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Forward: Israel Fails To Rein In Jewish Extremists

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians daily

Something tells me the below numbers are very conservative:

Israel Fails To Rein In Jewish Extremists: Report

by JTA (Forward)

Israel is not doing enough to stop the large increase in attacks on Palestinians by Jewish extremists, according to an internal European Union report.

The report by the 22 heads of mission of EU countries’ ambassadors in Ramallah said there were 411 assaults in 2011, compared to 266 in 2010 and 132 in 2009, according to, which saw the report. The Netherlands was the lone country that refused to endorse the report.

The attacks ranged from throwing stones to gunfire, and uprooting olive trees to burning mosques. Three Palestinians were reported dead and 183 injured by the attacks.

Eight Jewish settlers, including five members of the Fogel family, were killed and 37 injured.

The report said that a small “hard-core� group of Jewish settlers carried out the attacks, according to Euobserver. But the diplomats also called the settler attacks part of a broader Israeli campaign to get rid of the Palestinians, saying they “effectively force a withdrawal of the Palestinian population away from the vicinity of settlements, thereby increasing the scope for settlement expansion.�

The EU report said that more than 90 percent of complaints filed by Palestinians ended with no indictment.

Israel has set up a police task force to stop settler attacks and Israeli leaders have roundly condemned such attacks, an Israeli official told Euobserver. The EU report also acknowledged that Israeli soldiers helped prevent attacks during the Palestinian olive harvest last year.

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  • Palestinian

    Mindy, my husband is Muslim and he says yes women are allowed to participate.

    I told him once I used to play soccer and he was very pleased with that.

    As far as Israel goes, the guys who killed those settlers get five life sentences each, but the soldiers and settlers kill dozens of Palestinians and they get nary a slap on the wrist.

    Israel is a blight on humanity’s record.

  • Al

    Is-it-real(?) the only democracy in the Middle East, a beacon of light to all nations, LOL

  • JD

    I call bs on that the IDF stands by and does nothing while the settlers run around doing what ever they want they are only there to protect the settlers

  • Daniel

    Mindy1, that would be heaven on earth! I’ll help pay for it, too!!

  • Aspie and Atheist

    This is relatively unsurprising- whenever Israel feels that it’s expansionist goals are threatened, it typically resorts to psychological manipulation in order to intimidate/scare/threaten.

    A classical tactic.

  • mindy1

    I still dream of taking the world’s extemists, putting them on an empty island someplace and seeing what happens 😉 i”d pay for that 😛

    OT, I just read about a woman in Somali forced to exile because al shabab was angry at her love of soccer-I am assuming that Islam allows women to participate in sports, and that the Somalis who did that are nuts?

  • Jack Cope

    I wrote a commentary on the statements by the father of captured soilder Gilad Schalit that readers might find interesting. He was saying that he understand where Palestinian extremists come from in an interview with the Jerusalem Post:

    I think it is an interesting standpoint though the commentators on the JP article don’t seem to agree!

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