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UK: Daily Mail Conflates Violent Criminal’s Actions with Islam

Is it necessary to turn a story about a rapist into one about the religion he grew up with?

(via. Islamophobia-Watch)

‘Strict Muslim’ raped four women at knifepoint to ‘punish them for being on the streets at night’

by Bob Pitt

Thus the headline to an article in today’s Daily Mail. As is almost invariably the case when this newspaper reports on any issue involving Muslims, the headline is intentionally misleading.

If you read the article, you’ll see it is the rapist’s family background that is characterised as “strict Muslim” not the individual himself. In fact the judge in passing sentence made the point that the rapist carried out the attacks despite and in contradiction to his religious upbringing: “The fact that you have attacked these women not withstanding your background must represent your own wholly warped personality.”

But the headline suggests to the reader that it was the man’s strict adherence to his faith which produced the violent misogyny that led him to commit these crimes.

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  • Hajj Dawud

    twiceasnice Says: Hajj

    Maybe koranimals shouldn’t feed them with crime and its a FREE newspaper dimwit.

    It maybe free to readers, it’s not free for the publishers. Someone is paying the printer to produce demonization propaganda, someone is paying to distribute it. Advertisers or sponsors, the money would dry up should the paper change its tune.

  • Lo

    So many trolls.

    And this tabloid conflates rape with the rapist’s “strict” religious lifestyle; I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned those men strolling around the Vatican yet.

  • Believing Atheist


    The road to genocide starts with demoting human beings to animals. In Rwanda before the genocide of Tutsi, the Tutsi were called cockroaches. In Pakistan before the genocide of Bengalis, the Bengalis were called pigs and chickens.

    You are empowering genocidal maniacs who fantasize about obliterating Muslims by refering to Muslims as Koranimals.

    Muslims are human beings and all human beings are animals according to biology. But the way you use the term animal is to demonize and extract humanness from Muslims.

    My fellow atheists need to understand that indulging in such rhetoric is not right. We do not need to re-commit the horrors of atheism and the genocides and ethnic cleansing it has produced.

  • JT

    Twiceasnice, Muslims don’t need to have actually done anything for the Daily Mail to blame them. The mere presence of a brown man with a foreign name at the crime scene is enough for the Daily Mail reporters to blame Islam/Muslims. The most Islamophobic ones write anonymously. The claim that Islamophobia exists only because Muslims are doing bad things is laughable.

    You can pretend you’re here for a reasoned discussion but using the term “koranimals” is exactly the same as walking into a debate about civil rights using the term “nigger”.

  • twiceasnice


    Maybe koranimals shouldn’t feed them with crime and its a FREE newspaper dimwit.

  • Hajj Dawud

    QualifiedAgnostic Says: The Daily Mail needs to put an end to it’s Islamophobia …

    They’d lose their advertising and two-thirds of their subscribers.

  • QualifiedAgnostic

    The Daily Mail needs to put an end to it’s Islamophobia….

  • Jack Cope

    “By the way, I never said that I’m in favor of killing Muslims. I condemn murder and terrorism against Muslims. I just wish that Muslims also defended the rights of Christians in their homelands.”

    Many of us do… but sadly we are not the ‘correct’ image that people want seen of ‘Muslims’ in certain areas. Hence we never get on TV as easy as some loony mullah with a congregation of 40…


  • DrM


    They probably wouldn’t let you post it because it’s bogus, and from a dubious source. You read an “article” somewhere and then it’s an established fact that Pakistani Christians are “being raped for not converting to Islam.” I can have a field day on Christians and Christianity using your illogic.

    How can you “condemn murder and terrorism against Muslims” when all I’ve seen is denial of history and falsehoods from you? Equally ridiculous are your comments about rape and how it’s “not a sin in Islam.” Christians and Muslims have lived in peace for centuries, and have a far, far better record of tolerance then your lot ever will. I really can’t take a liar you seriously.

  • Pascal


    I posted an article from a website that’s far from being “Islamophobic” regarding the wave of rape specifically against Christians and Hindus in Pakistan, but the Loonwatch administrators didn’t post it.

    By the way, I never said that I’m in favor of killing Muslims. I condemn murder and terrorism against Muslims. I just wish that Muslims also defended the rights of Christians in their homelands.

