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Protests Against the Bigotry of Purdue Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein

Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein is a tenured associate professor of Political Science at Purdue University Calumet. He is under fire from student protesters for past and present remarks targeting various groups but particularly Muslims.

This is how a local paper described the events:

Nearly two dozen students demonstrated Wednesday outside Purdue University Calumet in protest of a political science professor who they say made racially prejudiced remarks verbally and on his Facebook page, particularly targeting Muslim students.

The student who organized the protests is one Christopher Ramirez. Ramirez believes that prof. Eisenstein purposefully posted inflammatory remarks aimed at Muslims on his Facebook page on the Muslim festival of Eid-Al Adha:

Christopher Ramirez, who organized the protest, pointed to associate professor of political science Maurice Eisenstein’s Facebook page, where he posted a picture and comment Sunday about 100 black Christians who were killed by radical Muslims. Ramirez said the picture and comment were posted on the first day of Eid, a traditional Muslim holiday.

Eisentstein for his part believes he is the victim of a conspiracy by Jew-haters:

They say I teach religion in class. I believe the person who started this is a faculty member, and I believe that many of these are her students. I am the only one who comes in every day with a kippah (a cap) on. I don’t know the answers to your questions. I made myself available. No one spoke to me. They are saying all of these bad things about me, but they wouldn’t talk to me.”

Maurice Eisenstein, who believes he is being targeted because he is an Orthodox Jew.

Actually, it would seem professor that the students are quite right to take umbrage at your Facebook postings. Viewing it today, we captured this screen shot of what we assume is the offending post that has riled up the student protesters:

It is quite condescending for a political science professor to coach his view of the sectarian violence in Nigeria in such black and white terms as “decide if you are with the radical or civilized people,” clearly he is generalizing about Islam and Muslims, and casting them in the “radical” and hence “uncivilized” camp. Students who saw this posting and read it in the context of the professor’s past statements can be excused for thinking he meant to tar all Muslims.

Yet, what we found even more egregious and definitely inexcusable is the link the professor posted just a few scrolls down on his Facebook page. It is a link to the hate site run by the fanatical queen bee of Islamophobia, Pamela Geller’s AtlasShrugs:

This is inexcusable. Pamela Geller is not only a radical anti-Muslim but a racist to boot, if you don’t believe us (there’s ample evidence to believe us), then maybe you will take the word of the ADL and the SPLC. Such a link cannot be a mere faux pas, it’s akin to linking to the neo-Nazi Stormfront website, and the administration at Purdue University Calumet should take a stronger stand than it has:

“Purdue Calumet by its nature as a public university welcomes and encourages the exchange of thoughtful and diverse views and opinions. Likewise, the university does not condone expressions that are considered offensive, intolerant or disrespectful.

“That stated, certain, recent unpleasant comments exchanged between Associate Professor of Political Science Maurice Eisenstein and others have been communicated on the Professor’s personal Facebook page. In no way do these comments reflect the university’s position and commitment to tolerance and respect with regard to the right of free expression by all individuals.

“Nonetheless, though Professor Eisenstein is a tenured faculty member, tenure has no bearing on the nature of free expression, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, that Purdue Calumet faculty members choose to exercise on their personal Facebook page. Neither are there Purdue Calumet policies and regulations that extend to personal Facebook pages.”

Such mealy mouthed pronouncements from the administration do nothing to help. Loonwatchers should let them know that they should review the professor’s treatment of his students, not only due to the protests but also the troubling links the professor maintains. Ask them if they would be okay with a professor linking to neo-Nazi websites? And then inform them of the disgusting, bigoted, racist, genocidal comments Geller has made, as well as her associations.

