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Europol Reports Zero Deaths from Islamic Terrorism in Europe

Europol tracks terrorist attacks in the European Union and publishes the data in an annual report entitled EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (TE-SAT).  The first such report was for the year 2006 and the most recently released one was for 2010.  Going through the data, I noted in my previous article (Updated Europol Data: Less Than 1% of Terrorist Attacks by Muslims) that less than 1% of terrorist attacks on European soil were committed by Muslims.

Anti-Muslim bigots were naturally very upset with these findings, and offered a couple flimsy counter-responses.  The most popular one was some variation of the following snarky remark:

Perhaps ‘scale’ rather than ‘quantity’ is the real issue here? 😉

But, is it?

I went back through the data, which revealed the following conclusion: there were zero deaths from Islamist terrorism for every single year the Europol reports were published, a span of five years.

Here is the data (all quotes are taken directly from that year’s Europol terrorism report):

In 2006, there were no successful terrorist attacks by Muslims, but only 1 “failed terrorist attack that took place in Germany” resulting in zero deaths.

In 2007, once again “[t]here were no successful Islamist terrorist attacks” with 1 “failed terrorist attack that took place in Germany” and 3 “attempted terrorist attack[s]” resulting in zero deaths.

In 2008, there was only 1 terrorist attack by Muslims, in which “only the attacker himself was injured.”  Again, zero deaths.  But, the scale of the Islamist terrorist attacks make up for the fact that 99+% of terrorist attacks were by non-Muslims!  (Note: there were no other attempted or foiled attacks in that year.)

In 2009, there was only 1 terrorist attack by Muslims, resulting in zero deaths but “[o]ne of the guards trying to stop [the terrorist] was slightly wounded.”  The scale!  The horror!

In 2010, “[t]he number of Islamist terrorist attacks actually carried out in the EU was limited to three attacks in 2010.  They caused minimal damage to the intended targets.”  The report notes further that “[t]he attacks shared some characteristics” including “lack of familiarity with explosives.”  But, be very afraid of these Mastermind Terrorists!  In the first attack, the victim “managed to save his life” by locking himself in a room.  In the second attack, the Mastermind Terrorist accidentally let the bomb explode while “in a hotel toilet,” resulting in zero fatalities.  In the last attack, “the suspected suicide bomber himself was the only fatality.”  Once again, there were zero deaths from Islamist terrorism in that year.

This brings us to a grand total of zero deaths from Islamist terrorism from every year since Europol started keeping track of terrorism and publishing an annual report.  Amazingly, it seems that the only injuries sustained, in the entire five year period, was to one guard who “was slightly wounded.”

Yet, even though according to the data in their own reports Muslims were responsible for less than 1% of terrorist attacks and caused zero deaths, Europol ominously warns that “the threat [from Islamist terrorism] remains real and serious” and “the threat of Islamist terrorism by Al-Qaeda inspired groups and affiliates is high.”  Every year, without fail, Europol has reported these same findings, but never once did any of these reports note that the threat of Islamist terrorism is heavily exaggerated.  In fact, the data they provide is irrelevant to their conclusions and recommendations, which are actually predetermined long before any data is collected or analyzed.

In one of his recent articles, Glenn Greenwald notes that U.S. officials declared that they have defeated Al-Qaeda by rendering it “operationally ineffective” but at the same time warned that “the terrorist group will remain a major security threat for years.”  It seems that both the United States and the European Union are able to operate under such paradoxical premises.

Similarly, facts will not move Islamophobes.  Even as their main arguments fall apart, they will no doubt find some fall-back argument to rely upon.

Danios was the Brass Crescent Award Honorary Mention for Best Writer in 2010 and the Brass Crescent Award Winner for Best Writer in 2011.  

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  • miscellany101 writes: That’s how long it should be before anti-Muslim bigotry is no longer a problem.

    “Anti-muslim bigotry” is infinitely more of a problem for the bigots and those who inspire them than it is for muslims.

  • I hope Muslims don’t have to wait 10 to 15 years before the hysteria dies down. It should stop now and with the information technology age, which beams news in an instant all over the world, there’s no reason why it can’t. Oppressed people are always told to wait, that their relief takes time, while on the other hand an aggrieved majority believes and acts in a way to redress their injustice quickly, immediately without hesitation. That’s how long it should be before anti-Muslim bigotry is no longer a problem.

