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Faux Progressive and Self-Hating Loon Asra Nomani Sides with Lowe’s, How Predictable

Not all anti-Muslim loons are non-Muslims.  Indeed, there are a handful of loons that are in fact self-hating Muslims.  Case in point: Asra Nomani.

(I’ve written about her before, so I’ll skip introducing her.)

Nomani dons the mantle of a “moderate, progressive, and liberal” Muslim, yet she consistently takes the side of right-wing, uber-conservative loons against Muslims.  It is faux progressives like her who have tarnished the image of progressivism in much of the Muslim world.

Over the years, Asra Nomani has sided with extreme right-wingers and Islamophobes against Muslims time and time again.  At first, her absurd views had a lot of shock value.  Now, they’re just plain predictable.  So, it’s no surprise that Ms. Nomani has taken the side of Lowe’s, which pulled its advertisements from TLC’s All-American Muslim after Islamophobes sent them letters of protest.  The Islamophobes complained that the show only showed regular Muslims instead of Terrorist Muslims (since of course all Muslims are Terrorists).

Asra Nomani’s article, like her other work, is intellectually bereft.  The blurb to her article says:

Another advertiser pulled out of TLC’s All-American Muslim—but it’s not because the company is ‘Islamophobic.’ It’s simply a terrible program, writes Asra Q. Nomani.

The only problem with this, the entire premise of her article, is that neither Lowe’s or Kayak pulled out because the show is “a terrible program.”

Nomani writes (emphasis is mine):

Lowe’s, the national chain, did the right thing in pulling its advertising from the series. The company said it killed advertising from the show because it had become too controversial, but there is another legitimate reason the company could have given for yanking its advertising: it’s bad TV.

It “could have given” this “legitimate reason” to yank its advertisement, but it didn’t.  It pulled the advertisement because Islamophobes emailed them to do so.  Even their cover-excuse wasn’t that the show was “bad TV” but that “it had become too controversial” as Nomani’s own words attest to.

How did Lowe’s do “the right thing” if they pulled the show for the wrong reason, i.e. cowing to anti-Muslim bigotry?  To understand this point, imagine for instance if Lowe’s pulled its ads from CNN’s Black in America not because it was “bad TV” but because a bunch of white racists emailed them complaining that the show portrayed blacks too sympathetically?  That it only showed regular black people instead of murderers and rapists?  If Lowe’s succumbed to this bigotry by yanking its ads from Black in America, would Asra Nomani applaud this action (regardless of the show’s quality)?

The quality of All-American Muslim is irrelevant, because the reason advertisers pulled out had nothing to do with that, but everything to do with the fact that Islamophobes lost their minds that a show would show normal Muslims on television.

Asra Nomani’s whole argument is based on three words she slipped into her writing: “could have given.”  Except it didn’t.

True, Nomani was more likely referring to Kayak’s lame excuse for pulling its advertisement (see my earlier article about Kayak’s “apology”); she writes:

Now, Kayak, an Internet travel company, announced that it too is pulling its advertising. Robert Birge, chief marketing officer at Kayak, put it as plain as it gets: “…I watched the first two episodes,” he wrote in a letter to customers, titled “We Handled This Poorly.” “Mostly, I just thought the show sucked.”

But here again, Asra Nomani misleads the reader.  Robert Birge, the Kayak executive, does mention that he thought the show sucks, but the bulk of his explanation is about how the show became a “lightning rod” and how TLC supposedly didn’t inform Kayak about this.  Birge wrote:

When we decided to give our money to TLC for this program, we deemed the show a worthy topic. When we received angry emails regarding our decision to advertise, I looked into the show more thoroughly.

The first thing I discovered was that TLC was not upfront with us about the nature of this show. As I said, it’s a worthy topic, but any reasonable person would know that this topic is a particular lightning rod. We believe TLC went out of their way to pick a fight on this, and they didn’t let us know their intentions. That’s not a business practice that generally gets repeat business from us. I also believe that it did this subject a grave disservice. Sadly, TLC is now enjoying the attention from this controversy.

So, after the show received “angry emails” from Islamophobes, they then looked into the show and pulled it because TLC supposedly hadn’t informed them that the show would be controversial.  In other words, their explanation is very similar to that given by Lowe’s.

