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Ana Kasparian Calls Robert Spencer a Loser and a Sad Sack of …

The whole All-American Muslim controversy had the upside of giving birth to this video by The Young Turks.  Ana Kasparian basically calls JihadWatch’s Robert Spencer a loser and a sad sack of …

Cenk Uygur calls Robert Spencer a “clown-o-ramo” and his site to be “full of morons.” Ana Kasparian delivers the elbow from the sky when she asks: “How depressing is it that you dedicate any time at all to creating a website called JihadWatch?”

Ana, believe it or not but this portly man named Robert Spencer has dedicated his entire life to blogging about jihad.  This grown man is nearing the age of 50 and this is how he not only spends his time but it’s his career.

Whenever I visit Neo-Nazi websites like Stormfront (which I do from time to time in order to marvel at the sheer insanity found there), I cannot help but marvel at how these people are obsessing over how much they hate “the blacks”.  Don’t these grown men have anything else to worry about?  Families, mortgages, actual careers?  What could be sadder than a group of old white men meeting in uniform to talk about how much they love Hitler?

It’s the same hate and level of obsession on JihadWatch.  Robert Spencer is their Grand Wizard, and they are all absolute, 100% total losers.  Their unhealthy level of obsessional hatred scares away friends and makes it impossible for them to ever get dates from normal women.  So, most of them hide this hatred in real life and just spend hours trolling the net in their basement.

As for Robert Spencer, one has to wonder what set him off: maybe some Muslim girl broke his heart long time ago by getting with some Muslim dude.  Now, Spencer is getting his revenge out on all Muslims.

That’s very similar to the founder of the Florida Family Association, the man behind the whole All-American Muslim controversy: his reason for dedicating his whole life to hatred has something to do with how he hates himself for being a frustrated porn addict:

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  • Believing Atheist

    @Sir David

    I guess we will just have to agree to disagree but you said “Should people ‘ fight ‘ by forming anti anti muslim organisations as you propose or should they find a different peaceful way , by being examples of their faith and living their faith . By trusting in their faith .”

    I find that extremely troubling. The majority of U.S. Muslims are good and decent human beings. They embody the principles of peace and harmony found in their faith. Where did that get them? When U.S. Muslims act peacefully and respectfully they are degraded for using taqqiya (by the likes of Bob Spencer and Pam Geller) to fool westerners and non-Muslims. So simply following the principles of the Islamic faith is not enough.

    This does not mean Muslims should stop being peaceful and use violence. It simply means that Muslim organizations need to change public perception of Muslims. If you don’t change this perception than Bob and Pam have won because the fantasy they created has taken precedence in the minds of average Americans. David Horowitz has a better PR campaign than Muslims do and that’s why he is able to convince gullible Americans that Muslims are bad people. Your advice will not counter this perception because let’s be honest with ourselves: Nobody knows what Muslims do in their homes all they see is what the media tells them about Muslims.

  • Jack Cope

    Believing Atheist, I think the link is the error:

    I get where you are coming from and thank you for remaining respectful. And yes I am Muslim. And also the first time I’ve been compared to Gandhi, an honor! But perhaps the first time that’s been seen as a bad thing as well 😉

    The thing is, and as Sir David already articulated, the fact that organizations such as ADL exist shows that they are not solving the problem. As I argued here, it is simply PR:

    (Link get’s caught in spam filter, it is on the ‘Jeff Sparrow: The Long, Long Road to Utoya’ article)

    PR doesn’t solve the issue, it just tries to paper over the cracks. I don’t think Muslims or anyone should do that. Like I said, if Muslims acted like Muslims then there would be no problem to paper over!

    Anyway, beside the point. You say I am passive but I am not, I am active, but I am not ‘PR’ active, you don’t ‘see’ what I am up to! That is how Muslims need to be to fight this thing.

