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Jewish Extremists Target Palestinian Church, Spray Paint “Death to Christians”

What if they were Muslim?

Jerusalem Church Vandalised with Graffiti Inciting Hatred Against Christians


Racist graffiti has been sprayed on a church in Jerusalem on Monday in the third such incident in the past month in the city.

The graffiti included “Death to Christians” and the phrase “price tag” was found on the walls of the Baptist Narkis Street Congregation according to reports from Ma’an News Agency.

Furthermore residents of the area found their car tyres slashed.

This attack follows a similar such incidents, occurring on the same day in early February, where the bilingual school Hand In Hand and the Monastery of the Cross where vandalised, also promoting violence against Christians.

Attacks under this monicker of price tag refer to actions by Israel’s settler population who respond to moves by the State of Israel against illegal outposts in the occupied West Bank.

Despite the dismantling of outposts that Israel deems illegal being carried out by the state, price tag attacks are almost universally against Palestinians, including numerous acts of arson against mosques in the West Bank.

Under the 4th Geneva Conventions, which Israel is a signatory, all construction of civilian property and the transfer of a civilian population by an occupying power is illegal, as is the displacement of the local population. Despite this, Israel distinguishes between it’s settlement activity, with the majority of settlements gaining construction approval by the state, who also provide funding for construction and subsidised loans for Israelis moving to settlements.

In addition to pre-approved settlement construction, many outposts that are constructed in violation of Israeli national law are given retroactive planning permission.

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  • juju

    I think I know the source of these type of violent crimes: a combination of ignorance and boredom.

  • yusuf

    Zionism is an ideology that belongs back in the colonialist era from whence it came. Its not for the 21st century. The majority of Israelis are in the middle. I really believe that. When they will find their voice, that’s anyone’s guess.

  • atm

    @Alpha Pat

    For the ADL and AIPAC you either believe in the Israeli infallibility or you are a raging anti-Semite planning to exterminate the jews

  • yusuf

    Is it wrong to call this Jewhad? Just thinken!

  • Alpha Pat


    The Anti-Defamation League and pro-Israel lobbyists and apologists would beg to differ. They think the United Nations is routinely persecuting Israel.

  • Faisal Rathor

    This action is abhorrent whether done by Jews, Christians, or Muslims.

  • Sean Thompson

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  • Al

    More just behavior from the only democracy in the middle east!

  • Susie

    I don’t understand why the UN let’s Israel get away with all this occupying and illegal settlement crap for over half a century! Is the UN that controlled by U.S.?

  • CriticalDragon1177

    @Jawa Uma

    Than why did Jews just do this apparently? You have provided no evidence it was done by Muslims and not only that, but you’re now basically insisting their are no bigoted Jews, or no bigoted anti Christian people who are not Muslims. Why not blame atheists for example, there are some atheists who hate Christians. There may not be as many atheist in the area as Muslims, but there are still some atheists who live in Israel. But that’s not it, is it? You’re not directing your hatred and anger at atheists are you?

  • Jawa Uma

    More tricks from the muslim madmen to cause problems for Jews. Muslims are the only animal that does this…

  • Aurangzeb
  • QualifiedAgnostic

    Say No! To sadistic sanctions and war against Iran!!!

    Take Action by going to the below link!


  • Pat O’Callahan

    Since it’s birth the Israeli state has done nothing but cause trouble…..Palestinians, Iran, Arab countries, Iraq…..

    And the US really needs to become allies with Iran…..

  • mindy1

    Dammit people STOP THIS CRAP :(

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