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Debbie Schlussel Calls for Mass Slaughter of 1.8 Billion Muslims

Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel is on the crazy train again. And to think that Robert Spencer referred to her as a “freedom fighter” once upon a time.

Osama bin Laden Dead: Debbie Schlussel Calls for Killing 1.8 Billion Muslims; Let the Crackpot Raving Begin!

Stephen Lemons (Phoenix New Times)

In the wake of President Barack Obama’s announcement that terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden has been killed by American forces during a firefight in Pakistan, I have a few predictions.

The first is a given: traitorous right-wing nutjobs will not grant the Obama administration any credit for the kill.

They also will argue that bin Laden is irrelevant, that former President George W. Bush should get all the credit, and they will question the credibility of the report itself, helping to spawn insane conspiracy theories on both the left and the right.

After all, if the Tea Party types can’t be convinced — even with the release of Obama’s long form birth certificate — that he is an American citizen by birth, do you really believe they can be convinced that bin Laden is kaput? Hell, like a crazed mass of doubting Thomases, they’ll want to put their fingers in the bloody bullet holes themselves.

Even then they wouldn’t buy it.

For instance, “Chuck” over at SeeingRedAZ is already barking at the moon with this comment,

“Now Obama is confirming bin Laden’s death. That makes me have some doubts about the veracity of the report.”

Yeah, if I were Chucky, I wouldn’t stick my last name up there, either, lest it become a byword for IDIOT.

What about GOP self-loathing immigrant-hater Michelle Malkin? How does she react to Obama’s historic announcement? By quoting the President and mocking him:

“We must remain vigilant at home and abroad.”

Make it more than lip service.

But it’s wingnut loon Debbie Schlussel who garners the prize for full on “woo,” as my friend Pat Curley over at the Screw Loose Change blog, would say. Never to be outdone, Schlussel first argues that it’s no big deal, then calls for the mass murder of 1.8 billion Muslims.

picresized_th_1304311775_debbie (1).jpg

Um, like, wow. It’s not often that someone of the Jewish faith calls for pogroms or a different sort of Holocaust altogether. Sounds like Schlussel is ready to fire up the ovens herself.

Indeed, Schlussel’s bio states that she’s the grandkid of Shoah survivors. Bet they’re proud, or rolling over somewhere.

I know that not all Republicans think this way. However, even the mainstream GOP has been catering to a hatred of Obama on the right that seems to know no bounds. These conservative wackjobs regard Obama as illegitimate, a traitor, a Marxist, a fascist, similar to Hitler, similar to Stalin, a liar, and so forth.

Hell, if they could blame the guy for the 9/11 attacks, the tsunami in Japan, or the tornado rampage in the South, they would.

Watch-out for the lefty loonies as well. Though the so-called 9/11 “truthers” have been ground into complete obscurity with their “9/11 was an inside job” bull, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them revivified by the report of bin Laden’s death, while asserting that it’s all a hoax.

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  • Am


    R u defending ur fuhrers comments? (Debbie ss)

    Pretty clear who the fascist nazi is

  • Ralph Adamo

    This thread is really melting my heart. Adolph Hitler and the Grand Mufti would be so proud of you IslamoNazis. You guys also need to check into They hold exactly the same views that you do and you will make new friends there. Remember, David Duke loves you. Praise Allah, and let us continue the fight to defeat America, the big Satan, and Israel, the little Satan.

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  • Just goes to show you, people you might consider physically attractive, are some of the ugliest, most despicable people in the world. I don’t know what it is with America today, trotting out all of her beautiful people to rally the public to acts of war, murder and mayhem. Clearly, someone thinks they can make a positive contribution to that end….the likes of Bachmann, Palin, the gods and goddesses of talk radio and especially television, Geller, and this completely insane woman. I’ve always been amazed at how perfectly coiffed and brilliantly dressed people, men or women I might add, who might otherwise be absolutely dependable and trustworthy looking can so easily mislead people with particularly vile and hate filled speech. Perhaps this is a reflection of a narcissistic society that’s much more concerned with the appearance of the vessel than what is in it. There used to be the saying, ‘beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes to the bone’, which describes this Debbie person to a tee!

  • George Carty

    And I imagine a Lebanese woman in a beauty contest would most likely be a Christian anyway…

  • Superpowerarsenal

    And this is because a Lebanese woman beat her in a beauty contest?

  • James

    She is a certifiable bigoted loon. Or, a loony bigot!