In the concluding sentence of the “apology”, Birge writes:

Based on our dealings with TLC and the simple assessment of the show, I decided we should put our money elsewhere.

Even if we say the decision was partially due to the “controversy” issue and party due to the show “sucking”, does Asra Nomani not see the problem that the show was pulled only after Kayak received “angry emails” from Islamophobes?  Again, how would we feel about Kayak if it pulled its ads from Black in America after receiving “hate mail” from Neo-Nazi groups?  Any lame excuses such as the show was “too controversial” or that “it sucked” would not be taken seriously.

Asra Nomani goes on:

To me, the issue of Islam-bashing has become a straw man in this debate. This isn’t a referendum on whether a person hates on Islam or not. It’s about TV—and what makes for good TV and what doesn’t. For example, I made it through only two episodes of TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras, because how many times can we watch Princess Penelope throw a temper tantrum? If Lowe’s or Kayak didn’t advertise there, would we argue that they were trashing prissy little girls and their mom? No, we’d say that they don’t want to spend their ad dollars on bad TV.

TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras does receive advertisements, even if you and I agree “it sucks.”  Has Nomani never flipped through channels on television and watched a reality show?  The vast majority of them suck, but even still they are able to garner advertisements.  Also, since when did companies restrict advertisements to shows they themselves personally watch?

The problem is that All-American Muslim is being singled out and unable to hold some advertisers because the show is about Muslims.  Had these companies pulled out from the show on their own volition due to ratings–and not immediately after Islamophobes demanded them to–nobody would be crying foul.  So, in reality, it is Asra Nomani who is raising a straw man argument: again, if it had really been about the show sucking and its ratings tanking, then nary a Muslim or liberal would protest.

Asra Nomani’s article blares:

To me, the issue of Islam-bashing has become a straw man in this debate. It’s about TV.

This assessment reflects how vacuous Asra Nomani truly is (I see absolutely nothing intellectually stimulating ever coming from this woman): it’s not about T.V. at all–it is all about Islam-bashing.  The show was pulled because Islamophobes protested it and not because the show “sucks.”  This is exactly the reason why in my earlier article about Kayak’s “apology” and this one, I have not even tried to defend the show’s quality, because that subjective opinion is simply irrelevant.  But if you want to go down that path, I can safely say that there exists no dearth of sucky programs on the boob tube, all of which seem to attract and hold advertisers just fine.

*  *  *  *  *

In my previous article about Asra Nomani, written almost exactly one year ago, I mentioned how she always feels compelled to inject herself into all of her articles:

Notice how she prefaces her statement with “I am Muslim.” Well then, you must automatically be a spokesperson for Muslims everywhere, and whatever you say about Islam and Muslims must be true. You are, after all, a real life Muslim! In fact, Asra Nomani can hardly ever write an article or argue a point without injecting herself into it, such is her self-absorbed nature.

Lo and behold, the very first words of her article about All-American Muslim:

As a real-life American Muslim…

And elsewhere:

As an American Muslim consumer…

And still elsewhere:

…I’m Muslim…

We get it!  You are a real life, living, breathing Muslim!  Well then, you must be an expert on everything about Islam and Muslims.

Asra Nomani keeps mentioning that she’s a real life Muslim because the only reason she has obtained some level of fame is because (1) she voices right-wing views against Muslims and Islam, and (2) she is a Muslim herself.  If she were simply a right-winger, she’d just be another run-of-the-mill Islamophobe trolling the internet.  On the other hand, if she were just Muslim, well then so what?  But it’s the combination of #1 and #2 that sustains her notoriety, because certain right-wing elements like to promote a self-hating Muslim who says all the things they themselves say: if even a Muslim says it about Islam and Muslims, then it must be true!

Meanwhile, Nomani remains very hungry and desperate for attention, which is why she added this absolutely unnecessary bit to her article:

As an American Muslim consumer, I can say that I’ll likely buy the lumber for my son’s treehouse at Lowe’s, and I’ll switch from Expedia to Kayak. I like the company’s common sense

Asra Nomani is like the black kid who hung a Confederate flag in his dorm room; he wouldn’t have garnered national attention had he been a white kid.  And likewise, Nomani’s writing would whither into oblivion if she didn’t constantly invoke her “I’m a Muslim” card.  That’s because aside from this fact, there is nothing at all interesting to learn from Asra Nomani’s uninspired writing.

