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Loonwatch’s Danios Wins Brass Crescent Award for Best Writer

A very hearty thank you to all the loonwatchers who voted for Danios as Best Writer in the 2011 Brass Crescent Awards. This marks the second year in a row that Loonwatch has won a Brass Crescent Award, last year it was for best non-Muslim Blog and this year for best writer:

We couldn’t do this without you guys! Thank you for all your tips, feedback, and input.

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  • FSH

    Congratulations and Jazak Allahu Khair…

  • Faisal Rathor

    Congratulations Danios. You really have good patience for not replying back to what Cartoon said..

  • Amy

    Congratulations, Danios!

  • Danios,

    A suggestion, when you do ‘come out’, please make it a big media affair. If not for yourself, (we know you’re not a media whore) then for the sake of the cause.

    More than us, i’m sure Robert Spencer is dying to know who is tormentor is, who discredited him 100%

  • Danios

    Thank you, all.

  • Zakster

    You deserved it Danios…You have done proud to refuting ignorance and hate with mind changing articles and debates…

    I know no one who did that…Kudos to you and your team…

    You deserve this and much more…

    Now, it’s only a matter of time before we start seeing you on the Fox News channel, Jon Stewart and Colbert show as a person who rips the fakery off the faces of Islamophobes…:)

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