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9/11: A Day of Remembrance

10 years have passed since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Let this day be one of remembrance for the victims, their families and loved ones. Let it not be a day used as political football to divide, fear-monger and justify war and aggression.

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  • Khalid Shah

    Just want to bring this to your attention. It looks like at least one recent Muslim terrorist cell (in germany) was ‘manufactured’.

  • sadia

    state sponsored 9/11 attack and the incessant bombings in iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, yemen……..none can be forgotten. America and its allies have blood on their hands, and they have not stopped killing yet.

  • Michael Elwood

    @Solid Snake

    The Bears are relatively healthy this year. Did you see how Urlacher’s big ass stretched out and flew through the air like Super Man to make that interception? I almost cracked a rib I was laughing so hard! He’s a big dude, but he’s nimble. The health and athleticism of the Bears doesn’t bode well for the Lions or anyone else in the NFL. I’m pessimistic. . . about almost everything. . . but I think we’re going to win our division again. And the Lions are gonna have to do what big cats usually do. . . hiss and scratch! 🙂

    On a different note, I read this article today:

    Can someone please tell me why immigrant Muslims are so damn happy and optimistic? I don’t get it. It’s funny contrasting the optimism in the poll with what people were saying in the comments section. Our “leaders” and “spokesmen” really seem to believe that Islamophobia is going to blow over in a few years, and that they’re just a press release or interfaith breakfast away from its demise. Then, they can go back to voting Republican and live out the rest of their lives being “mainstream”.

  • Ummer

    It’s sad to know the folks who made billions out 9/11.

  • Perseveranze

    Nah, I rather remember the thousands that died after due to USA invasion and the thousands dying today.

    Nothing is special about 9/11.

    USA 9/11.
    Muslims 24/7

    Don’t forget it.

  • Solid Snake

    Your going down Elwood! Suh is hungry for more! Ill give it to you Cutlers one tough dude (I mean he did take that one clean and legal hit from Suh, in which Suh got fined for it ) but have you seen our D-line lately Muwahahahahahahaaaa >:)) (Let the trash talking commence!)lol

  • Michael Elwood

    @Solid Snake

    “May they all rest in peace…”

    I second that.

    “how bout my LIONS baby! Whoever is from Tampa reading this just know you had the honor of being our first hunt of the season…and a successful hunt at that! >:”

    I don’t second that. GO BEARS!!! 🙂

  • Solid Snake

    May they all rest in peace…

    how bout my LIONS baby! Whoever is from Tampa reading this just know you had the honor of being our first hunt of the season…and a successful hunt at that! >:)

  • HGG

    It’s a good thing this thread dedicated to the remembrance of a tragedy didn’t get politicized at all.

  • islamispeace

    @Corey: “if this is going to be aflame war on someones politics instead of remembrance maybe I should direct your attention to jw once again taking a comment out of context from spencerwatch

    I understand what you are saying but just because there are idiots on JW, it does not mean people here should not have legitimate differences of opinion or be unable to have legitimate discussions. It’s high time we stop letting bigoted fools dictate how rational people should discuss these important issues. Who the hell cares for what the JW trash think anymore? Is there even any hope of ever reaching them anyway? I certainly don’t think so. At this point, the task ahead is to make enough people aware of the facts and the truth, and sooner or later, websites like JW and pseudo-scholars like Spencer and their blind supporters will be forgotten and ignored, inshaAllah.

  • islamispeace

    I meant to say that killing innocent people in the name of Islam makes one an “unbeliever” instead of a “non-Muslim”. I did not intend to say that non-Muslims are killers. No offense was intended.

  • islamispeace

    @Eslaporte: “Yes, and some of the 9-11 hijackers visited a strip nightclub for alcohol and lap dances…

    NO faithful and pious Muslim would engage in such activities.”

    How very true! However, none of us are perfect and as Muslims are also human beings, they can just as easily be misguided and tempted as non-Muslims. So, just because these misguided murderers (whoever they were) visited strip clubs and drank alcohol, it would not immediately make them into non-Muslims. However, killing innocent people (including other Muslims) in the name of Islam pretty much makes one a non-Muslim.