    Calling Mr Spencer kiddy names and saying he is fat and so on is kindergarten stuff. Makes us feel better a little maybe, but it is wrong. Because Mr Spencer will just sweep it to one side in a fit of ‘attacks against my character because they can’t refute my writings’ and next week we are still in the same place.

    Of course, there is a great demand for detailed deconstruction of Mr Spencer and other’s ‘theories’, though these ‘theories’ tend to fall apart by themselves anyway.

    The other thing you mention is that the anti-Muslim people think they are at war. Well, what’s new?! They always think they are at war with ‘someone’, why should I really care? They will get bored soon enough and shift onto someone else.

    No, I’d rather focus on the underlying issues and I’d rather focus on Muslims being Muslims. Like I’ve said before, my way is the hard road, but it is the better road than papering over the cracks to make us feel good. Like Sir David said, Gandhi won against the worlds most powerful empire purely by his morals and force of argument. And it is something Muslims can and should do as well.

    I’ve seen war, I’ve seen violence, it doesn’t work. Never has, never will.


  • Jack Cope


    You say that most people who despise Muslims don’t know them an are only educated via lies and I agree. How do we solve this? Simple, we show them what Muslims are really meant to be like and what Islam is really meant to be about.

    So that’s why I do some of the things I do and one of them is myJihad. It is bunches of Muslims, ‘Jihadists’, who go about on ‘Jihads’. For example, we have a ‘Street Cleaning Jihad’ and right now my front room is full of aluminum cans becuase I’ve got a ‘Recycling Jihad’ going. We sell the cans for charity and of course are volunteers might I add. Small scale right now, but I go global next year.

    It serves the purpose of both uniting Muslims and in getting us to use our faith for good. Plus if someone who is not a Muslim sees us, they can see how Muslims are really meant to behave. And it is fun 😉 Much better than PR and name calling anyway!


  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Its not for me to question the education in the USA. but I have worked on the ground with groups dispised and vilified by the press and what worked was the group actually meeting local people and being seen as real people , going to school , gardening , playing for local sport teams doing normal stuff. You dont need education for that .
    No I dont think using all tactics will work ,follow this line and you loose the moral high ground that has no need of numbers.
    Trust yourselves as muslims ,have faith . If you dont no one else will.

  • khan4

    @Sir David

    You are assuming too much. Not everyone is educated enough to get what you just said. I am saying both tactics need to be implemented. Remember, there is a large uneducated population in the United States that is growing. The educated tactics you described will not work with them. Use all tactics at your disposal in order to win.

    Most people who despise Muslims do not know them. The Spencers and Gellers of the world are educated them through lies. Loonwatch does a great job exposing some of their outlandish claims. I do not need to list them here. All you have to do is browse this site.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Believing Atheist

    Sorry where did I say you advocated violence ?
    I said
    “Violence does not work either in word or deed . If it did then there would be no need for the ADL or AJC ( whatever thy are , the initials mean very little here in europe ) . The fact that such organisations exsist shows they dont work. Hate is just another violence and can only breed hate so stooping to the level of the haters is ultimately self defeating . In many ways you become your own enemy.”

    Sorry but I fail to see where I have said you advocate violence in that statement ?

    As for your comparing the Barbary Pirates and Al Q I was among many who questioned your comparisoms between the two phenomina and still believe you are mistaken and not comparing like with like leading to a false conclusion.

    Your third point I accept I misunderstood what you said about secularism.

    I did not say that you avocate violence as a solution but your suggestion that muslims form new organisation ‘to fight” combat ‘ and ‘respond with full force and vigor ‘ and then named two organisations I take your word that they are Jewish , as examples falls into the same trap as outlined on another thread yesterday by BMD. Should people ‘ fight ‘ by forming anti anti muslim organisations as you propose or should they find a different peaceful way , by being examples of their faith and living their faith . By trusting in their faith .
    Your anti anti muslim organisations would end up mired in PR and other such froth
    Neither you or I have faith I suspect, I sometimes wish I did ,and you seem to see faith as a problem other wise you would not belong to a group as you out lined above( why would a member of such a group want to post on Loonwatch ?). Obviously you see groups as a solution I see them as often part of the problem. Thus your avocacy of groups as a solution to a problem.

