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Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Rick Scott Not Sharing Stage with Islamophobe Pamela Geller

“If you are an Islamophobe, and even Tea Party Politicians don’t want to hang out with you, you are in trouble.”

We live in the age of organized Islamophobia. Anti-Muslims coalesced after 9/11 and created, in effect, an industry that sought to influence public officials, government bodies and the masses across the United States and Europe. While the forces involved may come from different backgrounds in terms of ideology, faith and political persuasion they are united in their efforts to demonize Islam and Muslims.

Anti-Muslim Islamophobes have created a structure of Islamophobia that cuts across many levels. They hope that in people’s minds Islam will become the new Nazism and Communism combined or worse, because at least the former two enemies of humanity were “Western” and had some “rationality,” whereas Islam is the incomprehensible beast from the East.

Reza Aslan explains it well:

Simply put, Islam in the United States has become otherized. It has become a receptacle into which can be tossed all the angst and apprehension people feel about the faltering economy, about the new and unfamiliar political order, about the shifting cultural, racial, and religious landscapes that have fundamentally altered the world. Across Europe and North America, whatever is fearful, whatever is foreign, whatever is alien and unsafe is being tagged with the label ‘Islam.’ (No god but God)

Islamophobes work assiduously to push their agenda. They have boosted the profiles of (fake)ex-Muslims, (fake)scholars, and created a network of think tanks, foundations, “terror experts,” bloggers that have produced hate groups such as ACT! for America and SIOA amongst others.

Their activism is strong and they won’t stop anytime soon because that is what they get paid to do!

For some time American Muslims must have felt alone in fighting the scourge of bigotry and hatred that was aimed at them, however efforts such as ours here show that decent people from all walks of life can come together to fight the menace of fear-mongering and prejudice.

It is through the efforts of loonwatchers that we have agitated the SPLC and even the ADL to take firm stands against the Islamophobia movement. Loonwatchers were also instrumental in first booting Geller from the Hyatt Place in Sugarland, Texas and then evicting her crew from the Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee where they planned a “Sharia Conference” that was really more of a love-in for the vanguard of Islamophobia.

Now, according to several reports, another victory, both Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Rick Scott, Republicans from Florida say they will not participate in a Tea Party Convention where they would have shared the stage with Pamela Geller and another Islamophobe:

Rubio and Scott are listed as “confirmed speakers” at the convention, but representatives of their respective offices told CAIR-FL that the event is not on the senator’s nor the governor’s official schedule.

Before we published our article asking loonwatchers to contact both Rubio and Scott the two were still confirmed speakers at the Tea Party Convention. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Rubio and Scott may end up showing up for the convention, they are after all Republicans, but if this stands it is another strong rebuke to Geller, Spencer and the rest of the anti-Muslim Islamophobia movement.

Daniel Tutt writes that Islamophobes have noted that there is push back against them, and they are none too happy about it, this is why it is an opportune moment to point out that we have to continue to hound the Islamophobes. An elected official should never share the same podium as a Pamela Geller, the FBI should never allow its employees to be instructed or lectured by a Robert Spencer, universities should never invite a Nonie Darwish to their campus to deliver speeches on “Islam,” or “Sharia.”

We shouldn’t rest on our laurels! Loonwatchers should capitalize on the momentum and actively campaign, using fliers, letters, phone calls, organizing protests and rallies where ever and when ever Islamophobes attempt to gain legitimacy. We will do our part by exposing them for the frauds they are and giving you the ammunition to shed light on their hatred.

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  • MrIslamanswersback

    @Cartoon the loon, Well, well, look what we have here. More white men part of a Militia group arrested for attempting a terror Plot to spread terror and kill federal and state officals. So Cartoon are you ready to incinerate all whites now? Or should we be rational and only hold these 4 men responsible for their crime? See the full story here

    This should be good for a “what if they were muslims” segment.

  • How Islam Created the Modern World

    Rocky Lore

    Stupid, illiterate, ignorant, where to begin describing you? Loon Watch readers are not like you save the trolls. I do believe you are confusing them with your tea party crowd? Look above, Geller could not face the truth? Why did she not attend the lying coward? because the listeners would her, and CAIR and see through her vicious bigoted lies.

    This is your side, and that is why the US has detioriated and in the mess it is in.

  • Jack Cope

    Rocky Lore

    I believe people call them and write letters. It’s quite a simple technique but rather effective. Never known anyone to get death threats, though I myself am awaiting several cruise missiles to be fired at my home as well as numerous invites to stand against a wall and be shot. There are some of the more imaginative threats that I’ve received from good honest Christians (and at least one Jew and a few Hindus), most are quite dull and badly spelled.

    And it would be interesting to see how a) CAIR is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and b) what that would matter any way. I may not like CAIR but I don’t have to make up lies to oppose them. And while CAIR may be quite loud, aggressive and more than a bit irritating, they aren’t calling for mass murder, violence, boycott and so on against a group of people like Ms Geller and her chums are. Nor do they make a living out of lies from what I can tell. Sure, exaggerations, but not lies.

