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“Behead Those Who Convert” Says Hindu Leader Pravin Togadia

Can you imagine if a Muslim had said this?

Behead those who convert Hindus: Togadia

(Indian Express News)

VHP international general secretary Pravin Togadia on Monday called for a new Indian Constitution that allows for “anyone who converts Hindus to be beheaded”.

The fiery speech, seconded by right-wing leaders, came towards the conclusion of the three-day Akhil Bhartiya Dharmaprasar Karyakarta Sammelan-2011, held a few yards away from the controversial Pirana dargah on the city’s outskirts, where he stayed during the event.

Workers of the VHP from across the country had gathered here, many of them staying in the dargah premises for the three-day conference, causing a lot of anxiety for the police, Monday being Eid-ul-Azha.

Asaram Bapu’s son Narayan Sai, who also came for the concluding ceremony on Monday, said, “I would suggest that we Hindus should include Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains because their line of thinking is no different from Hindus, except for a few small habits.”

Meanwhile, the Saiyed families residing in Pirana village offered namaaz at Imamshah Bawa Dargah on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha amid tight police security.

Around 120 families belonging to the Saiyed community reside in Pirana village and consider themselves as descendents of Imamshah Bawa. There is a controversy surrounding the Imamshah Bawa Dargah, whose trust is run by seven members of Satpanthi group, who were originally Kutchhi Patels and converted to this sect, and three members from the Saiyed community.

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  • His Excellency

    Communism is also a totalitarian ideology, pendejo.

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  • Dear Pravin Togodia ji

    My regards and God’s love to you in the most loving name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Loving our enemies, helping them when they are in need and praying for their welfare is the definition of God’s Love according to the Holy Bible.

    Sir, Heaven and Hell is a fact not a fiction and only through Christ Jesus one can attain salvation / mukhti / reach heaven the Holy Bible proclaims that is the only reason I am writing this mail to you.

    I read your statements on news papers, magazines and internet for a long period and in no term can believe a person like you, spent a good amount of money for studying (if you are really a medical doctor) to save the life of the sick and needy, trained to give life to the sick people, advocates for contradictory that is “beheading anyone who converts the gentiles, who risks their life to save the gentiles from the tormenting fire of hell”.

    If you are really a surgeon you know at least a little history. Jesus Christ was not at all an angrez (English man). He was born and brought up in a Jewish family in Israel . And I believe if you ever granted your Creator God’s grace and mercy to know who this JESUS CHRIST is then you will never talks the way you talks now.

    Sir, my Hindu brothers believe what their many religious books teach for their well beings and SALVATION / MUKHTI, Moslem brothers believe what their Koran teaches and the same way Christians and other religion’s people believe what their religious books teaches.

    It is written in the Bible that we all are sinners and with all our good deeds none of us can attain salvation. Therefore The Almighty God who is the Creator of all of us Himself manifested in flesh in the name of Jesus Christ and became a perfect sacrifice before the Triune God for the whole world. He died on the Calvary Cross for all the sinners of the world.


    This very truth of our Almighty God differ the HOLY BIBLE from other Religious books.

    If Jesus Christ is the ONLY ORDAINED WAY OF OUR SALVATION BY OUR CREATOR then you too have to accept that we the human beings NEITHER CAN STOP THIS PREACHING NOR THIS CONVERSION because we cannot fight and win the invincible God.

    I preach this eternal truth of God in God’s love to every one where ever our Creator provides me an opportunity because this is an indisputable truth of God.

    Bhai Sahib ji you too will accept that it is honorable for the spiritual preachers (who ever may be) to prove what he believes and proclaims to the multitudes. Other wise none of us can believe what the preacher preaches also the atmosphere becomes unrest because of the many faith in this world.

    By raising Jesus Christ from the dead on the 3rd day Our Creator Almighty God already confirmed His ordained way of Mukhti to the whole world some 2000 years ago and since then continuously confirming by His MIGHTY WORKS, SIGNS AND WONDERS wherever His chosen disciples proclaims His ordained way of salvation.

    So being me a witness for Jesus Christ’s resurrection and a preacher of “our Creator’s only ordained way of MUKHTI” it is my duty to pray earnestly and get the answer from God and confirm the above said truth of God to you all.

    As a law abiding Indian citizen I request you with all my God given humility to gather every unfortunate sick and disabled people of your Gujarat, who really wish to get healed, wherever you like and arrange a crude platform and other arrangements for me to proclaim our Creator God’s only ordained way of salvation that is JESUS CHRIST.