Danios was the Brass Crescent Award Honorary Mention for Best Writer in 2010 and the Brass Crescent Award Winner for Best Writer in 2011.  

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  • Sam Seed

    @Inspired By Mohammed…

    You say “Sam Seed, I don’t know what your background is, are you ignorant or what?”


    “Do you think someone who uses Nazi rhetoric is an ideal candidate to ‘expose’ T Fat?”

    Well I don’t think he uses Nazi rhetoric. You and DrM are enemies, why don’t you become friends.

    “Are you aware that DrM sweeps the trash at Respond to this please, because you then cannot object to Islamophobes who do the same to us.”

    No, I wasn’t aware of that if that is so then I take back what I said.

    “His ‘exposing’ of T-fat, doesn’t excuse his own nefarious links and beliefs.”

    Look, I don’t wanna make enemies with you and I don’t think I have cursed you, just sit back and relax. I just don’t get your support for Zionism that I keep seeing in your posts. I admire Mindy I think she’s great. Finally you called me a hypocrite, why is that?

  • Géji

    “Don’t trust anything DrM says without checking the facts yourself. He lies, and is a Jew hater.”

    @Inspired by Muhammad

    As I’ve said, I’ve lived in Canada for years and I’m familiar with Tarek Fatah scandalous statements about the Canadian and American Muslim Community alike. He often goes as a guess on this show called the “Micheal Coren Show”, hosted by a hardcore Christian Zionist who never hides his deep contempt for anything Islam/Muslims, and T-Fatah did make numerous time some pretty sickening statements there. I also know that T-Fatah feels very comfortable (too comfortable), and mingles quite happily with lots of hardcore Zionists both Jews and Christians that hate Muslims soo deeply it’s hard for them to hide it, and are even proud of it. One example of this its how T-Fatah often dance with a hardcore Zionist Jew named Ezra Levant who detest Muslims so much that basically it comes out from his pores that you smell it miles away, but yet that doesn’t stop T-Fatah to go in bed with him for he admires him. Thus, how can any Muslim trust such individual? who not only shows deep admiration to the most vicious people that are trying hard to harm the very community he’s claiming he’s “from”, but in order to get better pay-checks are willing to say anything to satisfy his Islamophobic buddies, even if it’s endangering the lives of the misrepresented and poorly defended minority he supposedly come “from”?……. So you see, the Muslim Community in Canada knows the likes of T-Fat and the nasty Sale-Mansur(aka Salim Mansur) very well, for they are so sick and tired of them. But since Canadian-Muslims can’t chase them with a broom down the street and off the stage, cause otherwise will be a sure ticket to Gitmo, the best thing to do was to ignore them and their ignorante, uneducated remarks, and to sidelined and avoid them completely like a plague. Therefore, since the Canadian Muslims being so sick of both T-Fatah/Mansur decided to stopped paying attention to them and turn off the switch on their madness, so did I as well. And that’s the reason why I ask @DrM for the link when he suggested that he(T-Fat) went as far as claiming that Muslims(known to T-Fat as “Islamists”) “infiltrated” the US/Canadian governments, which is basically a statement out of the anti-Muslim/Islamophobic books, I did not know he had in him that much hate of his “own” community.

