discriminated by my ESL teacher just because of my religion, WAY before 9/11. What about that? Christians, in accordance to the Sharia, have a right to practice their religious laws. In the West, many are freaking out of having Muslims practice their own religious laws. What about that? I do not deny that Arabs have issues to resolve–cultural issues that have nothing to do with religion, but you cannot generalize. Muhammad pbuh lived in 7th century and you cannot judge him with the eyes of the 21st century. By the way, New Testament is teaching people to this day that there is a great genocide prepared for non-Christians when Jesus comes. Wow! If we are to believe Revelation–a very revered book by thousands of Christians world wide, then the whole world should shake in its boots. What a bloody future Christians are hoping for.

  • Amie

    Someone will listen: those full of fear of Muslims and those who only heard about Islam on 9/11.

  • Amie

    She probably sought asylum. Many who come here illegally ask to stay and cite reasons of oppression as #1 reason for not going back to home country. Her being outspoken against Islam and ME countries is giving her points to stay here.

  • Amie

    Certain countries allow women to be doctors, but only in certain fields like gynecology for women. She cannot practice her profession with men.

  • Amie


  • Amie

    Yes, she broke the law by bringing her sister here illegally, but I cannot help but think: wow, she dared commit a crime to save her sister. That in itself speaks a volume! She may hate Islam and Muslims. And I do not like her because of what she is accusing Islam and Muslims of being as a whole. However, I think she lived what she lived and experienced what she did–and those life experiences caused her to be that way. People around her made her start hate her own religion and community. And it is a truly sad thing! Instead of hating her, I think she deserves that others feel sorry for her. The best Muslims can do is show the opposite to what she is saying. She does not trust Muslims, because most of her life she did not meet Muslims who she could trust. It was about abuse, extremism and fanaticism. And those things create Wafa Sultanas around the world.

  • Amie

    And what about those who attack abortion clinics and doctors? Christians. Breivik was a Christian. Most recently some Christians in Latin America burned a child alive believing he is an antichrist. Also, there is a terrorist organization in Africa called “Lord’s Army.” Christians. My point is: one cannot generalize. Unless a whole group of people is doing exactly the same thing, then yes. But, there are many who disagree with extreme ideologies. And yes, Mughalistan, Bosnia suffered a lot. Thousands killed, raped, and still missing. And today, we Bosnians are not allowed to say that we were the victims. Christians in Bosnia would not allow it. We are still struggling in the country politically and socially. A truly sad situation.

  • Amie

    She is not a native English speaker, so she may not articulate 100% what she wants. However, if you listen carefully to what she is saying: she is actually making some statements that are based on reality. Yes, she is twisting things and pushing the anti-Islam agenda that many have around the world, but she is also mentioning problems that Muslim World Community, the Ummah, must fix.

  • Amie

    I do not like Wafa Sultan, but I feel so sorry for her. I cannot imagine what her life was like, wherever she comes from and think that all Muslims around the globe should pay attention to this woman. Why? It is important to understand what some communities, leaders, law makers, etc., are doing to some of Muslims, especially women. As much as I disagree with her statements about generalizing Muslims and making it sound like Qur’an is an “evil” book, and that all Muslims want the same things, believe the same way and do same things–I think that she is bringing up an important issue: the human rights issues in Muslim majority nations where there are dictatorships in power and where religion is not used in accordance with the Qur’an. I myself have come across a book one time called “Sealed Heavenly Potion.” The book was written by some Middle Eastern author, but I was horrified about all it said and how it said. The book portrays Prophet Muhammad pbuh in the worst light possible (exactly as the way Wafa sees the Prophet pbuh) and Islam as a goal that can never be achieved. “Everything” is a sin and “its all about wars.” I cried and swore that I would never read something like that again. It sounds like Wafa was exposed to such literature most of her life, and to the people who believe in such a way. So, I feel sorry for her and all those people who are still experiencing what she did. I think Muslims collectively MUST stand up and stop injustices within Ummah and which are manifested through: oppression of Muslim sisters, oppression of non-Muslims, child marriages, domestic violence, etc. It must stop, because those practices are NOT of Islam. This woman, as much as we dislike what she is saying about Islam, is the outcome of the society she lived in. It is truly sad to see people like her. Muslims: look what some of us are producing? Can we allow this to continue? No. We must stand up for justice and for Islam, because what some among us are doing IS NOT Islam.

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  • hide

    I cannot believe that people on here, whom have probably grown up in a western world and not lived the true islam are doubting this woman. Unless you have lived this womans way of life before you managed to escape the islamic regime. I would believe anyone who has lived this life and who is able to read the qur’an in it’s original form/language arabic. The western translation of the qur’an is not it’s true form. Get a grip people.

  • Maria

    Get educated people! And stop spreading hate…

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  • DrM


    Yes, I’m well aware of the article by InFocus which AJ posted. I was one the first bloggers to put it on my site back in 2007, including the complete transcript of her famous appearance(edited by MEMRI to make her look like the winner) on Al-Jazeera.


  • Mughalistan

    Not the Christianity of today? Have we forgotten what they did in Bosnia?

    Christians and Jews use the Bible to justify killings of Palestinians.

  • AJ


    You are welcome.

  • Garo


    Please read the link provided by AJ. Its content is worth the time I spent reading it. It may be worth your time too. It gives meticulous details how Wafa Sultan entered the U.S.and the fraudulent ways she daringly used to get her sister,in Syria,into the U.S.,by sending her,her own American passport to use as Wafa Sultan,(because her sister looks like her),and entered the United States via Mexico and then to Houston Airport to the U.S.

    It reads like a story is well suited to make an interesting movie out of it.

    I am fully convinced that Wafa Sultan has a criminal mind that is willing to commit crimes to get what she wants.

    Please read the link,if you have not done so,so far,to see the extent to which criminal minds would extend their wrong doings,in order to get what they wanted.

    I just wonder where is the immigration control and the FBI from all of that violations of the laws of the land.

  • Garo


    Thanks for a truly enlightening link. I have been impressed by its content which had compelled me to print it out and file it for my own personal use in the future as deemed appropriate.

  • AJ

    Here is an enlightening article about her:

  • AJ

    The woman has such a strong accent. It doesn’t seem she has been here for a long time. How come she didn’t run from her oppressed place sooner? Plus she is a doctor?? Really? How come her oppressive family let her be a doctor? She should have been herding goats somewhere?

  • milda

    Ibrahim Ramey summarized it pretty well: “there is a business against Islam, and the business is booming”

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