    When I proclaim His truth that is Jesus Christ crucified for the remission of our sins, to make us the heir of the blessed heaven, our Creator Almighty God Himself will confirm His truth by healing these sick people instantly. Please gather at least 5000 gentle people also there to witness this event.

    Pravin Togodia ji the Bible says one should always remember we are dust and “it is hard for any one to kick against the goads”.

    Because I love you, being I am elder I advise you, please do not talk / walk / act against the Jews and the followers of Jesus Christ. (It is up to you to accept or reject my advice) Your Creator doesn’t like it. Saddam Hussein, Usama Bin Laden, Col. Gaddafi the self boasted king of kings are some recent examples before our naked eyes, they all wanted to destroy Israel and Christians and we all know how the Almighty God cursed and destroyed them, they all died ungracefully and suffering in hell.

    I believe you like a NAR AADMI will surely accept my request and will come forward in a friendly atmosphere to know the above proclamation of the Holy Bible is really true or not.

    In God’s love

    An ordinary simple disciple of Jesus Christ

    Evangelist K. Oommen at Amritsar, Punjab

  • Emperor,

    Even if Togadia are so far out of the mainstream that he has no chance of ever gaining power, this is scary.

  • bin dead awhile

    @mindy, no they dont say it but practise it on palestinians. beheading and killing that is.

  • Truth Hurts

    Many US companies are dealing with this state (Gujarat), infamous as the Hindutva Hate Lab. It is dominated by people of this Loon mentality.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    modern context, correcting that typo

  • Abdul-Rahman

    Interesting article, also as this website has mentioned before the vast majority of Islamic scholars and scholarship through the ages has declared that Islamic law only calls for executing the apostate if they take up arms against the Muslim nation. That is because the ruling comes from the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when a few people weren’t simply apostating they were taking information with them and going to join the Pagan Quraish forces that were oppressing the Muslim community. So in this sense it is just like treason in the modern contact (and most nations even today, including the US, still have the death penalty on the books as the punishment for the crime of treason).

  • Black Infidel

    Ottoman Empire seemed more advanced and civilized than Europe and it’s colonies.

  • Black Infidel

    Dhamrmic religions aren’t as peaceful as everyone thinks.

  • Mustafa H.E.

    While it is true that Much of India was occupied by Muslims during the primacy of the Delhi and Mughal sultanates, but when the Muslims occupied the Subcontinent, there was not nearly as much exploitation of Indian people as there was during the British Raj.

    Also, in the case of the Ottoman Empire, there is much resentment towards Islam in the Slavic, Greek, Armenian, Romanian and Bulgarian communities. (Although the Armenian genocide is often unfairly blamed on Islam by the punditsphere than it is on radical Turkish nationalists who actually wanted to destroy the Ottomans) but the days of the Ottoman Empire is long gone and at the Ottoman’s peak, slaves were far better treated (able to own property, take up jobs to earn and income) than black slaves were to the European colonies in the Americas.

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  • ahmed

    Proves that even Dhamrmic religions have a few nutters. They come in all creeds

  • SKhan

    @SKhan: Sorry, when I was mentioning the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia in my first comment, I accidentally put the name of the current mufti; I actually meant to write the name of his predecessor Abd al-Aziz ibn Abd Allah ibn Baaz, who refuted Osama bin Laden. In any case, Abul Aziz ibn Abdullah al Al-Shaykh has also denounced violence, as seen from his speech at this year’s Hajj: In his sermon from Masjid-e-Nimra, he said “Islam is a religion of peace and strongly disapproves acts of terrorism. It is the responsibility of religious scholars to spread the message of peace.”
    “Our religion preaches brotherhood, tolerance and harmony for the establishment of a society, which respects rights of all the segments of the society,” he said.
    “Islam is the solution for the problems” of Muslims, he said, warning the faithful of “a media and cultural invasion that seeks to weaken (their) faith.”
    The top cleric urged Muslims to solve their problems “without interference from their enemies,” condemning those who want to “provoke hostility between you and your leaders.”

  • SKhan


    He said: “Look, LTTE is a violent organisation comprising mostly Hindus, but no one calls Hinduism a terrorist religion. The Irish Republican Army is of Christians but no one accuses Christianity to be a fundamentalist religion. But Muslim terrorists are termed as Islamic terrorists since they call themselves as jehadis out to save Islam.Tell me the name of any scripture from any religion that supports jehad, be it Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, or Judaism.”

    My God, this guy is worse than Pamela Geller: At least she understands half of what she says. He says that Islam is a “terrorist” religion because terrorists who are Muslim see themselves as the defenders of Islam. Guess what? Anders Brevick also saw himself as the defender of Christianity, is Christianity then a terrorist religion? As “jehad”, he doesn’t even know what that means. Scriptures that call for holy war against infidels? *cough* Deuteronomy!

