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Discrimination against Muslims at all-time high in Belgium

But all they care about is banning the Niqab?

Discrimination against Muslims at all-time high in Belgium

(Today’s Zaman)

A total of 166 out of 1,466 cases launched in connection with discrimination and racism-related offenses involve faith, according to the 2010 report prepared by Belgium’s Center for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism (CEOOR).

Eighty-four percent of these cases are connected to Islam while only 2 percent concern Christianity and Judaism. The high number of cases of discrimination against Muslims is likely to bring more debates on Islamophobia back to the agenda. Eighty percent of the complaints filed with the CEOOR involve racism.

About two-thirds of the cases involving Islam stem from Islamophobia, the report says. These incidents of Islamophobia are mostly characterized by propaganda being disseminated through email and pressure in the workplace. The workplace-related cases of discrimination include exclusion and verbal provocation of Muslims. The report notes these instances are a result of workplace administrations believing that “religion has no place in the workplace.” The tension arising from Islamophobic attitudes in the workplace is mostly eliminated “by transferring the Muslim employee involved to another department or laying her/him off.”

Furthermore, 50 percent of cases of discrimination involving faith are linked to media organizations that publish or air unfair accusations or generalizations about members of a specific religion. Twenty-five percent of these cases concern recruitment or promotion while 8 percent involve services provided. The cases of discrimination in the latter category are mostly visible in real estate purchases or rentals. Some real estate agents and home owners are not inclined to rent out their properties to people who they believe are of a different faith.

Additionally, the number of cases of discrimination reported to the CEOOR in 2010 increased by 25 percent compared to the previous year. A list of companies allegedly reluctant to employ foreign employees was recently posted on the Internet.

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  • GC

    Islam is not even a religion so the sooner everyone understands this then the sooner the muslims infiltrating Europe and beyond realize they must convert to Christianity or face deportation. Their ‘Mohammed’ is a person who did not exist. He’s an imagined character made up by old arabic tribes. Islam has caused only problems wherever they have settled. Their Qu’ran preaches death to women and decapitation of limbs to those who commit petty crimes. This is not a religion of peace, respect and love for your fellow man. Islam is a tribal evil arabic cult and it must be removed. I predict if nothing is done I can see another Holy Crusade rising up and defeat the islamists to protect Christianity.

  • DrM


    Yawn, I didn’t know there was a clone of Tarek Fatah foaming at the mouth slithering about. You’re all over the place with your flight of tangents, nut job. You sound more and more like you’ve been overdosing Spencer’s droppings. Last I checked Asra Nomani was featured and shown to be an opportunistic loon on this site as well. So using your brilliant powers of deduction Loon Watch is also a radical Muslim outfit. Also since your “opinions” mirror those of anti-Muslim scumbgags it’s perfectly plausible to assume that you are in fact in cahoots with Spencer and Geller, and probably an EDL terrorist as well. And you hate kittens as well. I came to these conclusions using your methodology.
    But of course this isn’t about Nomani or any of the other distractors you desperately pepper your retarded, racist posts with. You make up lies(claiming I support violence against “liberal Muslims” and Ahmedis) and run off like scared poodle when asked for proof, only to return with more lies and distractors.
    You’re an intellectually dishonest quisling (or tacciya practicing lap dog, if you prefer), Danny boy. Piss off back to Geehad Watch where you belong, bottom feeder.

  • Dan

    @NassirH: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    By the way, discrimination against Muslims seems to be a more pressing concern than terrorism in Belgium — the last deadly Muslim terrorist attack in Belgium occurred in 1980 (that is if I remembered correctly). It also seems that most terrorism in Belgium is not “Islamic,” but instead rooted in Western ideologies.”

    What about recruitment for fighting jihad in places like Chechnya? It’s no surprise that Belgium has a very large population of Chechens and such pan-Islamist sentiments to support your Muslim brothers fighting oppression is not uncommon in the country.

    “I think you will find that there is more anti-Muslim hatred on the web than hatred from Muslims. Heck, just look at Yahoo News’ threads under articles about the floods in Pakistan. There were dozens (hundreds?) of commentators rejoicing at the suffering in Pakistan, with one loon describing how he fed his dog a “hearty meal” while he “laughed” at the filthy, evil Mooslims starving after their livelihoods were destroyed by floods. This was on a mainstream news site, not FOX news of FrontPage.”

