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Pamela Geller Watch: Serbian War Criminal Mladic Caught – Pamela Geller Inconsolable

How do we know that Geller wants Muslims dead? She grieves when genocidal war criminals are caught.

Serbian War Criminal Mladic Caught – Pamela Geller Inconsolable

by Charles Johnson (Little Green Footballs)

War criminal Ratko Mladic was arrested yesterday in Serbia, where he was hiding from justice under an assumed name. Time’s Mark Benjamin has this excerpt from Mladic’s indictment, with horrifying details of his massacre of thousands of Muslim prisoners.

Between 12 July and about 20 July 1995, thousands of Bosnian Muslim men were captured by, or surrendered to, Bosnian Serb Forces under the command and control of General Ratko MLADIC. Over 7,000 Bosnian Muslim prisoners captured in the area around Srebrenica were summarily executed from 13 July to 19 July 1995. Killings continued thereafter. From about 1 August 1995 through about 1 November 1995, VRS units under the command and control of General Ratko MLADIC participated in an organised and comprehensive effort to conceal the killings and executions of the Bosnian Muslims of Srebrenica by reburying, in isolated locations, bodies exhumed from mass graves.

“The Serbs dared to fight.”It’s important to note that one of the most relentless whitewashers of Mladic’s monstrous crimes is none other than anti-Muslim lunatic Pamela Geller, and the reason is obvious: Mladic slaughtered Muslims, and that makes him an ally of Geller, Robert Spencer, and the rest of their thuggish crowd.

In her usual weasely fashion, Geller tries to have it both ways; she cheers on Mladic for “daring to fight,” but at the same time posts numerous articles at her website denying the genocide at Srebrenica as “a lie.” For example:


It’s easy to make fun of Pamela Geller, because she’s so completely deranged. But there’s absolutely nothing funny about her support for war criminals and mass murderers, or her denial of genocide.

And she continues to defend this butcher, even today: JULIA GORIN: “ROASTING MLADIC”.

Instead of admitting their terrible mistake, the dhimmi Western powers are digging in their heels and further prosecuting the Serbs in their sisyphean and thankless efforts to stop Islamic imperialism.

Look, there are no heroes in the Bosnian conflict, but the Muslim atrocities were far worse. The Serbs dared to fight. That’s what this is all about. As Gorin so succinctly put it, “They are guilty of ….. daring to answer war with war.” The question is, why would the Western powers send in troops and pave the way for a militant Islamic state in the heart of Europe? The catastrophic consequences have not yet manifested themselves, but they will impact the geopolitical landscape in what promises to be a bloody 21st century.

Just disgusting.

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  • Aasim

    Imagine how Islamophobes would react if Hitler had target Muslims instead of Jews, no doubt many would be happy it happed, while many would deny it happened at all and if were arrested for praising or denying it, Islamophobes would see it as an attack on free speech, not to mention if the Nazis killed Muslims and if many Nazi war criminals were arrested for killing Muslims, reaction would be same at Pamela’s reaction to Mladic arrest for killing Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims).

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  • Schiller101

    “Serbs dared to fight back”

    Of course! That is why Belgrade was surrounded for years and not Sarajevo, that is why majority of victims found in mass graves are Serbs and not Muslims or Croats…
    Dear Pamela I sincerely apologize for daring to survive Mladic’s self-defense war. I also apologize that I grieve my murdered and butchered relatives, I have no right to grieve – after all I am Muslim and I am therefore not allowed to feel like a human being

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  • Michael Akkawi

    Her response to the matter amounts to Holocaust denial!

  • Anj

    I mean this thing just morphed from a conflict to genocide! Russian soldiers and merceneries were involved as were the Greeks! It was like a mini crusade!
    Makes me sick!

  • Franczeska

    Not all Serbian people are like Ratko Mladic. There were ethnic Serbs who served honourably in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina as both enlisted men and officers.

  • Truth Hurts

    @June 1st, 2011 at 7:38 am

    From post-Communist Yugoslav supra-state to an independent theocratic Muslim Bosnia in a historical jiffy >

    The planning required to do that, considering the history, culture & politics of real Bosnians (have you ever met any?) is worthy of top-grade Loony-tunes Conspiracy Theory if ever there were.

    I don’t think that Serbia is ready for EU membership as the recent genocide was blessed from top to bottom, priests to plebs. It is far too early, rewarding those who supported the evil project.

