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Fjordman Back at Gates of Vienna whose Tipsters Include Caroline Glick

by Farha Khaled

Islamophobic blogs like Gates of Vienna, popular with white supremacists have Israeli American fans who have adopted a hard line pro Israel agenda. It also appears that Fjordman is back at Gates of Vienna. He was cited recently as a tipster alongside Caroline Glick, the senior editor at The Jerusalem Post.

A closer scrutiny of Gates of Vienna the white supremacist blog which published ‘Fjordman‘ until he went into hiding after the Norway massacre shows it is run by a couple living in Virginia, USA, one Baron Bodissey whose real name is Edward May popularly known as ‘Ned May‘ and his wife who edits the blog under the pseudonym ‘Dymphna.’ It claims to focus on the ‘Great Jihad’ in Europe, regularly publishing essays promoting white supremacism, calls for a Muslim Holocaust and is filled with vile anti Islam bigotry, lies and polemics dressed up as ‘counter jihadism’.  Anders Brievik has posted comments there. In the past too, discussions of exterminating the ‘Muslim’ problem caused waves as in ‘Thinking the Unthinkable‘ in which options to rid the world of Muslims were discussed.

Gates of Vienna has a pro Israel focus which Ned and Dymphna go to great pains to emphasise. A cynic may suspect there are ulterior motives at play here. The connection between Zionism and organized Islamophobia is clear and comes as no surprise now. Fear Inc. a six month study by the Centre for American Progress, details how an Islamophobia industry is being funded and peddled by a small minority of conservatives. What is popularly known as ‘Islamism’ has its Zionist counterpart, as explored in a recent LoonWatch series ‘Why Religious Zionism, Not Judaism, Is The Problem‘.

Indeed Dymphna regularly does the rounds at right wing Zionist websites posting comments moaning about their poverty. One such blog is the rabidly anti Palestinian and Islam hating blog ‘Sultan Knish‘ run by Daniel Greenfield an Israeli sabra living in New York, who is a fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Centre the same organisation that sponsors Jihad Watch.  Daniel is obsessed with a pathological hatred for Muslims and a delusion that the US military exists to carry out his fantasy of a war on Islam. Daniel’s postings regularly dehumanise Muslims, and are filled with anti Islam screeds which he fabricates on whim, not unlike Ned May.  He also has a Torah Parsha blog and this video shows him in a debate about New Media. In a common theme amongst neo cons, Daniel complains there is a plot to destroy the US military by Obama.  In one blog post ‘Winning the War on Terror‘ he suggests genocide:

‘We would have to be willing to kill millions, directly or indirectly, while maintaining an alliance that would defy Russia, China and the First World nations that would accuse us of genocide. The real name for this war might well turn out to be World War III. It would take a Churchill or a Roosevelt to launch something like that, and while the world would be radically different afterward, it might well turn out to be radioactively different too.’

Whilst Daniel’s crowd propagate that Muslims are out to destroy the USA, the truth is these very neo conservatives bankrupted the US economy by leading it into trillion dollar wars on fake premises and fabricated evidence. As Julian Borger reported in The Guardian, the evidence for the Iraq war was fabricated by the now defunct ‘The Office of Special Plans‘ affiliated with hard line Likudniks.

When the worlds media was questioning the role Robert Spencer and his crowd played in influencing the massacre, Daniel Greenfield, rushed to defend his buddies with  ‘Brievexploitation‘ a pathetic attempt to divert blame. A cursory glance at the comments underneath this post, dated 8/06/2011 shows Dymphna reminding Daniel how her ilk suffer for being philo-semitic:

‘The fledgling right wing of European politics, the only part of it that was NOT anti-Semitic, has been ripped from the body politic in Europe and thrown on the ash heap.’

After reminding him and his readers of the huge sacrifices made, she goes on to subtly beg:

‘Perhaps you could suggest to Mr. Horowitz that as part of discovering ABB’s networks, he could have that analysis done? Certainly if I had the money I’d get it asap.’