Here is the contact page for the University:


Purdue University Calumet
Office of University Relations
2200 169th Street
Hammond, IN 46323-2094

1-800 HI-PURDUE, x.2400
Locally within Indiana & Illinois


Contact the professor as well:

219) 989-2688
Office: CLO 294

B.Sc. Purdue University,
M.A. Purdue University,
Ph.D. (1993) Purdue University

Video of the Student protest:

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    ooooo an educated loon tries to sneak in and see if we arent watching what is written on old threads .
    What bollocks he writes
    Melvin you are toast good bye 😉

  • Franczeska

    Melvin Toast = Barry Sommer (or Billy Rojas)

  • Melvin Toast


    The majority of the posts confirm this quaint moniker. It is as if they are all staring into the same mirror, bearing the same reflection, of the same loon.

  • Purdue Calumet Observer

    As someone who has been on the Purdue University Calumet for some years, let me inform you all that Eisenstein has also made hostile comments about blacks, about Mexicans, and even about other Jews. He has also said that “when a woman says ‘no’ she doesn’t necessarily mean ‘no'” and that the charge of sexual harassment is only appropriate if a woman is physically raped.

    He is entitled to his opinions, but when he uses the power of his position as a professor to force students to listen to insults and sexually oriented comments, that is over the line. As a political science instructor, he should be allowed some leeway to say something things that may be “offensive” to some people, but when a climate of intimidation is created, and when whole ethnic groups and religions are condemned, leading to the suspicion that he probably cannot evaluate them properly nor that a student from any of those groups cannot sit in his classes without fear of PREJUDICED discrimination —- that is not “free speech” — that is taking the power given to him by the state of Indiana and using it for personal reasons.

  • Saladin


    Breaking The Silence

  • SKhan

    @Seeking [Un]fairness:

    “Where are the moderate Muslims—the educated Muslims who should be speaking out against the terrorism that is being perpetrated? ”

    Dude, did you even bother to google “Muslims denounce terrorism”? I can Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz ibn Ash Sheik of Saudi Arabia (from his speech at this year’s Hajj: In his sermon from Masjid-e-Nimra, he said “Islam is a religion of peace and strongly disapproves acts of terrorism. It is the responsibility of religious scholars to spread the message of peace.â€?
    “Our religion preaches brotherhood, tolerance and harmony for the establishment of a society, which respects rights of all the segments of the society,� he said.
    “Islam is the solution for the problems� of Muslims, he said, warning the faithful of “a media and cultural invasion that seeks to weaken (their) faith.�
    The top cleric urged Muslims to solve their problems “without interference from their enemies,� condemning those who want to “provoke hostility between you and your leaders.�
    Source:, Grand Mufti Abdal Aziz ibn Abd Allah ibn Baaz of Saudi Arabia (who refuted Osama bin Laden YEARS before anyone in the West had heard of him), Ahmad Shah Massoud (the Afghan Mujaheed who fought against the Soviets, ending the spread of communism in Asia, something the U.S. had never accomplished. He also fought against the Taliban when it took over his country. He had an extremely peaceful interpretation of Islam, and criticized the Taliban’s, Al-Qaeda’s, and the Saudi government’s interpretations of Islam. He also fought against Al-Qaeda when it was first formed, and warned the U.S. of an impending attack on U.S. soil. He was assassinated by Al-Qaeda agents 2 days before 9/11. It’s like he was trying to tell us something important, hugh?), the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Grand Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan of India, the twenty four Islamic Scholars (Including Sheikh Al-Azhar, Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa of Egypt, and Ayatollah Hussein Fadallah of Lebanon who denounced the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the U.S.) who took part in the Amman Message, and this huge list of . Any more questions you wanna ask?

  • Danios

    @ Dr. M:

    Some of the most ardent critics of Israel are Jewish, and many are Israeli too.