    That’s Yahoo News, it’s a hotbed for trolls on the site. Even if you go on news stories not pertaining to Muslims (whether it’s about Obama or blacks) you will find such ridiculous comments as well. I remember reading comments on the site last year over the stampede tragedy in Berlin last July and they were on the lines of they deserved it.

    And if you don’t think there are comments of hate by Muslims on other sites, then you’re delusional. We all witnessed how much support and pride there was on Pakistani sites and Facebook when Salman Taseer was murdered (I wouldn’t be surprised if DrM cheered the murder since he hates anyone who dares to challenge intolerant mullahs and defend minorities). Just go on Pakistaniat and see how many people even wanted the author of the site dead for speaking out against the forces of intolerance. And in light of bin laden’s killing, MuslimMatters made a guideline when commenting that they will not tolerate the praise of bin laden (you know there are a lot of keyboard jihadis that comment on the site). Better yet, when you have time how about you check out Haq Chaar Yaar forums to see that Muslims are not immune from spreading hatred and murder either.

    @DrM: Nutjob? lol Mr. Pot go hook up with Miss Kettle. It’s funny how you complain about someone like Asra Nomani while supporting terrorist sympathizers like Yvonne Ridley. I guess it’s okay to support a woman who supports Anjem Choudary and mourned the loss of a Chechen terrorist like Shamil Basayev who had no shame in taking a school hostage and slaughtering non-Muslim kids in the process. You should take a good look in the mirror on who’s morally deficient, supporting Muslim demagogues who are anti-Western. Is there any wonder why you never call out Samir Khan who’s now a terrorist in Yemen after living in North Carolina amongst the “dirty kuffar” or Khalid Kelly since they share the same worldview as you do?

    @Mosizzle: “Definitely Muslims should do everything possible to sort themselves out and aim for “model minority” status but that does not mean we should restrain ourselves when giving the Islamophobes the smack down they deserve until we get there.”

    That’s a good point to make. I agree that you can’t reason with bigots and racists, but does that mean one should stick to their guns and not compromise? This article on AltMuslim makes some good points on one example of compromise:

  • DrM


    LOL! You really are a nutjob. Show us where I have ever called for violence on “Muslim liberals” or Ahmedis etc. You can’t because you are, in fact, lying or delusional. Or both. You have elevated the strawman argument to a trollishly hellish level. You simply pick things out of your depleted mind, and project them onto your betters without any concern for truth whatsoever.Your relentless misrepresentations indicate something very unhealthy about your mental life. You’re a broken record repeating the same retarded, refuted, anti-Muslim nonsense. That’s your M.O. because you have nothing of any value to add to any discussion.
    So whats up with the takfir act, internet tough guy? Isn’t that what you often accuse “conservative Muslims” off? You’re not a Muslim but a Muslim hater, anony-buffoon. A comparison of the number of posts on this website will show which of one of us has a lot of free time on their hands. I’d tell you not to quit your day job, but you probably don’t have one.

  • Mosizzle

    Sharia4Belgium and Sharia4Holland all appear to be offshoots of Anjem Choudary’s ridiculous Islam4UK group. In any case, they are very new and it’s a stretch to say that workplace discrimination of the type described in this news article is their fault. Sure, their existence is being exploited by right wingers to spread Islamophobia but things like verbal abuse of Muslim employees, or firing them, or transferring them without reason are unlikely to be the result of a small group. It’s more likely to be the product of many generations of negative stereotypes of Moroccans and Turks in Belgium as being more likely to commit crime, become terrorists, live off the state etc.

    In any case, whether it’s Sharia4Belgium or general anti-immigrant sentiment and/or racism, it’s the Islamophobes who are discriminating against Muslims and justifying it and they should be held responsible for what they are doing. Sure, Muslims can try to eliminate some of the things that annoy Belgians but at the end of the day, a racist will still be racist and will discriminate whether you have done something bad or not. If someone thinks it’s funny to photoshop a picture of a Muslim colleague as Osama bin Laden or to email a picture of a pig to them, he will still find it funny even if all Muslims become a “model minority”.

