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Robert Mueller: Somali-Americans “Very Cooperative”

Contrary to the “testimony” of one witness at the Peter King Hearings and Islamophobes who continuously bash Muslims and the Somali community as uncooperative, FBI director Mueller states that they have been “very cooperative.”

Mueller said members of the Minnesota Somali-American community have been “very cooperative” with the FBI in its efforts to root out terrorism.

He also said that we have a “very good relationship” with the Muslim community. That’s interesting isn’t it? Especially considering that the FBI is being sued by the ACLU and CAIR for its entrapment and agent provocateur methods.

Read more at MainJustice.

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  • Revert in SE Asia

    (former head FBI) Mueller is a stand up guy and has worked with many Muslims internationally.

    In Malaysia KL after 2 day meetings, he’d hang out with the police chief(s) and was more than gracious. Many Indonesian Muslim top cops liked him too.

    Upbringing, Faith, Training, a natural, whatever it is, he for a 6ft Hermann Munster big guy, brought more sincerity to the table in realistic terms than many career diplomats.

    *AIPAC parasites didn’t like him investigating ‘foreign’ leaks in the FBI.

  • TheDemiprist

    “Too late King of Taqqiya!”
    He’s certainly earned that title, Khush. 😉

  • Khushboo

    Good catch Mind

  • mindy1

    Shouldn’t this be anti loon if he is being respectful?

  • Khushboo

    Peter King is now backpeddling by saying “I’ve said over and over again that Majority of Muslims are good people”. LMAO. Too late King of Taqqiya!

  • Daniel

    Isn’t it odd that Peter King, who claimed that the Muslim-American community was “not cooperating” with law enforcement, produced no witnesses from law enforcement to back up that claim? And the witnesses called to Durbin’s hearings–from law enforcement–contradict King’s claim?

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