  • Hajj Dawud

    Charlemagne writes (to Hajj Dawud): I am a devout Muslim, yet also a secularist. I believe the political of Islam is secularism.

    Hmmm … devout, adjective:
    1. Having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment.
    2. Totally committed to a cause or belief.
    Synonyms: pious – religious – godly – prayerful – devotional
    (or “devoted to divine worship or service; pious; religious: a devout Catholic“).

    I don’t think I’d characterize myself as “devout.” I’m insufficiently “devoted to divine worship or service” and too often close to, if not, impious. Grateful, certainly (but insufficiently), but not “devout” ~ I have been insatiably obsessed with knowing, and He is The Knower, and on that account I have been and am His willing slave and He is my only Friend. He allowed me to describe the essential character of my “piety” back in 1979, and I don’t see much change since then, other than His answers to my prayer.

    Committed, devoted (“Very loving or loyal; Given over to the display, study, or discussion of” or “zealous or ardent in attachment, loyalty, or affection: a devoted friend), dedicated (“wholly committed to something, as to an ideal, political cause, or personal goal: a dedicated artist“), certainly. But you appear more devout than I have ever been.

    But the duty we accepted, of being His “khalifa” in the manifest universe, a Garden salad made of fire, earth, air, water, and knowledge of Him, is caring for and developing the world of sense and sensibility as His reflection in the mirror of creation, in His image ~ we are the cardinal force of entropy, producing or reducing the effect of His continuous creation and destruction of the fleeting and perishable world of secular ~ temporal ~ materiality. First, we have to eat, before we can fly.

    His instructions on how we do this are called “religion,” and they do not change with time or circumstance, they are comprehensive and universal except as we try to change them (and fail). And apart from how we see ourselves ~ individually, as in a mirror ~ and how we perceive Him, it is all “secular” ~ how to follow those paths He has written for each of us, through a world of elaboration of His Generosity and Mercy (which He has given to each and all of us), by which we return “home” to Him to start another adventure continuing today’s episodic fantasy (while He is The Reality and The Enduring Destination, The First and The Last, Who created us to be His companions for all of time and beyond).

    And have not our forebears ~ and we ~ made a mess of things? Have we not listened to Him as children listen to their mothers only to go our own way? Have we indulged ourselves and neglected our responsibilities as caretakers of His creation and the Crown of Creation He created us to be? Have we not played the chimpanzee, openly and stealthily stealing the provisions of others and spurning the gorilla’s burden of benevolent dominion?

    “Religion,” outside our skins, is entirely “secular” ~ God tells us how to establish and sustain human dominion over a bestial world, according to His original generous and merciful design in which He created us ~ according to “the law of nature,” which frees us from the inexorable demands of corporeal existence. And “The Kingdom is among you,” which is what Jesus told us, is a statement of secularity as He has designed it for us to live together and apart in harmony and security, each in his own real, if unrecognized, paradise.

    As I and those near me, and countless others more distant, have lived ~ often unknowingly and insufficiently grateful to Him ~ for years, and decades, and centuries, surrounded by people living in hells of their own making.

    The secularism espoused by the US constitution is a pale shadow of true secularism. It allows religious parties to establish their religions as political communities, and to administer their own collective and private affairs, and prohibits interference through commonly-constituted “public” governments, by the mischaracterized “irreligious” professing an ethical piety not identified with “established” theistic religions, who seek to impose their contrived “secular” ethical systems on the faithful.

    You may find the secular and religious histories of America’s colonial period illuminating. Christians of various sectarian parties, fleeing secular conditions in Europe, formed a federation amounting to a multi-party treaty putting an end to overt internecine conflicts, ensuring that the new federal government was at least legally powerless to interfere or intervene in the religious warfare among the colleges. Of course Catholics, Jews, Mormons, and now muslims, can testify to the falsity of these Constitutional promises, and most of the old religious warfare has continued in Congress disguised as “legitimate secular concern,” but religious liberty ~ like “religion” itself ~ is established and preserved within the skins of the faithful, and to some extent within the synagogues, churches, temples, lodges and mosques capable of mounting legal defenses of their liberty.

    “True” secularism is described and defined by the Qur’an, as it was by the Law and the Prophets for the Children of Israel ~ until the pharisees and scribes abandoned it to pursue omnibus and exclusive coercive authority and power over the dominions of The Fire.

    Thank you for the inspiration for this.

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