    Definitely Muslims should do everything possible to sort themselves out and aim for “model minority” status but that does not mean we should restrain ourselves when giving the Islamophobes the smack down they deserve until we get there.

  • NassirH

    *or FrontPage

  • NassirH

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    By the way, discrimination against Muslims seems to be a more pressing concern than terrorism in Belgium — the last deadly Muslim terrorist attack in Belgium occurred in 1980 (that is if I remembered correctly). It also seems that most terrorism in Belgium is not “Islamic,” but instead rooted in Western ideologies.

    I think you will find that there is more anti-Muslim hatred on the web than hatred from Muslims. Heck, just look at Yahoo News’ threads under articles about the floods in Pakistan. There were dozens (hundreds?) of commentators rejoicing at the suffering in Pakistan, with one loon describing how he fed his dog a “hearty meal” while he “laughed” at the filthy, evil Mooslims starving after their livelihoods were destroyed by floods. This was on a mainstream news site, not FOX news of FrontPage.

  • Dan

    NassirH, you never were on ClearGuidance in the early 2000s at the height of their popularity?

    Even if you go on MPACUK you will find people who think the West is at war with Islam while shamelessly reaping the benefits their Western hosts provide them with.

    You can go on Muslim forums and find posters advocating the murder of Shi’as and Ahmadis, and you know how much Pakistani Muslims hate Ahmadis and look a blind eye to any terrorist attack against them.

    I don’t know why people here think that all Muslims are angels and refuse to point out the extremist lunatics who give Belgium the excuse it needs to initiate discrimination against Belgian Muslims. I guess it’s easier to act like a victim than to crack down on the people within one’s midst who perpetuate the ever-longing cycle. No one wants to point out the fact that EDL came about as a reaction to Anjem Choudary’s protests condemning British troops as “butchers of Basra” 2 years ago. You know there is a problem when you have some Belgian Muslims flocking to Muslim countries to fight on behalf of militant groups. It’s not a secret you know?

  • NassirH

    If one insignificant corner of the internet can be used to justify Islamophobia against all Muslims in Belgium, then that’s an indictment against the profound Islamophobic double standards of many Westerners, not Belgium Muslims in general.

    By the way, there are far more anti-Muslim hate sites — advocating nuclear genocide, ethnic cleansing, etc. — then vice versa; and anti-Muslim hates sites are far more popular too. Do those facts mean that it’s okay to discriminate against Westerners?

  • Dan

    DrM(urtad) shouldn’t you go back to inciting murder against Muslim liberals and Ahmadis as you always do? I’m sure you’re already late for your Hizb-ut-Tahrir meeting already. Not my fault you have a serious hard-on for people like Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri, especially when you prefer to have all liberal Muslims executed while crying about being a victim. Go back to peddling 9/11 conspiracy theories you braindead moron, I find it hard to believe that a supposed “doctor” would spend all his time trolling on various Muslim sites instead of treating his patients. I’m sure you would turn down an Ahmadi to treat IF you are allegedly a doctor.

    Loud-mouthed anonymous coward.

  • “Well, its Europe, do you really expect any different? This is the same continent that produced the crusades, the inquisition, black slavery, pogroms, the nazis, the holocaust…i’m sure im missing out a lot.”

    AND you left out the French! *shudder*

  • Ahmed(was called Anonomous)

    Whats with all the saying that Muslim countries are intolerant. Most Muslim countries are poor so human rights are low. They treat Muslims bad there and there are countries like the UAE, Oman and Qatar which are rich so they tolerate others while Indonesia and Malaysia despite some violence are not that bad. The faults of another(intolerant Muslim majority countries) should not be an excuse to curtail civil liberties in a rich country.

  • RDS

    That website seems…a little suspect. What about mainstream news outlets like BBC etc, local Belgian news (that are not tabloids a la Bild/Daily Mail)?