Far right Islamophobic activists have forged alliances of convenience with radical Zionists and regard Israel as an ally, not least because they see Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as a role model  for how Muslims should be treated.  Hard line Zionists see it as an opportunity to lessen the growing Muslim presence and influence in the USA and Europe which they see as detrimental to a greater Israel. Stooges like Geert Wilders are funded in the hope they can halt Muslim immigration and influence. Marginalised as they are, some European nationalist groups are willing to shed their traditional Jew hatred in an attempt to find allies, but as often happens in marriages of convenience, it doesn’t take much for cracks to appear. Pamela Geller’s association with the EDL caused waves when Roberta Moore claimed they had Jew hating members and were not sufficiently pro Israel. In Europe, German newspaper Der Spiegel probed this alliance in ‘The Likud Connection‘ showing how some marginalized right wing populists are going the Geert Wilders way. This bizarre coupling has split the far right movement in Europe which has traditionally been anti-semitic.

Meanwhile, Ned May, an EDL activist, serves as director of International Free Press Society an American and Denmark based group whose members claim to fight threats to free speech from ‘forces within Islam’. IFPS’s board members include the familiar names Bat Ye’or, Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom and affiliates like Aish Ha Torah. Incidentally, one of the listed advisers for IFPS is Rachel Ehrenfeld an “expert on terrorism” and author of ‘Funding Evil’ in which she made allegations of terror funding against the now deceased Saudi billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz for which he sued.

Ned often mixes in a pro Israel and pro Jewish stance liberally peppering his polemics with quotes from the Talmud and expresses a desire (like Dymphna) to be in the pay of Mossad. In this he has help from fellow bloggers like his friend, a Jerusalem based Israeli American lawyer, one Carl Mordechai Sherer, who runs Israel Matzav as ‘Carl in Jerusalem‘. Charles Johnson banned Carl from Little Green Footballs where he was a heavy commenter for posting a link to Gates of Vienna with a curt ‘I will have nothing to do with people who promote fascist creeps‘. Stung by LGF’s criticism, a blog war followed, in which Ned May tries to salvage some dignity for his cesspool.

A particularly revealing blog post is where Carl can be seen giving Ned advice on the legality of declaring Jewish rights to Israel as an indigenous people, stating he fully supported a ‘greater Israel’ though the world won’t allow it. Ned  in turn laments a common nazi theme which he modifies to this convoluted logic:

‘Regardless of the merits of the case, I agree with Carl that the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples will never be applied to Jews — or to white Europeans, for that matter.

“Indigenous Peoples” are “brown” peoples, especially Muslims, American Indians, Australian Aboriginals, and black Africans. Anything using the term that is passed by the UN will only be allowed to apply to those peoples, and never to Jews or Caucasians.’

Ned May must be unaware of the millions of Caucasian Muslims including Russians, American Muslims, British and other European converts. Carl, who did not see fit to tell his friend that most Israeli’s are non Caucasian Sefardi Jews was however, quick to hypocritically cry ‘nazi’ at white supremacist Occupy Wall St protesters.

Incidentally, Carl, who has lauded Fjordman’s postings at Gates of Vienna gushes at Israel Matzav:

‘For those who have never been to Gates of Vienna, go check it out. It’s some of the highest level intellectual material you will ever read on the Internet.’

How high is that ‘intellectual level’ ? Let us quote Ned verbatim where he explains the purpose of Gates of Vienna is to spread lies at a grassroots level, in short; telling a lie often enough makes one believe it. Not just to lie but to oversell it. In a blog titled ‘Overselling the Meme‘ he states:

‘This must be accomplished at a level well below that of the celebrities and famous pundits, because action on that battlefield invites a massive and well-funded counterattack by CAIR, ISNA, the OIC, etc.’