    You disparaged Gandhi , a very realing statement in my view when it comes to talking about violence, although I expect Jack may have been flattered by the comparisom I am sure he will let us know . Gandhi beat the British with just his moral force of argument , no guns, planes or missiles ,many would do well to learn his methods . He advocated none violence and you are against him ? If the cap fits wear it :-)

    What did I do today? I spent time doing some research on Asian bees for a proposed charity effort to impove the live of the poor farmers in SE Asia by helping then to start beekeeping. Do you want to contribute ?

    I would also for you suggest reading “None Violent Communication” By Marshall Rosenberg :-)

  • eslaporte

    Florida Family Association?!!! WTF?!

    What family teaches their kids to hate other people? Maybe a familiy of Nazis where mom helps shave junior’s head for the skinhead rally!

  • Believing Atheist

    @Sir David,

    When did I advocate violence? See this is the problem with interacting with you, you cannot refrain from imposing words in my mouth. Last time you said that I said the Barbary Pirates and Al Q were the same, when I said no such thing. Before that you said that I advocate French secularism when I said the American secularism.

    Now you’re saying that I seek violence and hate as a solution. If that were true why did I give the example of the ADL and AJC? They don’t combat bigotry with hate and violence, they combat bigotry with education, law,lobbying and advocacy journalism. Muslims in my opinion need an organization that does the same.

    As for what I did today? You don’t know me, nor who I am. I am a member of a group that advocates for the civil rights of atheists, agnostics and humanists here in the U.S. What did you do by the way?

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    yes name calling can be fun but in the end you have to back it up with examples and reasoning otherwise you are as guilty as them of name calling . Your so callled “docile educated” approach is no such thing, its hard work.
    For instance I always call Pam Geller Mrs MacBeth, the reason being people ask why and I can tell them she has the blood of innocents on her hands like Lady MacBeth in the famous scotish play. Its easy to call Blobby Spencer a fat slob but far more telling is to talk about his lack of qualifications and that he is a paid shill ( yes I did spell that last word correct ). It’s the truth and the truth is more deadly to liers than any insult, imagened or not.

  • khan4

    If you go on youtube, CNN does a wonderful two part story on exposing Walid Shoebat as a liar.

    Yes, Cenk and Ana trashed Spencer more than exposing him for the fraud he is, but it helps to a certain extent. The more you demean them, you can make it “popular” for people to say they are retards.

    You cannot always take the docile, educated approach to everything. Sometimes you just have to dismiss someone as a moron too.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    In that picture, what’s the difference between Robert Spencer and Jason Alexander who does George Costanza? Jason only pretends to play as a pathetic loser and goofball

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Beiieving athist
    Vioence does not work either in word or deed . If it did then there would be no need for the ADL or AJC ( whatever thy are , the initials mean very little here in europe ) . The fact that such organisations exsist shows they dont work. Hate is just another violence and can only breed hate so stooping to the level of the haters is ultimately self defeating . In many ways you become your own enemy.
    I do not see jack as a passive guy far far from it . Go on his web site or other stuff ,he is trying to do something and fairplay to him . If more people did something rather than complain about others more good would be done in the world .
    What did you do today ?

  • Adam

    @Believing athiest

    Before he died, Reverend Jim Sutter wrote an exellent long break down of robert spencers motives, and he basically lied about his past.

  • Believing Atheist

    @Jack Cope

    Hi Jack,

    I want to say something to you with all due respect. It seems to me like you are a very passive guy and you let people walk all over you and your community (the Muslims). I am assuming you’re a Muslim. Am I wrong?
    Being Gandhi-like and withstanding the blows of anti-Muslim bigots will not help. Bigotry needs to be tackled head on. Jewish-Americans do not wait idly by when there is an atmosphere of anti-Semitism. When they did look what happened to them.

