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Mosque in Belgium Targeted for Second Time

Mosque in Belgium targeted for second time

(World Bulletin)

A mosque in Belgium affiliated with Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs has been the target of a racially-motivated attack for the second time in the past year.

Last July, an image of a pig attached to a wooden cross was left in the grounds of the Alaaddin Mosque in the Marchienne-au-Pont neighborhood of Charleroi and the Turkish flag outside the building was torn.

Now, less than a year later, a similar attack has taken place at the same mosque, where a number of racial and İslamophobic slurs, including “Go home foreigners,” have been sprayed on the walls of the building and grounds. Those involved in the attack have not been identified.

A spokesman for the mosque said the local Muslim community felt deeply aggrieved by the attack and the slurs directed towards them and their religion. Further, disappointment was expressed by the DİB that authorities made no effort to follow up on the last attack or bring the perpetrators to account for their actions.

The incident is part of a growing trend of Islamophobic attacks, which have become increasingly common in Belgium over the past decade.


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  • juju

    What does attacking a mosque prove?

    Even if you have tension with a group of people, attacking a religious site is no way of gravitating towards the matter. It’s childish.

  • H. Torrance Griffin

    There are people claiming that this is more due to outsiders setting up mosques than to mosques in general. Of course I ask how many mosques these clowns are willing to help fund.

  • mindy1

    I heard the FBI is purging it’s anti terror training of some of the more offensive materials-can anyone confirm it?

  • Sam Seed

    @Believing Atheist

    I saw this and was going to link it here somewhere….but you beat me to it!Thanks for the link.

  • Believing Atheist

    I got great news for Muslims and Loonwatch. I don’t know where to put this so I’ll put it here and hope it gets through. Just three hours ago this was the report from the BBC:

    “A first UK helpline for victims of Islamophobia is being set up amid concerns that incidents are not being reported or properly categorised.

    Last year 2,000 hate crimes were recorded against different faiths in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Police say it is unclear how many were against Muslims as separate figures were not recorded.

    Faith Matters, a non-profit group, hopes to show the scale of the problem and provide support for victims.

    “Many people think that Islamophobic crime does not exist. They say: ‘Where is the data?'” said the director of Faith Matters, Fiyaz Mughal.

    He is setting up the project Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks (MAMA) with the help of government funding.

    “This is a chance for the Muslim community to say: ‘Let us present the case, in terms of the facts, let somebody collate it and present it to the authorities.’

    “If someone has suffered abuse, been attacked or received a leaflet with inflammatory comments about Muslims in it, I want to hear about it.””

    I say LW should report this since it will help Muslims report hate crimes and we can real, empirical data on the number of hate crimes against Muslims. No longer can anti-Muslims like Robert Spencer say well hate crimes against Muslims rarely occur in the West.

    We will now have the actual figuures.

  • Al

    Ah, the enlightened peoples of Europe, showing the world just how enlightened they are-

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  • mindy1

    What do people hope to accomplish by doing this? :(

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