Using hyperbole and flowery nonsense, he spells out his mission in life:

As a propagandist, my task is to spread the meme and not to sweat the nuances. Nuances can be argued about and nailed down by scholars in the centuries after Islam — as a culture, a political ideology, and a religion — is totally destroyed. We don’t have the luxury for such finicky scholasticism right now.’

Perhaps the best known Israeli tipster for Gates of Vienna is The Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick an Israeli American known for her right wing views, and who serves as editor for the Israeli political satire website Latma TV. Caroline was cited approvingly in Breivik’s manifesto.  It appears that Fjordman is once more back at Gates of Vienna, for on 13th October 2011, the credits included :

‘Thanks to C. Cantoni, Caroline Glick, Fjordman, heroyalwhyness, JP, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.’

When Israel was forced to offer an apology for Latma TV releasing ‘We Con the World,’ a satire mocking the dead Gaza flotilla activists, the Huffingon Post’s Eileen Read wrote ‘The Jerusalem Post Should Fire Caroline Glick for Making a Racist Video in which she opined:

‘But this is lower than I’ve ever seen someone go who carries a management title at a journalism organization. I’m ashamed to say that Glick and I are both Columbia alums. Even if she hates people of another race or religion and is allowed by her editors to poke fun at them in a tasteless and blatantly racist way, she should be fired for making fun of the dead.’

This incident was not the first time Caroline Glick had received flak for her radical opinions. In the aftermath of the Norway massacre, the Jerusalem Post published editorials that had tried to link the tragedy to Europe’s immigration policies. Norwegians took offence at sentiments expressed by Glick amongst others and voiced their objections to Israeli diplomats as to how the tragedy was being exploited. Some weeks later, the Jerusalem Post’s Editor in Chief published ‘Apology to Norway‘ an editorial in which he expressed remorse:

‘As Senior Contributing Editor Caroline B. Glick suggested in her column last Friday, the fact that Breivik’s warped mind cited a group of conservative thinkers including herself as having influenced his thinking in no way reflects on them.

“As a rule, liberal democracies reject the resort to violence as a means of winning an argument. This is why, for liberal democracies, terrorism in all forms is absolutely unacceptable,” she wrote. “Whether or not one agrees with the ideological self-justifications of a terrorist, as a member of a liberal democratic society, one is expected to abhor his act of terrorism. Because by resorting to violence to achieve his aims, the terrorist is acting in a manner that fundamentally undermines the liberal democratic order.”

It later emerged that Breivik, a Christian radical, had posted on the Internet an extremely anti-Muslim manifesto that supported far-right nationalism and Zionism.’

He then moves on to vocalise the Jerusalem Post’s stance:

‘This is certainly not the kind of support Israel needs. It is the type of Islamophobia that is all too reminiscent of the Nazis’ attitude toward the Jews. Jews, Muslims and Christians in Israel and around the world should be standing together against such hate crimes.’

Caroline has also given explicit permission for Gates of Vienna to publish a Norwegian version of Norway’s Problem which Ned did after writing:

‘Under normal circumstances, Gates of Vienna does not publish in any languages other than English (in its American, British, Canadian, and Australian variants). However, we are making an exception for the following opinion piece by Caroline Glick.’

Setting the tone for this unique honour, Ned continues:

‘The result was the column below. Several Scandinavians requested that we publish a Norwegian translation, and with Ms. Glick’s permission it was kindly translated by Cecilie.’

Indeed! We have here one of Israel’s most ‘most important’ women and the Senior Contributing Editor of the Jerusalem Post giving permission to publish a translated version of her article at a hate site (that credits and links back to her) espousing views deemed repugnant by her editor-in-chief. One can recall the hue and cry when Octavia Nasr tweeted about a Hezbollah sheikh’s death that led to CNN firing her!

Gates of Vienna may be bottom feeders in the world of Islamophobia, but clearly their unsettling involvement with prominent hatemongers is more than just a cause for concern.