  • DrM

    @seeking Unfairness,

    Don’t waste our time repeating the disingenuous “where are the moderate Muslims” line, while defending a radical Jew like Eisenstein. Extremists looking for moderates, how amusing. The real question which needs to be addressed where are the “moderate” Jews and Christians. The reality is that radicalism is far FAR more rampant amongst Jews and Christians, yet their lunacy is considered part of acceptable discourse.
    I’ve been told there are many “good” Israelis trying to help and many want peace and many are moderate! Now may I ask why we only get the extreme extremes of the filthiest creatures that had ever walked the earth on this blog? The far right/neo Nazis racist warmongers a la ‘kosher porky’ and company?
    I wonder!
    Where are the intelligent ones who are genuinely interested in any sort of dialogue or debate without the hasbara bullcrap and the racist Anti- Arab sentiments, which is by the way the only subsisting form of Anti-Semitism that is widely spread?
    Where are they? I suspect that they do not exist.

  • seeking fairness

    I think what most people are upset about is that Professor Eisenstein speaks out. I also think many people take Mr. Eisenstein’s comments out of context. The bigger question is this-Where are the moderate Muslims—the educated Muslims who should be speaking out against the terrorism that is being perpetrated? There is nobody asking these questions. It says something for any people who have such a fanatic element as the Muslims have, for their own educated people to keep silent. it is quite frustrating. I think Mr Eisenstein makes people look at the truth that they don’t want to see about themselves. I spoke with him many times and got that impression. Unless I sit in his class and hear these comments first hand-I don’t believe a one of them. I think anti-semitism is alive and will in Indiana.

  • Truth Hurts

    Is liberty a synonym for anarchy i.e. lawlessness?

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  • @Nikko

    Thank you for those screenshots! Even when he tried to clean up his Facebook page it seems he was unable, coupled with entries on his blog it is quite unbelievable that he is still teaching at Purdue.

  • Isa

    I wonder how this professor would have reacted if there were a Muslim professor who said the same things about Jews and Judaism. I bet he would have called the ADL and asked them to release a statement against the professor’s hateful remarks. But since it is him and his remarks, it is somehow okay in his mind.

  • Géji

    “Maybe Eisenstein should talk to me when the Gypsies get a state!”

    @Zakariya Ali Sher.

    Or simply maybe Dr Eisentein should talk to us about oppression and persecution when the very people who claim to be from his own religion stop terrorising, oppressing, persecuting and stealing the land of Palestinian Arabs.

    Dr Eisenstein should talk to you when the Palestinians get a state!

  • Nikko Elliott

    I am a student at PUC and I can tell you right now, the post you screen grabbed isn’t the one that bothered people. After the protests started, Prof. Eisenstein went through and made his offending posts “Friends Only.”

    Fortunately, I grabbed some screen grabs on my iPhone before that! Here are some links!,Bs2DD,I2yvQ,bowMg,Bs2DD,I2yvQ,bowMg#1,Bs2DD,I2yvQ,bowMg#2,Bs2DD,I2yvQ,bowMg#3

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    @ Jack: What a freakin’ MORON! I looked over his Facebook page, but sadly, you can’t comment on any of his posts. A pity too cuz I’d definitely rip him a new one! I have quite a few things that I could mention that might just leave him dumbfounded or embarrassed. But then, Political Science isn’t exactly a ‘hard science’ either, so I don’t know if we should be holding him to such rigorous academic standards. Hehe…

    You know, it’s funny because Dr. Eisenstein here seems to hold to that mentality of ‘my people are more oppressed than yours,’ as if it’s some sort of pissing contest. White evangelicals tend to have that too, ironically, what with the whole ‘war on Christmas,’ and claims that white male Christians are the only group who can legally be discriminated against in the US. I do wonder if it’s not fear of demographic shifts, as both groups (white evangelicals and hardliner Jews) are pretty vehemently anti-Muslim.

    And I’m not going to argue that Jews HAVEN’T been oppressed, because they most certainly HAVE, but if he thinks that is somehow unique he is sorely mistaken. Let’s see, the American Indians in the United States had their land taken away, their religion and language forcibly suppressed, and their rights to many of their traditions were not even recognized until a few decades ago. Similar things happened to the Aborigines in Australia. In New Zealand, Europeans actually went out of their way to collect pickled heads of Maori, ostensibly to ‘study’ their facial tattoos (tattoos also being banned under some European colonial administrations). Some indigenous peoples, such as the Pygmies, San and !Kung, Patagonian Indians and Tasmanian Aborigines, were treated as less than humans, actually hunted and poisoned. Pretty sure that counts as oppression.

