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Happy July 4th!

It is July 4h, 2011. The United States of America has been free of British colonial rule for 235 years now.

Let’s not let the Islamophobes and haters ruin the day.

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  • Alex

    Can anyone help me find that old excellent article about Taquiyya and what it really means on here?

  • The Tea Party is NOT the only vision of “America.”

    The vision I have is more social-democratic and more in keeping with stated values on human rights, both internal as well as external.

  • Tarig

    Better holiday than that celebration of genocide that you guys from across the pond are so fond of at least!

  • sahra

    Don’t grieve my friend,haters never prevails NEVER,they always end up in the garbage cans of human history.
    Happy 4th

  • Palestinian

    It’s too late. Haters already ruined it for me. Especially the guy who said he would gladly kill innocent Arab civilians to keep his car gassed. Yep that pretty much ruined any chances of a happy 4th I had.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Its not too late to come back !

    ( you will have to give up the guns though )

  • Anj

    All the best on 4th July!
    From a Brit!

  • corey

    gotta have the corn on the cob.

  • JN

    Macaroni salad is a good alternative then 🙂

  • The fireworks are going off now!

    There were people of all faiths and colors celebrating with traditional picnics at the park here.
    I pass on the potato salad. It’s TOO fattening !

  • mindy1

    Back at you-happy independence day to EVERYONE of EVERY faith 😀

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