  • Khushboo

    She’s a nutcase but atleast she tells us how she really feels and no sane person will take her seriously. However, Geller and Spencer are the real threats here spewing lies and spreading hate/fear while telling us how much they “love Muslims” but Islam is violent blah blah blah…

  • Garo

    She is not the only one who calls for slaughtering all Muslims. It seems to me the whole fascistic campaign of hatred against Muslims is orchestrated by loons of Christian Right-Wingers and the loons of Zionism.

    They must be challenged,exposed and defeated by every legitimate means available to self-respecting and decent American.

  • Sam Seed

    @Khan4 – I am in total agreement with what you said.

  • khan4

    Anticipated: First, Lara Logan was not raped, she was sexually assaulted. From a legal standpoint, there is a big difference. Grabbing someone’s privates is sexual assault. Using your privates to penetrate someone is rape. Either way, it’s wrong what happened to her.

    according to one poll: Let me cut you off right there. If you wish to be taken seriously, never cite a poll. Polls are extremely misleading and offer only opinions not facts. Who are the people being polled? You never know. Remember, polls can be easily skewed just by changing how you ask the question.

    Sure she’s a vile person but what does her lack of sexiness, blond hair/blue eyes, flabiness and unattractiveness have to do with anything? I found that a tad bit offensive.:

    When someone like Debbie says the nasty things that she does, don’t expect a politically correct response from everyone in the future. It will help you in not being offended. She is such a disgusting human being, why do you even care? Get a hold of yourself.

    As for the anti-Islamic populists, I wouldn’t say they do it for the money, at least not all of them.:

    Personally, I think they are all laughing their way to the bank. They are all friends of Israel. Their mission is to dehumanize Muslims, so that Israel will have more support against the Palestinians. Their rhetoric speaks for itself.

    Allow me to make a suggestion. In the future, be much more intelligent in your rhetoric. I’m not impressed by what you wrote. We need to have intelligent debate. By you responding, in the manner you did, you were no better than the individuals you criticized.

    If it’s one thing I have learned on this site, you will read many things that will anger you and frustrate you. The key is to stay even keeled. If you don’t, it will lead to more gutter debates as opposed to reasonable ones. Try to be an example in the future.

  • Anticipated Serendipity

    Lol @hellosnackbar “binny baby” and his “holeyness”, I’ve always considered Hamas an atrocious terrorist organization so no surprise there; they actually went as far as to claim that the killing of OBL was a sign of America’s oppression of Muslims and Arabs, lol and then they cry oppression and demand the West to be nicer to them.
    As for the anti-Islamic populists, I wouldn’t say they do it for the money, at least not all of them. I think some of them really do truly believe in the shit they tout;I can tell Trump just says whatever he thinks will get him support and attention hence the Quran/Muslim bashing; Spencer and Hirsi Ali appear to genuinely have a dislike of and perhaps are suspicious of Islam and Muslims; Geller and Schlussel seem like two crazies who are just full of hate and nothing else, like I said above they’re batsh*t and not afraid to show it.
    Gabriel is Middle Eastern, her real name is Nour something and according to Wikipedia she’s a Lebanese-American of Ethiopian origin. Spencer claims Turkish origins and I suspect he had a name change too, this may seem racist or stereotypical but I initially thought Spencer was Jewish because of his looks and the Islam-bashing coupled with a strong adherence to Zionism. Schlussel is Jewish by the way, I recall her parents or something other were Polish Jewish immigrants to the US. Your anti-Schlussel rant was very sexist. Sure she’s a vile person but what does her lack of sexiness, blond hair/blue eyes, flabiness and unattractiveness have to do with anything? I found that a tad bit offensive.
    Jacque’s post was disgusting in it’s blatant and shameless sexism and misogyny. She’s only a Western infidel-ic whore of course  she wanted to be raped by a horde of barbarians, she was just asking for it by being there, uncovered as she was.
    I remember in the film “The Stoning of Soraya M”, when Soraya’s husband accused her of adultery the mullah said something to the effect of “under sharia law women are guilty until proven innocent and men are innocent until proven guilty”; Jacque and Abdullah appear to have the same disgusting mentality and the horrendous sexual attack on Lara Logan didn’t surprise me nor would it have surprised anyone who is aware of the situation of women in Egypt particularly when it comes to sexual harrassment which is almost universal there; according to one poll over 90% of women claimed to have experienced sexual harrassment and over 60% of men admitted to harrassing. Sexual frustration is blamed on the scenario and women are asked to “be good Muslim women and cover up” to avoid being molested in the streets; foreign women are favourite targets by the way. There was a video (it might be on YouTube) of a mob of men chasing a few women and tearing at their clothes, there was well over 50 men in the mob and that was at some sports game or holiday celebration or something in Egypt a few years ago.    

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