    Also quite amusing that you’re so scared of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group so ineffective that they couldn’t topple the rickety western backed Egyptian regime in 100 years. Yes, over a hundreds yes of trying and then a bunch of youngsters do it in a month, you might have noticed them on the news from time to time.

    Run along now, no need to respond. I’m sure you’ll be back to state the same thing you just said above on some other article sometime.


  • Rocky Lore

    So how does LoonWatch pressure people to cancel events? Does it include death threats against speakers? Bomb threats at hotels? Or threats of mass protests and sit-ins?

    Could you imagine if a hotel cancelled a Muslim conference that included CAIR, a group with ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood? Then you would be crying about free speech.

  • twiceasnice

    Omar Sharif is a Muslim, not that it has anything to do with Islam. Glad he got caught and its viral. You apologists need to take a little ownership, sheesh.

  • Shaykh al-Hajj Dawud Ahmad, M.S.J.D.

    MrIslamanswersback writes @Cartoon the loon: You are an ignorant bigot if you think 19 Arabs on 911 equates to an attack on America by all muslims.

    Cartoon knows better than that. He’s here to “Divert, distort, denigrate, disrupt or destroy any discussion of any agenda of the enemies of humanity” unless it advances that agenda. His aim is provocation of cacophony and disruption, distraction and diversion. He knows perfectly well that what he writes will not have any other influence here.

  • Shaykh al-Hajj Dawud Ahmad, M.S.J.D.

    Ali writes: Djemila Benhabib, a French Algerian, was just recently feautured on a Quebec show, and she was attacking Islam and Muslims left and right. She has a few hate books out, that are selling wildly in Quebec. Her site is garnering thousands of hits, we have a new Islamophobe, and she’s unfortunately a Canadian.

    Canada has “hate crime” laws regarding that kind of thing. She might be looking for political asylum in the United States, which “the best Congress that money can buy” would be happy to arrange, so she could join them on the payroll of the enemies of humanity.

  • Shaykh al-Hajj Dawud Ahmad, M.S.J.D.

    Stephen G. Parker writes: I emphatically deny that it was 19 “Muslim� terrorists from “al-Qaeda� who perpetrated the 9/11 atrocity, and insist that “9/11 was an inside job� carried out by a cooperative conspiracy between US and Israeli “Intelligence� Agencies. So anyone who wishes is free to either ignore me, or mock me.

    I think the LoonWatch policy on distancing itself from “other” conspiracy discussions is quite sound. To avoid the “theory conspiracy” (that’s the conspiracy to label every set of irrefutable facts disproving the “official” story a “nut-case conspiracy theory”) requires singular focus on the facts without postulating a “conspiracy” ~ even though the conspiratorial character of the enemies of humanity is quite clear. Let the reader “discover” a conspiracy in the facts, it’s not necessary to point it out to him.

    However, with regard to 9/11, it was the culmination of Plan Bojinka, formulated by bin Laden’s lieutenants and in-laws in Indonesia in the early Nineties. It was found on a laptop left behind as a “suspect” escaped the police descending on his apartment. As with all “Arab” and “Islamist” schemes, it was turned over to the Israelis to monitor ~ and the facts show a huge contingent of Israeli intelligence operatives shadowing “the nineteen” everywhere they went in America, all the way to the boarding gates protected by an Israeli security company.

    But knowing it was coming, to the hour, the usual suspects “augmented” it to produce more of an effect than the Plan Bojinka planners ever dreamed about.

    It’s a sound strategy to capitalize on a chosen enemy’s mistakes ~ including their mistaken plans discovered at their inception. 9/11 was not a “false flag” operation ~ it was a “jumping on the bandwagon” enterprise that saved a lot of money, covered up a lot of crime, provided a pretext for a lot of murder and war, and started seriously tightening the screws on the American people as a prelude to revolution intended to consolidate plutocratic power “in the name of the people.”

    In other words, “business as usual.” American and Israeli complicity were made obvious for a reason.

  • Shaykh al-Hajj Dawud Ahmad, M.S.J.D.

    Black Infidel writes: What does everyone on loonwatch think of Alex Jones? Would be considered a loon? Even though he has nothing against Islam but started 911 was an inside job theory.

    Jones didn’t start the “inside job theory.” Everyone in the world ~ certainly everyone in the muslim world ~ knew it was an inside job, piggy-backed onto a ten-year-old plan hatched in Kuala Lumpur and compromised (and tracked) from there all the way to the Towers, as soon as it happened. It was obvious. Everyone, that is, except Americans.

    The question is not whether it was an inside job. The question is “Why was that made so obvious?”

    Alex is just loony. But he does come up with some interesting stuff. Late, but interesting.

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