Farha Khaled is a columnist for the Arab News.  She can be followed on Twitter

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  • Jenny

    Loon Watch, have you seen this? The nutjob mentioned above, Daniel Greenfield who writes Sultan Knish, and is on the payroll of David Horovitz’ Front Page Mag, says Israel needs to use The Samson Option to survive another 50 years.

    In the ranks of genocidal intentions, he doesn’t even bother with Iran, but calls for total annihalation.

    Israel 50 Years From Now

  • Shimshon

    None of this surprises me, the links are deeper than this, Caroline Glick has been seen with Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller. Larry Derfner was fired by the Jerusalem Post, so why havn’t they got rid of this Glick who has her work published at nazi/white power sites? I note someone above posted emails, The Jpost Editor in Chief quoted above is no longer in charge, it’s Steve Linde who is the Chief Editor now,

    Steve Linde, Editor-in-Chief

    David Brinn, Managing Editor

    Baron Bodissey’s legal counsel friend Carl Sherer, Linkedin Profile and Israel law firm,

    Carl M Sherer
    International Corporate and Securities Attorney working in Israel and the US

    Carl Sherer New York, Israel

    both Israel Matzav and Sultan Knish link to other extremist Israeli’s that need exposing, including

    Masada2000 run by an American Kahanist, it was taken down for it’s extremism

    Israpundit run by a Canadian lawyer, Ted Belman. Check out his members, they’re his friends, and bloggers

    Jewish Defense Force

    Samson Blinded run by an Israeli MK

    All the above have the same commenters and some of them are the same as the bloggers, Carl Sherer hosted Geert Wilders photos on Atlas Shrugs using another identity when Geert Wilders came to Israel, they all support one another, post comments at each others sites.



  • Dr M:

    Jabotinsky represented the third wave of European Jewish mass zionism. The first wave was religious and the second wave was socialist. It seems obvious that bourgeois Polish Jews were prepared to give Jabotinsky a great deal of money in the hope that he could swing the balance in zionist politics against socialism. He didn’t really achieve this himself, but his successor Menachem Begin managed to introduce a very considerable quantity of anti-socialist hysteria into the independence struggle of 1948 (notably by using the ‘Altalena affair’). Immediately after independence, Ben Gurion drove all the left-wing zionists out of the military leadership, suggesting a deal made behind the scenes between centre-left and centre-right: you get rid of your crazies if we get rid of ours.

  • mindy1

    Grrr I hate it when people hate in the name of my faith >:( it is so wrong to see Jews interacting with those who act like white supremecists

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  • DrM

    @Ahmed and Aiman,

    While most Zionists are Christian Evangelical nutjobs, the majority of Christians are not Zionist. Most Jews, at the very least a slight majority are Zionist. Zionism at its core is fascism, born in the bowels of Europe. Read the works of the pioneers of Zionism, especially Vladamir Jabotinsky.
    I have problems the term as a way to teach the hasbaRats that two can play the label game.

  • The term “Judeo-fascist” may sound facile, as may the even more dramatic term “Zio-nazi”. However, the enormously respected and influential orthodox Jewish Israeli philosopher, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, coined the term “Judeo-nazi” in his polemics against zionist militarism immediately after the 1967 war and the consequent occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai, and the Golan Heights.

    In terms of political theory, I think it is quite legitimate to point out that Vladimir Jabotinsky, who founded the main current of anti-socialist zionism, accepted training facilities for his Betar youth groups from Mussolini. The Mar 1936 issue of L’Idea Sionistica, the magazine of the Revisionists’ Italian branch, described the ceremonies attendant to the inauguration of the Betar squad’s new headquarters: “The order –‘Attention!’ A triple chant ordered by the squad’s commanding officer –‘Viva L’Italia! Viva Il Re! Viva Il Duce!’ resounded, followed by the benediction which rabbi Aldo Lattes invoked in Italian and in Hebrew for God, for the king and for Il Duce. ‘Giovinezza’ was sung with much enthusiasm by the Betarim.” However, it should be noted that Italian fascism was not based on racial concepts, but traditional nationalist ones. To find frankly racist formulations of Jewish world supremacy paralleling those formulations of ‘Aryan’ world supremacy made by the Nazis, you have to turn to religious Judaism, which Jabotinsky was not much interested in.