    Ironically I have sympathy for Mladic as his daughter became a heroine as soon as she realised the demon her “hero-father” had become. The wrong Mladic survived, or perhaps if he truly has feelings, that is the greatest punishment? Anyway, this shows how wrong extreme jingoistic nationalism can become, like Germany. My country right or wrong?

  • IbnAbuTalib

    Stephen G Parker, your insights are quite admirable. Masha’Allah!

  • Mosizzle

    ^Yes, very true. The disbelievers in this instance aren’t those who simply ‘disbelieved’ in God. I mean, how could it be? There were very few atheists or ‘freethinkers’ at the time, and the verse is clearly referring to those who ‘disbelieved’ by their actions. The Banu Qurayza were Jewish and believed in God and the Torah, but they disbelieved by committing treason.

    In many places, the Quran accepts anyone who believes in God, the Day of Judgement and is generally good in this life as a believer who will enter heaven, even if he still believed in the previous revelations.

    Obviously it’s preferable for you to ‘upgrade’ to the new version of the software, but God isn’t cutting His support for those who still feel more comfortable with the old version.

  • @ Farlowe, regarding this comment: http: // .

    I believe Mosizzle has made some excellent points, but I would like to add a thought or two. First, 8:55 does not say that Muhammad (PBUH) considers those who disagree with him to be the worst of all beasts. It is said that GOD (ALLAH) considers those who reject Him (God) to be the worst of all beasts.

    This rejection of God is not mere theological disagreement between followers of various religions. The context of both the passage from the Qur’an you cited, and the Biblical passages, clearly indicates that the rejection of God being spoken of relates to deeds and actions, not theological concepts. Certainly the Qur’an makes clear in a number of places that submission to God is the True Religion – and such submitters can be found throughout the world in at least all major religions. Christians, Jews, and Sabians who genuinely follow the Revelation given to them are specifically mentioned – and then it is extended by the statement that indeed, everyone who believes in God and does good works will have their reward with God. That doesn’t sound very ‘divisive’ to me.

    Those who genuinely follow the Revelation given through Muhammad will not become ‘divisive’ over the differences between Sunnis, Sufis, and Shias (among others). They will no doubt regret the differences, but leave it up to God to resolve those differences at “the Last Day” – in such a way that the differences will be cleared up without losing the reward which belongs to those who believe and do good works.

    A couple of verses from the Qur’an which overthrow the charge of ‘divisiveness’ are:

    “[60:8] As for such [of the unbelievers] as do not fight against you on account of [your] faith, and neither drive you forth from your homelands, God does not forbid you to show them kindness and to behave towards them with full equity: for, verily, God loves those who act equitably. [60:9] God only forbids you to turn in friendship towards such as fight against you because of [your] faith, and drive you forth from your homelands, or aid [others] in driving you forth: and as for those [from among you] who turn towards them in friendship, it is they, they who are truly wrongdoers!”

    And even in the ‘infamous’ 9th Sura, containing the much reviled “verse of the sword”, it is pointed out in verses 4 and 7 that the peace treaties with unbelievers (even polytheists, in this case) who have remained faithful to the treaty obligations, are to remain in effect until the agreed upon expiration date. At that time, of course, a new treaty may be arranged. So even the ‘worst’ of unbelievers (theologically speaking) can live at peace with the believers so long as they refrain from aggressive actions against the Muslims and maintain the agreements they established in those treaties.

    Again, it is actions – not differences about theological concepts – that make the real division. I have no trouble at all, personally, about being ‘divisive’ about the difference between the persecutor and the one who defends the oppressed; between a Hitler and a Ghandi. Long live such ‘divisiveness’. But I certainly agree that bitter divisions over theological differences should be repudiated.

  • The reality is that Serbia is a pro-European and democratic nation that has earned its membership in the European Union. Serbia would be a great EU member state and the leadership of President Tadic.

    The nationalists are a minority that fade away the closer Serbia gets to EU membership — and set backs to Serbia’s membership drive do bring back nationalists.

    Now – there is freedom of speech in Serbia, and allowing nationalists to protest means that they too have freedom of speech.