  • DrM


    Dan’s hypocrisy and stupidity could not be more transparent. Using his brilliant illogic, it is completely for logical Muslims to discriminate against, and demonize westerners because some of them are bad apples(ok fine, a lot of bad apples).
    This slanderous loon is a broken record, pretending to be a Muslim yet he always tries to justify western bigotry against Muslims with the same tired cliches of many an Islamophobe. Sounds like Tarek Fatah to me.

  • Dan

    This group doesn’t do Belgian Muslims’ fight against injustice any favors

    Minor group or not, these morons give Belgium all the ammo it needs to demonize Muslims.

    Perhaps you guys should spend more time combating the rhetoric of these fantasists instead of whining about how life is supposedly bad for living in the West?

  • Dan

    @RDS: “Dan: Any news source or reference? I knew the Turkish immigrants in Austria were a handful to deal with, but I haven’t heard about the ones in Belgium.”

    I used to post on a blog a couple of years ago that gathers news pertaining to Islam about Europe which was riddled with Islamophobes but nevertheless a good source of information about news stories regarding Islam in Europe:

    @IbnAbuTalib: “Dan, do you hold Javed Ahmed Ghamdi, Moiz Amjad and Amin Ahsan Islahi with the same contempt as other Pakistani Muslims?”

    No of course not, why would I?

    @Hatethehaterz: I already made this clear many times. If some Belgian Muslims continue to express support for al-Qaeda, continue to be involved in terrorist plots in the country, flock to Muslim countries to fight as jihadis, raise money for extremist groups, and refuse to make compromises with their host country (a lot of Muslims in Belgium are so rigid that they even have no problem assaulting homosexuals in the country), then they are NOT doing the image of Belgian Muslims ANY favors whatsoever. If Belgian Muslims refuse to condemn the Taliban and continue to praise Islamic extremist groups then they shouldn’t be surprised if their hosts do not like them. You just don’t want to lecture fellow Muslims who believe in this because you would rather come up with 70 excuses than to do the right thing and combat mischief. The rise of fascist groups in Belgium like Vlaams Belang is purely as a result of Belgian Muslims’ inability to integrate and make compromises (why wear a niqaab in a Western country when you could wear a hijab?) The issue of Islamic extremism among Belgian Muslims is a reality and you don’t want to look into that problem as the root cause of discrimination and prejudice.

    And for the record, I did not say it is better to be a Muslim in a non-Muslim country. For the sake of the argument, I stated that it is better to be a Muslim in Belgium than to be a non-Muslim in a Muslim country. Go ask Asiya Bibi on how it’s like to be a Christian amongst a Muslim majority who want her dead and then tell me how life is allegedly so bad for Muslims in Belgium.

    And it also doesn’t help when you have dumbasses who keep bringing up the Holocaust all the time as if Muslims are going to be the next victims in Europe (quite ironic since I doubt many Muslim immigrants believe the Holocaust even occurred to begin with).

    Very few people here are willing to accept the reality that it is the actions of Muslims in Belgium which fuels the rise of Vlaams Belang and similar groups. Either Muslims in Belgium learn to be tolerant and not freak out over the sight of women not covered and the presence of homosexuals or stop whining when they refuse to make compromises. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

  • Farlowe

    Does anyone have a copy of the report mentioned in this article?
    I couldn’t find it on the website.

  • Solid Snake


    I believe that the reason why the standard of living in the West in general is higher than anywhere else is because most Western countries have never been suppressed by a dictator being funded by a separate entity ex Chile,Iraq, etc etc, have not had their resources stolen or given away be a dictator being funded by a separate entity,did not have their land carved up and divided into separate countries by an external entity, etc etc.

    To sum it up, most of the Western countries have been largely left alone and allowed to develop and evolve to where they are today. When you look at the Central and South American countries as well as the Middle East we see a consistent pattern in which every time there is an opportunity to develop or evolve an external superpower(usually USA, Britian , or other developed countries ) steps in and installs a brutal dictator who stunts the growth of the country in question.

    Of course that is only one factor in the equation,there are many other reasons like internal struggles.

  • Hatethehaterz

    As far as the claim that it is better to be a Muslim in a non-Muslim country than it is to be non-Muslim in a Muslim country… I’m genuinely curious if this is actually true? Dan mentioned it above, but I’ve also heard it from numerous others (usually the haters). Has Danios or any other Loonwatch writer ever written on this topic? I think it might be an interesting topic to explore.