  • JD

    Yes Jim ACLU is a left org I guess you and your republiterd prefer the Taliban method of justice take them to a football field and put a bullet back of there head

    Damm the ACLU allways defending Anit-American ,christian hateing, non white people……

    The ACLU of Virginia (2011) defended the free religious expression of a group of Christian athletes in Floyd County High School who had copies of the Ten Commandments removed from their personal lockers.

    The ACLU of Connecticut (2011) filed a lawsuit on behalf of a Naval officer who sought recognition as a conscientious objector because of his Christian convictions against war. After a period of intense religious study, reflection, and prayer, he had come to realize that his religious beliefs were in conflict with his military service. The officer’s request was subsequently granted and he received an honorable discharge.

    The ACLU of Southern California (2011) filed a lawsuit against the FBI alleging that an agent had infiltrated a California mosque and violated the constitutional rights of hundreds of Muslims by targeting them for surveillance because of their religion

    The ACLU of Florida (2010) filed a lawsuit on behalf of a local homeless ministry, the First Vagabonds Church of God, challenging an Orlando ordinance that prohibits service of food to groups in the same public park more than twice per year.

    The ACLU and the ACLU of Texas (2010) filed a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in support of a Texas state prisoner seeking damages after prison officials denied him the opportunity to participate in Christian worship services

    The ACLU, its national chapter in Puerto Rico, and its affiliates in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island (2010) filed a friend-of-the-court brief opposing restrictive laws that effectively ban Jehovah’s Witnesses from freely expressing their faith on the streets of Puerto Rico.

  • corey

    if this is going to be aflame war on someones politics instead of remembrance maybe I should direct your attention to jw once again taking a comment out of context from spencerwatch

  • JD

    Like I said in the other post this
    day is used as political football to divide, fear-monger and justify war and aggression.

    Tony Blair denies military action ‘radicalised’ Muslims”

    In an interview with Radio 4′s Today programme, marking 10 years since the 9/11 attacks, the former prime minister said: “The reason why these people are radicalised is not because of something we’re doing to them. They believe in their philosophy.

    “I see this out in the Middle East all the time. There is this view, which I’m afraid I believe is deeply naive in the West, that somehow these people, you know, misunderstand our motives, that we’ve confused them, that that’s why they’ve become radicalised.

    “Understand one thing – they believe in what they believe in because they believe their religion compels them to believe in it.”

    Mr Blair added that he did not believe the provision of democracy in Middle Eastern countries “by the way a process, as I say, not imposed as an act of imperialism should radicalise anybody.

    “And until we stop accepting that somehow we, by our actions, are provoking these people to be as they are, we will carry on with this problem.”

    He went on to say that people in Iraq and Afghanistan wanted democracy and that this ideology was not being imposed on them.

  • Here we are in the 21st century, supposedly at the most englightened time of human history and we have 9/11 to remind us we have a long way to go. Who would have thought this day 10 years ago would have had such far reaching repercussions, still reverberating 10 years later.

    It’s tragic so many died that day. Condolences to those who lost loved ones, on that day, and in the subsequent “war on terror”. May they rest in peace forever.

  • sadia

    9/11’s tragedy is that the victims have still not got justice. Nor have the victims of its aftermath.
    our tribute is in the form of a prayer, that each and every victim gets justice and that those responsible for their killings taste punishment not just in this world but in hereafter as well.

  • Jim Kirk


    You admit the website is biased but then you cite it as evidence. Those numbers are fabricated. I would like to know what their methodology was for collecting data in a warzone that not even the government has complete access to. Obviously there are none.

    Consider this: “The New America Foundation estimates that between 277 and 435 noncombatants have died in drone strikes since 2004, out of 1,374 to 2,189 total deaths.”

    To be sure, 430 civilian deaths are tragic. But nowhere near the alleged “tens of thousands” and far less civilians killed than by Al-Qaeda (whose policy, unlike the US, is to directly target civilians).

  • I thought this thread wasn’t supposed to descend into another pointless flame war and become a playing field for political football.

    Yes – NassirH, my thoughts too…

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