    As for DrM’s “lies” and “Jew hating”, I do not know him beside his posts here on LoonWatch, therefore cannot judge, nor confirm your allegations. But what I can say is that from his posts here on this Site, I did not witness what you’re accusing him of. I never saw a post of him “hating Jews”, and if you know of one, then you’ll have to show it to me, but don’t expect me to take it for your words only….. As for his “lies”, again I cannot confirm if he “lies” elsewhere, but a lot of things he says on this very Site make sense, he may shout them, but that doesn’t make them untrue. And I actually do admire him for being straight-forwards with his statements, and I’ve notice that many times, he do say what a lot of us are thinking, but are quit about it for fear of being accused “liars” and “hating” this or that. I also notice he’s quite vocal for the Palestinian cause, but so are many Muslims and Non-Muslims alike. Its true that when one evokes Palestinians suffering, it’s hard to avoid the emotions that are attach to it, thus, it will be hard to say “nice” things about the very people that are oppressing them. And the base for that oppression may be Zionism and those may be Zionists, but they also happen to be Jews as well, or at least claiming to be by following a corrupt version of Judaism. As you may Know, Muslims in the past, or in present, or in future times, never had or don’t have, never will(hopefully)have any problem with Jews for being Jews just because they follow Judaism, for our very book(Qur’an) protect them from such assault. Thus, any Muslim who will dare attack Jews verbally or physically just because they follow Judaism is already condemned in Islam. But one cannot avoid talking about the Zionists who also claim they’re Jews and who are committing crimes that are no longer acceptable in the 21st century against the Palestinian people for the past 70 to 80 years, and that cannot make one a “Jew hater” just because he/she points out the unhumane unjustices. Therefore, there is a big difference between having a problem with a Jew because he/she is following Judaism, and any person who does that must be forcefully condemned, and having a problem with a Jew that embrace the ethnic cleaning ideology that is for the time being associated with Zionism and the state of Isreal. So maybe for your own good, its best for you to make that difference as well before accusing anyone of “Jew hater”, for it is a huge accusation that cannot be made lightly against someone, otherwise it will make you the unjust one. Peace.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Not sure having a troll ID page would work . Some trolls need no introduction there words speak for themselves .
    Hey its the internet home of the strange and people changing their IP adress .
    As for people being paid provocaters difficult to prove as there are also people who believe all sorts of what others would call bollocks .
    For instance in the UK according to the last national census their are more believers in Jedi Knights than Judism 😉
    You pays your money and you take your chance .
    I should like to point out that I am available for employment as long as it is not at the cost of my principles or based on my spelling.

  • Why can’t you name your bogeyman straight out?

    I don’t need to. What the enemies of humanity do identifies them, no matter what false flag they wave or what mask they wear.

    Besides, I don’t want to. Those who follow the enemies into inhuman conduct identify themselves by what they do, and it is the same to them whether we warn them or do not warn them. Why should I make known to them that they have identified themselves and that I know who they are?

    And “the enemies of humanity” is the only “name” that includes them all, while any other “name” by which people identify themselves (or are identified) includes the deceived innocent along with the knowingly guilty. Conduct is what identifies both the faithful and the deniers of faith, not any “name.”

    The people of the Fire are living in the Fire, the people of the Garden are living in the Garden, whether any of them know that or not. Their ignorance does not make them one or the other, their actions do that. Anyone of either the Fire or the Garden is free to choose to do something that will remove them to the other, from the Fire to the Garden or from the Garden to the Fire. Thought or intention will not condemn you, although either may save you from yourself ~ action is what determines where you are, and with whom you might “conspire.”

    The Fire and The Garden are before your eyes ~ choose whichever you desire. Everyone does.

  • DrM

    @Shaykh al-Hajj Dawud Ahmad a-Amriki

    Not a bad idea at all. I’ve been calling for a registration system here for a while. That should be the kill switch to BMD’s dissociative personality disorder.

    @Inspired by Muhammed aka BMD aka Muslim Zionists aka 1001 schizo trolls,

    Still bitter from your last defeat I see. You’re a broken record, this coming from the same troll who once accused me of being an Evangelical Christian! LOL! Time to neuter you again. Keep dreaming, you’ll get banned way before I ever will. I’m like plastic Pam Geller? Odd that you should say that considering that it was YOU who called for my banning when I criticized her.
    See, unlike you I’m not a liar(you can keep repeating the lies as many times as you want but it won’t faze me), I don’t come here with dozens of different names to trick and fool people like you do. Your entire existence on Loonwatch has always been to do damage control for israel. Your pathology is that you’re a Zionist, and I’m a 1000% anti-Zionist, you’re the cockroach, I’m the can of Raid. Your desperation in trying to link to a site I cut off a long time ago(specifically because that person blurred the line between Jews and Zionists) is laughable. You on the other hand always posted links to Zionist sites. You’re nothing more then a recycled hasbaRat brushing your teeth with the droppings of Daniel Pipes and co. Zionists lazily and deceptively accuse all their detractors of being Nazis because that’s all they can do. They have no facts, no figures to justify their criminality. It’s not going to work on me, I’ve been flattening Zionist skunks like you since my high school days, and I know all your dirty tricks. Face reality BMD, you couldn’t debate me on the best day of your pathetic life.
    The only Nazi here is you, maggot. That’s why you justified the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by saying it was ok because the Native Americans got wiped out as well. I wasn’t the only one who called you on it.
    Remember how you were arguing that there was NO link between Zionism and Islamophobia? You shut up pretty fast when Dainos put up an article describing just that, and then started playing Labor Zionist instead of the Likudnik that you are.
    I also caught you promoting “Sheikh Massimo Pallazi” the Italian Zionist con artist, and after I exposed his fake scholarship and links to Walid Shoebat, Wafa Sultan and Nonie Dervish, you kept on making excuses for him. I even caught you lying about the Quran’s position on Jews and Christians proving that you’re not a Muslim.
    When I challenged you up front on Pallazi, the Qur’an and having out IP addresses checked, you took off faster then Federal Express. The challenge still stands.
    Either put up or shut up, coward.