    I mean many western countries have the highest standard of living. So I would say it is better to live in these countries regardless of faith simply because of the higher standard of living. But controlling for that, is it really better to be a Muslim in a non-Muslim country than vice versa? I know many horrible crimes have been commited against non-Muslims in Muslim countries; however the same can be seen against Muslims in non-Muslim countries. For example: The Bosnian genocide (former Yugoslavia), Chechnya, Gujrat riots in India. In addition, many Mosques have been vandalized/firebombed in several non-Muslim countries. So too has there been violence and murder against Muslims in non-Muslim countries. So I am genuinely skeptical of this claim that it is better to be a Muslim in a non-Muslim country than vice versa. But I would like to see the matter presented in a non-biased, scholarly type article.

    And for the record, I’m not saying I don’t like it here in the U.S. Quite the contrary, I like it very much. But then, I’ll bet much of that has to do with the good standard of living as well.

  • Hatethehaterz

    @Dan: “soft spot for militants”

    Define “militant.” If you mean someone who commits violence against civilians/non-combatants or someone who condones aggression and violence against others simply because they have different beleifs; then no. I do not condone such individuals. Of course, this definition fits non-Muslim, right wing fascists and war-mongers just as well (if not better) than it fits Muslim extremists.

    If you mean someone who opposes unjust war, invasion, killing of civilians/non-combatants, and discrimmination and bigotry. Then I would say this is not a proper definition of “militant.” Islam only condones physical violence in the case of self-defense. This is also a universal human right.

    I would say you are far closer to a “militant” than I. I have never condoned any sort of violence unless it is in self-defense. You on the other hand have threatened physical violence against Ms. Gellar in the June article on Loonwatch about her response to Mladic’s capture, you stated: “I wish I could seriously punch her in the face.”

    Here’s the link:

    Now don’t get me wrong. I’m opposed to her Islam/Muslim bashing rhetoric as much as the next guy. But I never condoned any sort of physical violence or aggression.

    But enough with your stupid labels of “militant” etc. There is no justification for the discrimmination and bigotry taking place against Muslims. Just because someone who claims to be Muslim does something wrong half-way around the world from you does not give anyone the right to vandalize your local Mosque, prevent your sister/wife/mother from wearing hijab or slandering your faith. Heck, even if someone claiming to be Muslim right next door to you did something wrong, that still does not justify any crime against YOU. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  • Hatethehaterz

    @Dan: “Well, it’s better to be a Muslim in Belgium than to be a Christian in certain Muslim countries.”

    Again, the treatment of minorities in Muslim countries is irrelevant to this argument. What happens in another country is not justification for hate crimes and discrimmination in Belgium. Muslims in Belgium are not responsible for whatever happened to non-Muslims in ANOTHER COUNTRY; and should not be held accountable for the actions/views of someone else. By your logic, we should blame all Jews for Israeli crimes against Palestinians. By your logic, we should hold all Christians accountable for the invasion and subsequent attrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan (after all, the countries which led these wars are majority Christian). But that would be no more just than blaming all Muslims for the actions of a few “bad apples” as you call them. This line of thinking btw is very close to the rhetoric of the extremist/militant Muslims you always rail again. Many of them do blame the entire “west” (i.e. Europe and America) for the wars and attrocities against Muslim countries.

  • Hatethehaterz

    @Dan: “you expect Belgians to love them?”

    No I do not. But I do expect them to obey the law and not violate their civil rights. I also expect them to be intelligent enough not to generalize the actions/words of the few to an entire community. There are people of every religion who are unwilling to compromise a rigid interpretation of their faith. This does not justify bigotry, discrimmination, and/or violence againt an entire group.

    And what exactly are you referring to when you talk about certain Belgian Muslims being too rigid in thier interpretation of Islam? What exactly did they do that was so offenive in your eyes that it justifies discrimmination and bigotry? Any specific incidents? The only protests I’m aware of in Belgium were the protests against the insulting cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and protests against a proposed ban on the hijab. Is this what justifies hate crimes in your mind?

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