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Lee Preston: EDL Thug Jailed in Racist and anti-Muslim Attack on Cabdriver

EDL Thug: Lee Preston

These violent attacks have been occurring with some frequency, just a few days ago we reported on an EDL supporter who attacked a family with knives and threatened to kill them. Now we have another incident in which an EDL yob attacks a Muslim. Remember the EDL is Horowitz tool Robert Spencer’s favorite UK group, he once termed them, “freedom fighters.”

Jail for racist thug who shouted ‘EDL’ when he attacked a taxi driver

A racist thug who punched a taxi driver and dragged him along a street, has been jailed for 18 months.

Lee Preston, 22, targeted cabbie Mohammed Rashid, leaving him with two black eyes, a bruised face and grazes to his shoulders caused when he was dragged to the ground.

Mr John Hallisey, prosecuting, said the cabbie received a call at 9pm on April 16 to collect five men from Chaddesden. He noticed they were carrying cans of lager and told them these could not be drunk in his vehicle. But after a few minutes, the men started drinking.

“Mr Rashid told them to stop and the response was to start hurling abuse. The defendant was saying ‘we are EDL,’ referring to the English Defence League,” said Mr Hallisey.

Preston, of Walbrook Road, Derby, began to throw beer cans out of the taxi until Mr Rashid closed the windows – a move which angered the passengers. Mr Rashid stopped his cab and told the five to leave. One said: “Get out and we’ll sort you out.”

When they eventually left, they failed to close the rear doors but Mr Rashid waited until he thought they had walked away before getting out of the cab. But he was then grabbed and prevented from getting back into the vehicle before being attacked.

During this, he heard chants of “EDL” and one man said: “I’m going to kill you.” When a second taxi driver stopped to help, he was also assaulted and had his vehicle kicked.

Police were called and Preston was found hiding under a bush.

He admitted affray and racially aggravated assault causing actual bodily harm.

Derby Telegraph, 30 January 2012

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  • khushboo


    Ilisha’s on fire!!

  • twiceasnice

    Jail the bastard, although I can’t see how this was racist. What racial epithets were heard. Reminds me of that women on a train in Croydon that was jailed for a rant caught on YouTube. Although disgusting she didn’t from what I heard say anything racist, yet when three Somali Muslim girls beat a white girl hurling racist insults they were spared because “muslims aren’t used to alcohol.” One rule for all regardless of race/religion/gender/sexuality/ethnic group. Anything else just causes hatred and resentment.

  • juju

    these attacks make my stomach turn.

  • Nur Alia

    Isnt it ironic that this young man was hiding under a bush when the police found him?

    As usual, the cab driver was probably an elderly man.

  • mindy1

    @Rocky PWND 😆

  • Rocky Lore

    And yet four Somali Muslim girls who attacked a white woman receive no jail time because some judge bought their “I didn’t know booze could do that” excuse.

  • Crow

    These edl scum only attack in packs because they know they would have no chance one on one, Islamaphobes are natural cowards. Tool robert spencer did call them freedom fighters. It’s also important to remember robert spenser was a big insperation to what anders breivik did.

  • mindy1

    Booze+thugs=not a good thing D:

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