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Jewish Israeli Extremists Set Mosque on Fire, What if they Were Muslim?

Mosque Set Alight

Mosque Set Alight by Jewish Extremists

Can you imagine the reaction if Muslims had done this to a Synagogue or a Church?

Israeli ‘Price Tag’ Vandals Set Mosque Alight

A mosque in northern Israel has been set on fire by suspected Jewish extremists in the latest of a series of incidents known as “price tag” attacks.

The interior of the mosque in the Upper Galilee was destroyed along with many holy books. It’s thought the arsonists arrived in the early hours of Monday morning.

Graffiti including the slogan “price tag” was spray-painted on walls.

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  • Interesting how you reveal yourself and your true colors with your comment about burning the Mosque quite quickly Sir Richard. I, as a Muslim, deplore any act of violence especially against civilians. Do you? Or is it only non-Muslim civilians?

    Also, what’s this crap about the Muslim Brotherhood now… they are taking over *again*!? Funny really, you were all lead with that big lie that the MB are some ubar mind control super villain group yet they didn’t even manage to overthrow the tin pot dictatorship that was Egypt in the hundred odd years they existed. Powerful guys right?! Then along comes a bunch of youngsters and, guess what, they overthrow the regime in a matter of weeks and the MB are literally no where to be seen (they tried to get in on the protests and were ignored). So… yeah… point made about the MB I think.

    Finally, yeah the MSM is biased as heck, but I certainly wouldn’t call it ‘anti Christian’ or ‘anti Israel’ since it is very hard to get anything from any negative views about either on most channels. Thing is, whenever the media says something someone doesn’t like, they instantly call it biased but will fawn all over it if it says something they agree with. Predictable world we live in huh…

  • Sir Richard

    Why is there no out cry or media attention to the Egyptian Christian church burning. Where’s the media on Egyptian tanks running over christians. Do you want to talk about the muslim brotherhood take over of the middle east w/the help of soros/obama/Raftke? The liberal mainstream media HATES Christians and Israel. As for the mosque?,..
    “burn baby burn

  • Muslim

    @Christian-friend > I can understand your sentiments, but that is the result of free will given by the Creator. Goodness is better understood if we see the result of evil. This place is not meant to be Paradise.

    Being human is one of the greatest gifts our Creator gave, we have the power of choice, either for good or evil. Hate the sin & not the sinner.

    I for one think that a world without religious faiths would be a Social Darwinist hell, Law of the Jungle. The majority would be base materialists & the ameliorative effect of religious altruism would not exist. All that would be left is a hell-hole of tribal hatreds & power-politics, Babylon or Rome.

    You moniker as a follower of Jesus, is inspiring, as for Muslims, his main characteristic was abundant love. I believe that if all the religious people try to follow their faiths in the true generous spirit, as opposed to the low egotistical zero-sum game of tribal paranoia, the world could be just a bit better.

    I do not believe that one of the greatest causes of long-term strife in the world is based primarily upon religion, I think that is due to tribal colonialism & power-politics stoked by hysteria & paranoia.

    Most people in the world, of all faiths & none, just want to get on with life in peace, security & honor. Only the sociopathic nut-nut existentialist, fearful, paranoid lust & ego-driven materialist machiavellians wish to DIVIDE & RULE by sowing division amongst the human family.

  • Dehnus

    What is it with Religions and burning books. That is a sign of being an idiotic oppressor. From Nazi’s to Muslims, Christian and Jewish extremists… the moment you start burning books… you’re an idiot.

  • Abdus-Sabur

    Not very comforting to know that the American tax payers are subsidizing the Zionist hate machine.

  • Nemo Fish

    So Palestinians have to pay the “price tag” for being occupied for almost half a century?

  • Christian-friend

    it’s a cause-and-effect: protestants harassed Catholic, Catholic harassed Jews, and now Jews harass muslims. Ah, these are time I just hate being human

  • mindy1

    @George, that is what I am referring to

  • George Carty

    I think mindy1 is referring to Kristallnacht in 1938, when Nazi thugs smashed up Jewish shops and burned down synagogues, after the German ambassador to France was assassinated by a Polish Jew.

  • Ibrahim

    @TheBigT Kristallnacht

  • TheBigT

    what is the night of broken glass?

  • mindy1

    Houses of worship, no matter the faith should be respected. Sad to see fellow Jews reenacting the night of broken glass 🙁

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