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  • Jack is right, we should write and complain, and here are the emails to do so for the Jerusalem Post. It’s preposterous, that this woman is heading a major media outlet. I couldn’t see any names for the Editor on the editors page. I hope it isn’t Caroline Glick herself who is the head of the paper?

    Internet Department

    That said, the Jerusalem Post isn’t Israel’s best anyway, that is Haaretz.

    Great article, great work. Meticulous in attention and detail. Thank you Farha Khaled, I just have to say something about this part:

    Indeed! We have here one of Israel’s most ‘most important’ women and the Senior Contributing Editor of the Jerusalem Post giving permission to publish a translated version of her article at a hate site

    The Jerusalem Post tends to pander to it’s Christian readers in the USA, it’s Christian Zionist Armeggedon readers, probably that’s why they have people like Caroline Glick. It’s got a separate Christian section. Note from the writers section, they have neo cons like Daniel Pipes and Charles Krauhammer writing for them.

    But you are right, doing it in Israel is one thing, to drag down the USA with her is quite another.

    All of the neo cons above, should be booted out of the USA, Daniel Greenfied is a low life, as is his friend, Edward May, the Jerusalem lawyer, as is Glick. They are traitors. The irony is they wouldn’t get to do what they do in the USA in Israel.

    I am amazed. Isn’t the FBI monitoring these genocidal maniacs? How the hell do they get off on complaining about the Mufti’s alliance with Nazi’s which was non existent, when they ally themselves with nazi’s? It makes no sense. No sense whatsoever.

  • Jack

    Caroline Glick should be fired from the Jerusalem Post. People here should send an email to the Jerusalem Post and complain.

    Daniel greenfield who has this hate site, sultan knish ,, note he uses the Muslim term ‘sultan’ already works for the hate propogonda david horwitz.Has anybody seen him in New york? what else does he do?

    The other guy, Carl scherer of Israel Matzo, has a law firm, but does his partners know? I was going to send an email to them, but they may be supporting him already. A better bet is to write to the clients of their law firm and complain

  • Hussein

    Richard Silverstein wrote about this here too,

    Caroline Glick Gets Down and Dirty With Gates of Vienna and Other Racist Anti-Jihadi Friends

  • GaleForce

    Great article Loon Watch, Farah Khaled is a fab addition here, she kicks ass, hope to read more from her here, this is a greatly researched article, not propoganda, but facts.

    The one at her blog is more extensive, I followed it from her twitter feed, people should check it out too,

    Latma was bad enough, but Carol Glick went too far here,

    Caroline Glick Cited As One of Israeli American Tipsters By Gates of Vienna Where Fjordman Appears To Be Back

  • Ahmed,

    and not all Zionists are like the ones above, there are those who would find them offensive, so that is a generalisation too.

  • aiman


    There’s something obnoxious about your use of this term. There’s no such thing as a Judeofascist or Islamofascist. Of course, there are some Muslims and Jews who are fascists but these terms propagandise one’s argument. We cannot lend our own bigotry, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, aim to fight Islamophobia.

  • Ahmed

    @ DrM

    Please dont say ‘ Juedofascists’ like the Islamophobes say “Islamofascists’

    I think you mean Zionists. Most Jewish people are very nice people but like any other, there are loonys. Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Atheists all have some really bad people in their group but 99% are great people


  • DrM

    Excellent work, Ms.Khaled. Judeofascists and white supremacists, truly a match made in hell.

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