  • Well said Farlowe. When people tell me about how ‘dangerous’ Islamic terrorism is, I point out that 45ish Americans are murdered by other Americans *each day*! And I think in your homeland in particular you’re far more likely to be killed by a shark or other angry wildlife…


  • Ali

    I agree with the overall conclusion of the article that the threat of Islamic terrorism is overblown or exaggerated.

    Even though the number of “failed/foiled/completed” attacks are very less, the number of Muslims (or “Islamist” as mentioned in the report) arrested/convicted are very high for all the reports since 2006. One can still argue that since many were arrested before they could successfully carryout the attack that is why the number of failed/foiled/completed attacks are less. The threat from some of these nuts who call themselves Muslims and kill innocent people in the name of religion is real and one should be careful about these people.

  • Farlowe

    Statistically the threat to people in western countries from terrorism is almost zero. Death resulting from driving a car or crossing the street is way more dangerous than death from terrorism. In my country there are 17,000 deaths from smoking every year. Zero deaths from terrorism.

  • Glorfindel

    I think there is a cognitive disequilibrium with regards to Terrorism especially in the European context. We have a sphere of terrorism in which reside nationalistic groups (IRA, ETA, NLFC), far left groups like the Greek November 17 group (17N) and of course the far right, neo-nazi groups because we know their aims we know the spectrum within which they operate and to a large extent we live with it.

    However with ‘Islamic terrorism’ the reality and fantasy are mixed and mired by non-academics and bloggers who have linked everything which is viewed as subversive and non-cohesive emanating from the Muslim populations vis-a-vis the indigenous populations in Europe. So protesting against Hijab/Burqa bans, or Minaret or Halal food bans is linked to Multiculturalism and immigration which is linked to Birth rates of Muslims, which is linked to Eurabia, which is linked to stealth jihad, which is linked to ‘Islamisation’ which in turn is linked to terrorism and the global caliphate – the facts do not support any of these ideas, however column inches and fear mongering books could hardly be sold in light of facts or the idea that Islamic terrorism is pretty much the same as all the other types of terrorism we face and though we should be worried about terrorism the Islamic variety is no worse then what has gone before or what will continue to exist.

    Saner minds unfortunately will not prevail, since the Islamic bogeyman is the only game in town – defence budgets and the war industry have been handed an awesome fear derived motive to sell their wares, that isn’t going to go away any time soon, because lets face it how else would they be able to sell there stuff? Anders Breivik isn’t a potent enough a villain as the various swarthy gentlemen who profess the Islamic faith whilst doing the same as he does.

  • The reports fail to mention all those Europeans who died of obesity and heart disease, murdered by halal turkeys.

  • Jason

    Going back one year further to 2005 – there were 52 deaths in London (not counting the perps).

    But even so, the following 5 years of no deaths across Europe is very good news, and gives a a very different impression to the one the media portrays.

  • Dehnus

    Don’t count on it, Wilders’ Fighter-brand PVV wend to the fifth gear with the Mother-brand VVD close behind saying that the Dutch Minister of Foreign Relations should be rabidly pro Israël because he is originally Jewish. Almost nobody minded that he basically called for corruption.

    They just kicked the hatred up a notch and his followers will follow. It is effective so the Right wingers will milk it :).

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Pity the UK did not brake down the figures used 🙁

  • Robert Spinster

    Great article(s) Danios. I really do wish there would be some way to get loonwatch out into the mainstream a bit to counter the Islamophobes. People like you really contribute a lot to loonwatch and thus the antiIslamophobe movement.

    Thanks again. Keep up the good work.

  • mindy1

    Go facts 😀 they set you free

  • SKhan

    TAQIYYA! No sentence containing the word “Muslim” can be accepted as fact unless it has the words “bomb”, “decapitate”, and/or “infidel” in it!

  • Crow

    If the anti-Muslim fascists want scale maybe they should look at the scale and brutality of Israels attacks on and massacres of Palestinians…wonder if those nazi sobs masturbate when they think about that…or how about the scale of the unjust wars of the US? How about the scale of violence these scumbags no doubt have wet dreams about being inflicted on Iran? How about the scale of violence the christians inflicted on the Native Americans? You pieces of shit want scale? There it is! Now shove it up your hypocritical asses and eff off!!!

  • Danios,

    No deaths at all from Islamic terrorism in Europe is pretty amazing actually. One thing through, this is some very hard evidence that problem has been exaggerated. Maybe all the anti Muslim bigotry, and unjustified fear of Islam taking over the world, will die down soon. Hopefully ten to fifteen years from now, it won’t be as big a problem.

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