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European “Counterjihad Activists” Making Links with Christian Right

Posted on 16 March 2012 by Emperor

Hate groups solidifying their links:

European “Counterjihad Activists” Making Links with Christian Right

by Richard Bartholomew (Barth’s Notes)

The British Freedom Party reports:

On Friday March 9 a media team from the Christian Action Network came to London to conduct interviews with various Counterjihad activists about the spread of sharia and the Islamization of Europe. Below is their interview with Paul Weston, the Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

The CAN interview with Tommy Robinson was posted yesterday at Gates of ViennaElisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff will be up next.

CAN previously interviewed English Defence League members in 2009, during a visit to the UK with Robert Spencer. CAN used the opportunity to invite EDL activists to a private dinner with Spencer and Douglas Murray, to the embarrassment of the two men; Murray’s Centre for Social Cohesion sent me a message asking me to clarify that “CAN asked Douglas to do an interview with them – upon seeing the presence of the EDL at the CAN discussion he refused to deal with them and left the venue.”

CAN was primarily known for anti-gay activism prior to taking an interest in Islam; CAN’s president, Martin Mawyer, has a history of virulent statements on the subject (in particular, in 1997 he denounced Ellen DeGeneres’ “FILTHY LESBIAN LIFESTYLE”), which Spencer initially dismissed in 2009 as “not jihad-related”. However, in 2010 Mawyer’s views were reported in Dutch media, prompting Geert Wilders to withdraw from the Los Angeles premiere of a CAN documentary entitled Islam Rising: Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West. The premiere, which had been organised by Pamela Geller and Spencer, was quickly cancelled, and Spencer affected to be shocked at the discovery of Mawyer’s “ugly, vitriolic… hysterical, self-righteous, abusive rhetoric”.

The British Freedom Party and the EDL now have several links with Christian Right activists. Weston and Stephen Lennon (“Tommy Robinson”) are regular guests on Michael Coren’s Arena TV show; Coren is a member of the more intellectual end of the Catholic right, and, like Mawyer, he is particularly known for his objections to homosexuality. Weston and Lennon are also friendly with the Tennessee Freedom Coalition’s Andy Miller (the TFC was in the news recently after arranging for local police to be trained in Islam at an evangelical church in Murfreesboro; the group alsohas links with the British organisation Christian Concern).

Sabaditsch-Wolff, meanwhile, was recently invested as a Dame of “the Knights of Malta — The Ecumenical Order”, by Nicholas Papanicolaou and none  other than Gen William “Jerry” Boykin; the two men are, respectively, the Order’s “Grand Master” and “Grand Chancellor”. Both men are close to the evangelist Rick Joyner, who is a “Deputy Member of the Supreme Council”. Joyner, who receives messages from God about how an earthquake will soon destroy the west coast of the USA, claims that he was introduced to the Order by an “Austrian baron”, and that his books were responsible for a “spiritual renewal” in the Order.

(Hat tip: EDL News)

  • J

    @The Big-T
    “Inbred” – No, that is much more likely to be members of the Muslim communities, especially Pakistanis.

    Such cheap attacks do nothing for your cause. Anyway, for a balance, is it better to be inbred or the opposite, the scientifically correct term “bastardized”?

    However, yes they are likely to be EDL i.e. England’s Drunken Losers!

    Christianity is not really a religion practised by most EDL thugs, however the funders are e.g. Alan Ayling “Lake” & Anna Marchini

  • eslaporte

    Of course, people that love freedom and (classic) liberalism need to take notice of these associations of the European Islamophobes and hate organizations, like the Christian Action Network, CAN, the American Taliban that believes they have the “correct form” of Christianity. We can only hope that most Europeans, unlike the Dutch with Wilders’ associations, can see that this element of the American Taliban is a threat to religious freedom and liberty to govern ones’ own life.

    CAN and its followers probably feel that they can “witness for Jesus” and probably call this a “ministry.” The CAN probably thinks that this opportunity was “sent by God.” Jesus did not teach us to hate others. “Love the neighbor as thyself – except if thy neighbors are non-Christian?” What utter rubbish!

    All of this lunacy is centered, of course, around myths about “Muslim takeovers” that are not actually happening and some coming “Eurabia” that comes from delusional minds.

  • Ali

    [i]respectively, the Order’s “Grand Master” and “Grand Chancellor”[/i]

    Didn’t the KKK also have a Grand Master?

  • NurAlia

    sounds like these guys like to play dungeon and dragon in real life.

    I think it is much wrong to label people of hate as Christians. They certianly are not following the teaching of Jesus, and they forget that Jesus (according to the Bible) was outcasted from his own.

  • Al

    ” Coren is a member of the more intellectual end of the Catholic right” Lol I’d really hate to observe the stupid end of the Catholic right… the Tennessee Freedom Coalition has nothing on Michael Coren!

  • mindy1

    Oh FFS

  • TheBig-T

    The EDL are nothing more than drunk football holligans who were possible high school drop outs acting like “Saviors of Europe”, they’re nothing more than inbred idiots looking to act tough to hide there pathetic life

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