  • DrM

    Oh, and T-Fat, feel free to respond. I won’t be holding my breath.

  • Believing Atheist

    @Inspired by Mohammad/BMD/How Islam Created the Modern World

    You wrote: Either it should be free for all, if it’s about the first amendment, then everyone should be free to say what they want.

    That’s what I said. All you are doing is repeating the essence of what I said in your own words.

  • Believing Atheist

    If you ban him then you create a precedence that it is acceptable to ban speech, which can then be used and abused against others.

    It’s not about what I want. The thing is, Loon Watch has banned people similar to DrM, another person like him, Rehmat1, an anti Zionist conspiracy monger, Jew hater, like DrM, so I don’t understand why they keep him around. he too uses nazi rhetoric, dressed up in Islamic garb.

    In a way, so too does the Shaykh if you check his site. SirDavid noted that too. But I can’t say for sure where the Shaykh is concerned, since he speaks in parables. I suspect that is because he doesn’t want to be called out for blatant anti jew sentiment.

    Either it should be free for all, if it’s about the first amendment, then everyone should be free to say what they want.

  • Shaykh al-Hajj Dawud Ahmad a-Amriki

    Can you stop promoting your conspiracy theories here, please. Your own website is one such. Full of conspiracy theories.

    Now if you respond to this, please do so with facts in clear English, short lucid to the point sentences, and reams of pages, full of conspiracies dressed up in parables.

    I dare say, if I were to start a ‘troll’ page, you would head the list, and the pages would get filled up pretty quickly with your parables of conspiracies.

    Why can’t you name your bogeyman straight out?

  • Believing Atheist

    @Inspired by Mohammad,

    I think you’re guilty of the same extremism you claim Dr M preaches. You want to ban Dr M, but we should not ban anyone because their is no crime called a thought crime.

    So if you believe that Dr M uses Nazi rhetoric and I think you have a valid point in this assertion, he still should have his say because he is protected by the First Amendment.

    Dr M has said far worse to me than he has ever said to you. He called me a Hindutva, a Zionist, a member of the EDL, used racial slurs against me by calling me a brown sahib, etc. but I still don’t wish to get him banned because I am a believer of free-speech.

    If you ban him then you create a precedence that it is acceptable to ban speech, which can then be used and abused against others.

  • DrM, addressing “Inspired by Mohammad”: You on the other hand are a Zionist hasbaRat loser pretending to be a Muslim, and I’ve exposed and humiliated you numerous times here.

    Years ago, I first started writing on the Web at the Usenet newsgroup alt.religion.islam ~ an unmoderated free-for-all overwhelmingly dominated by the troll warfare of Hindus, Zionists, and false-flag “muslims” against a few muslims whose “religious understanding” reached back to the “glory days” of the tyrannical Abbasid dynasty and not much further.

    A few of us got together by way of a separate mailing list, and compiled several pages ~ one to each notorious troll ~ that identified them for new readers at the Usenet newsgroup. And in response to their trolling, we would simply post a link to their “Troll page” with an extract from the past showing that the troll was simply bringing ~ once again ~ something that had been decisively refuted several times before.

    I’d be happy to host a Majordomo mailing list, and “Troll profile pages,” on the website. You might want to communicate with a few of the regulars here to see whether such a project would be worthwhile for LoonWatch. Anyone can write me at “law” at, should this sound interesting.

  • By the way, Sam Seed, even Mindy1 has taken DrM to task, she can hardly be described as a troublemaker here, unlike me.