    Today Jewish organizations like the ADL and AJC respond with full force and vigor against bigotry by challenging it in the market place of ideas, lobbying legislatures to create laws in their favor, educating the public about tolerance and social-justice, etc.

    Anti-Muslims believe they are at war with you Jack, which makes you a victim or a potential victim. Stand up for yourself and your community Jack!

  • Daniel

    Jack, I agree. The ad homonims add nothing to the case against Spencer. Who cares if he’s fat, skinny, handsome or ugly, or if he’s a cassanova or a loser in romance. It is frankly childish to use these things against him. Let’s stick to pinciples, and not descend into name-calling. Spencer’s ugliness comes from his words, not his looks.

  • Ibn Mikael

    It might have been this guy who started it, but it most certainly wasn’t his complaints alone that got the ads pulled. You better believe that this guy was able to convince every evangelical email service to send out messages telling them to complain to Lowes.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Jack Cope,

    You have a point, they should have pointed out his lack of credentials, as well as the lack of credentials anyone has in the “Anti Jihad” movement. Seriously, the sooner everyone realizes just how unqualified people like Spencer really are, the better, and just insulting them, won’t do much.

  • Crow

    Robert spencer like hitler would be a failure at anything else but hate because both are consumed by hate, the fact spenser takes blood money (remember breviek) just makes him a big, fat douchebag. As for his followers, typical nazis, they’re bitter about their sad lives and want the world to end because they mistakenly belive Jesus will rapture them to Paradise (they should dress for really hot temperatures) but in the meanwhile they puke out genocidal hate, talk about how much they love white christians and how much they love israel (without those nasty Jews of course).

  • Jack Cope

    Not helpful and sinking to their level… but whatever floats your boat. I for one think that they will beat us from experience at mudslinging, we are far better to attack or question their theories rather than person.

    You can bet that Mr Spencer will real, fake sobbing, at this ‘attack’ on his good self and impeccable character as more evidence that the Muslims are wrong and he is write. His proof being that Muslims have to attack him rather than his theory.

    If the Young Turks had questioned his qualifications *as well* as this attack, it might be better. You see, the fact that Mr Spencer has no qualifications is both true and annoys him. But the fact that they attack him in the video means any facts they may present will be easily buried by Mr Spencer as mere ‘hyperbole’.

    It is frankly not a good tactic, we should be like adults… not kids.


  • CriticalDragon1177


    You’re right, the guy who founded the Florida Family Association does sound like a loser. Unfortunately far to few people see the Irony, in this.

  • Believing Atheist

    We here at LoonWatch are the bearers of truth and so it is important that we reveal the facts thoroughly when we bash Spencer in this article.
    This article then states: “As for Robert Spencer, one has to wonder what set him off: maybe some Muslim girl broke his heart.”

    Robert Spencer implicitly stated what set him off. He claims that his ancestors were expelled from Turkey because they weren’t Muslim. So he has the same motivation as Bat Ye’or.

    Before that the article states: “This grown man is nearing the age of 50 and this is how he not only spends his time but it’s his career.”

    Just as we have jobs that pay us for our work. Robert Spencer has a job i.e., blogging for which he gets paid by David Horowitz. $132,537 in fact.

    And that’s not all he does. He writes books, gives lectures and appears in the media.

    Robert Spencer is a liar, a fascist, a pseudo-scholar and a crafter of hate speech. But he sold his soul for profit and so he does not mind being all these things.

  • Inspired by Mohammad

    Thanks, this is good.

    Oh how i wish, there were more like Cenk, and Kasparian happy to kick ass, and not worry about being politcally correct. That is exactly correct that description.

  • Al

    I think that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say about Spencer (outside of his minions)!

  • Garibaldi

    Awesome that Ana and Cenk slammed Spencer and co. for being the “clowns” they are! Reminds me of the time Cenk interviewed and pummeled Geller, a few years ago.

  • mindy1

    Booyah good for him 😉

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