  • Danios

    @ Mindy1:

    There definitely has been. People of no faith should be arrogant or ignorant enough to think otherwise. It is not particular or peculiar to any one faith.

  • SKhan

    God damn, he’s like the Indian Pamela Geller:

    Quote from him: ” If Hindus are riotous then riots should be confined only to India. Globally, it is Muslims who are fighting everywhere, whether it is against the Christians in Chechnya and Bosnia, against the Jews in Israel or against the Roman Catholics in Phillipines.Islam has an exclusive totalitarian system believing in jehad, terming the non-Muslims as kafirs. This intolerance is basically responsible for the Hindu-Muslim problem.”

    Muslims fighting the Jews in Israel? Are you f*cking kidding me? This fool thinks the Palestinians don’t have the right to stand up against the Israelis for 1) invading their land 2) appropriating their land 3) driving them out of their homes 4) building a huge wall around them 5) harassing them with roadblocks 6)acting violent and racist toward them, etc.

    Another Quote from him: “Look, LTTE is a violent organisation comprising mostly Hindus, but no one calls Hinduism a terrorist religion. The Irish Republican Army is of Christians but no one accuses Christianity to be a fundamentalist religion. But Muslim terrorists are termed as Islamic terrorists since they call themselves as jehadis out to save Islam. Why in Kashmir valley and Afghanistan, Muslim youth of different nationalities come to fight? They have nothing to do with the aspirations of the Kashmiris or the Afghans. Tell me the name of any scripture from any religion that supports jehad, be it Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism or Judaism. If Islam is not a terrorist religion why not some muftis issue fatwas against the likes of Osama, Masood Azhar, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Hizb-ul-Mujahedeen, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Al-Qaida to prove true to their faith as well as the nation. Muslims must understand that Hinduism is a Manav Dharma (Religion of Mankind) and they must pay heed to what the saints like Rama, Buddha, Mahavira, Guru Nanak and Mahatama Gandhi have propagated.”

    In the interview (link I pasted), he also says that Muslims don’t condemn terrorists like bin Laden. Wow. I guess he’s never heard of Abdul Aziz al Shaykh, the former GRAND MUFTI OF SAUDI ARABIA, or maybe AHMAD SHAH MASSOUD, the MUSLIM WHO FOUGHT OFF THE U.S.S.R. IN AFGHANISTAN (effectively stopping the spread of communism in Asia, something the U.S. never accomplished) AND LATER FOUGHT AGAINST THE TALIBAN WHEN THEY TOOK OVER AFGHANISTAN AND AGAINST AL-QAEDA, YEARS BEFORE THE U.S. WAS INTERESTED (by the way, Ahmad Shah Massoud also predicted 9/11, having fought Al-Qaeda for years, and warned the U.S. of an impending attack, just months before 9/11, but we didn’t care. Massoud was assassinated just two days before September 11, 2001 by Al-Qaeda agents disguised as journalists). Maybe he hasn’t heard of MAHMOUND ABBAS, THE CURRENT PALESTINIAN PRESIDENT WHO HAS CONDEMNED TERRORISM AGAINST ISRAELIS. Maybe he hasn’t heard of ALI GOMAA, the GRAND MUFTI OF EGYPT, who has condemned terrorism. Maybe he hasn’t heard of the Muslim Brotherhood, which propagates itself non-violently and condemns terrorism. Remember, these aren’t Muslim nobodies, these are two high-status Muslim scholars, a Muslim political leader, and a famous (deceased) anti-terrorist Muslim mujaheedeen. The list goes on.

    Idiots like Pravin Togadia who have made themselves deaf, dumb, and blind with hate are a disgrace to these famous Muslims and others who have condemned terrorism. In the interview, he talks about Islam being intolerant. “Anyone who converts Hindus [is] to be beheaded”, huh? Who’s “exclusive” and “totalitarian” now?

  • Oh the VHP are a lovely bunch of people… amoungs other things they are reported to be behind a number of riots in which thousands of non-Hindus (mostly Muslims) were killed. And of course, the Islamaphobes love them and call them ‘allies’ in the ‘fight’ against Islam. Nothing to see here!

  • mindy1

    Good god, where do these nuts come from??? I wonder if there has ever been a Jew that said this-if so than D:

  • Ibrahim

    As a South Asian myself, I can guarantee you that these folks make North America’s wingnuts seem tame in comparison.

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