    She’s very supportive, and she is Jewish. Not at all the type to accuse people lightly of being Jew haters. But even she recognised DrM for what he was, and called him out on it.

  • Sam Seed,

    It is NOT about his being soft spoken or not. I don’t like soft spoken pussy cats myself.

    REad his blog. If you do, then you are either ignorant, or you are in league with him.

    You didn’t answer my question. He used to link to and use anti Jewish language, under the guise of anti Zionism.

    What do you mean by defending Islam and Muslims? Robert Spencer claims to defend Christians. According to your logic he is right then.

    Pamela Geller does what DrM does, cites white supremacists and neo nazis so long as they target their hate at Muslims.

  • DrM, no you’re the one who can’t face facts. Same old garbage from your screwed up nefarious brain. You flatter yourself.

    You’re a nefarious character, and you you only have nazi garbage and Christian supremacist nonsense to fall back on. Aside from your lies about Saudi Arabia, and others.

    Sam Seed,

    I don’t know what your background is, are you ignorant or what?

    Do you think someone who uses Nazi rhetoric is an ideal candidate to ‘expose’ T Fat?

    Are you aware that DrM sweeps the trash at Respond to this please, because you then cannot object to Islamophobes who do the same to us.

    His ‘exposing’ of T-fat, doesn’t excuse his own nefarious links and beliefs.

  • Sam Seed

    @Inspired by Mohammad Says:

    I’m sorry to disagree but DrM is right, why do you come in different guises i.e. Islam Created The Modern World, Beautiful Muslim Doll etc etc?

    Sure DrM is not your average softly spoken Muslim but he is not a liar or a Jew hater. He speaks for Islam and defends it against falsehood which I admire.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    I’m glad that you Tarek Fatah is commenting here. I’m not going to be harsh on you sir but I will ask you some questions and hopefully you will be honest enough to answer them if you don’t mind.

    Why do you support people like Michael Coren, Ezra Levant and the rest of the Sun News people? The reason I ask this is because both Coren and Levant have invited so many Anti-Muslims (Not Anti-Jihadists as the term that you use but Anti-Islam and Anti-Muslims)to their programs many times before.

    They have invited people like Robert Spencer, Pamella Geller, and Geert Wilders and those guys hate Islam and hate us Muslims and want to get rid of us as much as they can. Not once has Coren and Levant ever condemned their hateful views. They always say that how it’s wrong that so many Muslims hate Spencer and Geller and want to silence their freedom of speech when they themselves want to take away Muslim right in America. Many times that fool Michael Coren loves to say that not once had Spencer attacked or used violent words on the prophet or on Muslims.

    That’s bs, ether Coren is being foolish here or he is lying because Spencer has used the most vile languages by attacking the prophet and used lies in order to attack Muslims. And he also lies about the prophet many times. Also Spencer says that every Muslim lies (You know his favourite word Taqiyya that he loves to abuse and yet to this day he still doesn’t know what it means) and that they have to lie in order to be proper Muslim in Islam, and also every bad thing that a Muslim does is ok(Murder, Rape, stealing as examples) because “Islam allows them to do that” and never mentions that most Muslims are good people and Coren never talks about these issues when ever he brings him to his show.

    In fact Coren spreads lies by saying that Spencer is a kind loving peaceful man. Does spreading hatred on Muslims sound very loving and peaceful to you?!!! Same goes with Geller who Coren and also Levant loves to suck up too.

    And when Levant brought that Nazi Wilders to his show, they both talk about how the Muslims and liberals want to silence Wilders freedom of speech but yet Wilders goes on about how he wants to ban the Qur’an because he doesn’t like it and Levant never talks about that with him. Not once does Levant tell him that banning the Qur’an makes him a hypocrite when it comes to freedom of speech. Wilders want to silent freedom of speech to anything he doesn’t like and Ezra never questions him about it. Coren and Levant claims that Spencer and Geller are only against Radical Islam but if you go to their website like Jihad Watch for examples or youtube even, they spread so much hatred on Islam and Muslims.

    And yet Sun News loves to praise their work. What I’m asking you Mr Fatah is why do you continue to be friends with these people? You should know by now that they are using you as a puppet to hide their hatred against us by saying “Oh we don’t hate Muslims” when clearly they support the people who are Anti-Muslims. Why don’t you ask them by saying why do you guys support these people who clearly hate us. Your support of Sun News is the main reason to why so many Muslims don’t take you seriously when you do this.