  • Dan

    mp11, how is it a generalization? These retards attack anyone different from them. Try having a gay pride parade in Belgrade and watch the thousands of Serbs come out of their villages to attack anyone who dares to call for equal rights. Try being a Jew in Belgrade and you are not spared anything either (Pamela is too stupid to realize that). Serbia is a dump and while there were many Serbs who were opposed to the nationalists, they are clearly outnumbered by the large majority who still think he’s a hero! And this is the same country that the loons want to present as “Western-leaning”?

    As for Austrians, let me know when 13,000 Austrians protest in Vienna to praise the Third Reich. Until then, your point is void.

  • mp11

    “Piss off, there are PLENTY of people in that cursed dump who think he’s a hero. As long as there are retards protesting his capture in Serbia, they shouldn’t be in the EU. Plain and simple.”

    And there are plenty that don’t, take it easy. Calling Serbia a “cursed dump” is uncalled for and comes close to the gross generalizations made by the very people this site fights against.

    Regarding your second point, there are plenty of Austrians who like Hitler and/or vote for neo-fascists like the OFP, are we going to kick them out of the EU?

  • Dan

    Kafir DERPby:

    Explain this paragraph by Christopher Hitchens (who is not even a fan of Islam to begin with):

    “Srebrenica is one of the best-documented atrocities in modern history. We have everything, from real-time satellite surveillance (shamefully available to the United States even as the butchery was going on) to film and video taken by the perpetrators, including Mladic himself. The production of this material in court will, one hopes, wipe any potential grin from his face and destroy the propaganda image of the simple patriotic man at arms. Whatever our policy on monsters abroad may turn out to be, at least we should be able to recognize one when we see one.”

    And not only that he also interviewed Alija Izetbegovic, and it may be a surprise to you that when Hitchens asked about Rushdie to him, he stated that while he may not have liked the book, it would certainly be wrong to kill him for it. Is this the “theocratic” leader that you are talking crap about?

  • Ryan

    Mladic’s own daughter hated him; she committed suicide after learning what he had done. Also, there are still fucktards in germany and austria who try to justify the holocaust

  • Dan

    “Let me emphasis this: There are very few people left in Serbia that celebrate these war criminals and their crimes!”

    Piss off, there are PLENTY of people in that cursed dump who think he’s a hero. As long as there are retards protesting his capture in Serbia, they shouldn’t be in the EU. Plain and simple. I feel bad for the Serbs who don’t want to have anything to do with these monsters, but there are plenty of Serbs who do think they are victims and keep citing crap from decades, even centuries ago, to justify their victimization mentality.

    As far as I’m concerned, both Serbia and Pakistan have more in common than meets the eye: a sense of victimhood even though everything they do is their own damn fault.

  • mp11

    “Let me emphasis this: There are very few people left in Serbia that celebrate these war criminals and their crimes!

    No worries, no one here condemns an entire group of people for the actions or beliefs of some.

    Thats the job of Jihadwatch and other like-minded hatemongers.

  • Anj

    Make no mistake if the islamophobes could commit the same crimes and get away with it, they would commit them in heartbeat. They would justify it in a million ways in their own head. The hatred is just going to get worse. God forbid they get into power. Caine, bachmann or any other loon. The funny thing is that they use the bible as a tool to justify their hatred. They still posess the moronic crusader mentality.

  • Kafir Harby

    Mladic is a HERO. He prevented the creation of an islamic theocracy in Bosnia. He is the modern Karel Martel. He will be remembered as a resistance hero.

  • Anonomous

    Its a relief this war criminal is caught. People who do acts like this must be tried in courts for disrespecting human lives

  • Mosizzle

    “The only way Mohammed’s division can be resolved is if the entire world is muslim.”

    Well that’s kind of the objective of ‘missionary religions’ such as Christianity and Islam. But from the beginning, God had assured Prophet Muhammad that converting the world is an impossible aim that only God can do; but has purposefully not done.

    “If it had been thy Lord’s will, they would all have believed– all who are on earth! Wilt thou (O Muhammad) then compel mankind, against their will, to believe! [10:99]

    Muslims are only told to try and spread their religion as well as they can, but they have to accept not everyone will believe in Islam. Making the whole world Muslim is not necessary; it is why Islam allows peace treaties and allows minorities to follow their religions even after Muslim armies had conquered a city.

  • Anonomous

    @Mozille yeah the Banu Qurayza incident is used by Islamophobes when its different as they actually were plotting to cause treason and terrorism and they were judged by an independent judge Sa’ad ibn Mu’ath. It is used out-of-context

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