    The Armenians, for their part, suffered through a genocide alongside the Pontic and Asiatic Greeks, Assyrians, and arguably Kurds and Arabs as well. What do you think the Arab revolt was about? Not to mention the Shi’a, who occupied an ambiguous place in Ottoman/Turkish society . Just about the only people NOT to suffer under the Turks were the Jews! In fact, a number of Sephardim actually RETURNED to Jerusalem under Ottoman protection. For what it’s worth, I would say the Armenians suffered pretty badly, because following the Turksih genocide, their homeland fell under Soviet rule and stayed Communist until 1991! And they were not alone in that either, for quite a few people suffered under the Soviets, including the Jews, Tatars, Chechens, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmen, Georgians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukranians, Romanians, Germans, and many other peoples. Especially the Russians.

    Want to look at the Shoah again? The Roma (Gypsies) suffered through just as much as the Jews did, and perhaps even more. The Gypsies were never offered a homeland by western powers. They are still oppressed and hated throughout much of Eastern and Central Europe. Some even go so far as to deny them their culture, their language, their very sense of identity. Maybe Eisenstein should talk to me when the Gypsies get a state!

  • Jack

    There’s an interesting audio-recording on youtube of one of Eisenstein’s courses in which he argues that the only people who were ever really hated upon were the Jews.

    He describes all other groups who complain about racism or discrimination or sexism as crybabies and whiners who are not oppressed in any meaningful sense. Whether they be blacks or gays or Arabs or Muslim. In one instance, he claims that nothing bad really happened to blacks in the sixties (just being hosed down). Of course, Jews are discriminated against all over the place. “Now why is it that people can understand that there’s a real problem with me going forward an lynching a black in front of this building because of whatever reason; but there’s no problem with lynching a Jew?”

    He goes so far as to claim that the Armenians, were only hated for a short period of time, and didn’t face discrimination after the Armenian Genocide was over in 1923. The reality is, one only needs to read the newspapers on Turkey to know that Armenians are in fact discriminated against up till today. The murder of Armenian-Turkisch journalist Hrant Dink is only one example.

    However, maybe he doesn’t reckon that to be anti-Armenian discrimination, since, in explaining the Armenian Genocide, Eisenstein says: “Muslims do kill Christians all the time, that’s the norm. (…) Muslims do kill everybody who is not Muslim; that’s the nature of what their religion is.”

    But then again, Near Eastern Studies or race relations are not his field of expertise, he teaches Public Policy and Public Administration with a research interest in Organizational Analysis.

    The video also has some screenshots of things he wrote on his facebook page. He has this to say about deposing Muammar Gathafi:

    “We have traded one barbarian for another group of barbarians, Muslims. (…) Now Tunesia is becoming an Islamic terrorist nation (I know that is an oxymoron). There is no future in Arab countries run by Muslims.”

    And in another posting, about a youtubevideo of the infamous confrontation of David Horowitz versus Muslim student Jumanah Imad Albahri, Eisenstein writes:

    “The Muslim Student Association is an anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic organization. It is clear from this youtube of their belief in the end of America and the death of all Jews. They do not even miss a beat in their belief of killing Jews. By the way, the number [one] hate crime in this country is against Jews and the number one people who want to kill Jews is Muslims.”

    It seems pretty clear that dr. Eisenstein is himself a bigot.

  • Ummer

    All you need to do to expose evil people, is follow the money.

  • DrM

    I’m not surprised. He’s just being a typical Zionist racist. And of course he’s playing the victim of an “anti-semitic” conspiracy. Normal Finkelstein, as I recall was being denied tenure specifically for his advocacy of the Palestinian people.
    Double standards as usual.

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