    I hope you answer back to me as soon as possible. I would like to hear your thoughts about all this.

  • DrM


    An excellent response and analysis. If you go to T-Fat’s twitter account you’ll see even proof that he’s an open enemy of the Muslim community. Do check out the pics he’s posted. You’ll see how Sikhs are collaboring with “islamists” at interfaith meetings, and how a Muslim man praying in public is a “middle finger to the west.” Oh, and loonwatch is “brimming with bearded jihadis, and clean shaven Islamists.”
    You are absolutely correct that “islamist” is no different then “mohammeden.” Islamist is up there with jihadist and now wahhabist in my book. Totally stupid meaningless word that attempts to Anglicize an Arabic word, advertise it as intellectual and with deep meaning while actually only superficially pretending to bypass the connotations that are invariably associated with it by its religious context. In reality, it’s those connotations and the religious context which are being manipulated to put the religion of Islam in new, hateful, bigoted, misrepresented terminology.

    @”inspired by Muhammed” aka bmd aka 1001 shizo trolls,

    Yawn, back again for another beating, eh? Don’t be so desperate. Everything I’ve said is rock solid, and on the money. You on the other hand are a Zionist hasbaRat loser pretending to be a Muslim, and I’ve exposed and humiliated you numerous times here. So I can understand why you’re trying to get me banned, and guess what? It aint happening, irrelevant chameleon. Is it the tread from my curled up Iron Sheikh style boots on your Nazi posterior which still hurts? Should I bother reposting all the links where you justified the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, when you were attacking anyone who dared to suggest that Zionism and Islamophobia were linked, when you were promoting Massimo Pallazi, the Zionist Italian con artist?
    Just like cowardly T-fat you ran off every time I challenged you only to come up with a new name and repeat the same old hackneyed bs. Feels like a bad rerun.

  • Sam Seed

    @Believing Atheist,

    I commend your bravery in putting this sellout called Tarek Fatah in his place(And also DrM did a good job in exposing his lies). He is an enemy to Islam and the Muslims, a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  • DrM

    I forgot to add the following examples of T-Fat’s madness in my previous post.

    Here he is claiming that the Dalia Lama is an “islamist” dupe :

    Claims that the Toronto police has been…you guessed it…infiltrated by “islamists”! Why? Because they weren’t taking his bullcrap as seriously after so many fake claims. Here’s the puff piece from none other then Steve Emerson’s Zionist Investigative Project :

    Here we have T-Fat cuddling with Zionist Ezra Levant about the “war on Christmas,” how evil multiculturalism and political correctness is(Zionism being exempt of course). This youtube channel is hosted by “blazingcatfur,” an israeli hasbaRat.

    Fatah’s comments on Norway :

    “As the brilliant Canadian Muslim commentator Tarek Fatah recently noted, “The fact the Norwegian terrorist wasn’t an Islamist convert is a huge victory for soft jihadis and sharia-bolsheviks, apologists for the worldwide Islamist agenda. They will now forever invoke the name ‘Anders Behring Breivik’ to deflect attention from jihadi terrorism. For too long they had to rely on just one name, ‘Timothy McVeigh’.”

    It was written by a British Zionist, shocking I know.

    T-Fat has also claimed that no accurate biography of the Prophet Muhammed(saw) exists. His vicious and violent hate filled rhetoric against hijabi and niqabi Muslim, with all kinds of filth about ripping of burkas, pole dancing in strip bars etc. Both are on Facebook, and I dare this Zionist muppet to deny it.
    Care to call my bluff, munafiq?

  • Geiji,

    Don’t trust anything DrM says without checking the facts yourself. He lies, and is a Jew hater. See his website for more details. Though i have my differences with Tarek Fateh, Believing atheist and others here, they’re right about DrM.

    Anyone who challenges his lies, he accuses of being a sayanim sleeper cell, and other nonsense.

    DrM discredits this website. Frankly i’m puzzled as to why Loon Watch keep him around.

    I mean, why hasn’t anyone questioned how he has the gall to challenge Tarek Fateh when he himself uses nazi rhetoric, in other words, he is doing the same he accuses Tarek Fateh of.

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