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Tariq Ramadan and John Rees Discuss French Left and Islamophobia

Tariq Ramadan

I am not generally a fan of Press TV, as it is generally heavily biased or lenient towards the Iranian regime, just as Fox News is to the Republican party, as Russia Today is biased towards Putin and AlJazeera to Qatar, etc. However this program below with Muslim scholar Dr. Tariq Ramadan and journalist John Rees is a good one. It discusses how Islamophobia is a cover for war and racism, as well as the peculiarities of the French left and why it is unique in its parlay with Islamophobia.

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  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 16.69

    I think I went to university with this guy, a trot then and seems not to have changed that much . 🙂
    But he is talking sence here , must have grown up .

  • Farlowe

    I googled John Rees and once I saw “Marx”, “Trotsky” and “Engels” on his wiki page I didn’t feel like watching the rest of the video.

  • Saladin


    Tariq Rammadan’s show was on press TV and it was pretty good but I understand your criticisms

  • Géji

    @Christian friend, sorry but French, though I will not say “all”, cause that would be not correct, but there are French murdering psychopaths, on top of all that you said, and that’s a fact and not a joke, just ask all the people in Africa they’ve occupied and colonized for the past couple of centuries, and the genocides they’ve produced on Africans.

  • Christian-friend

    if all muslims are murdering psychopaths, all French people are snobbish, snail eating, bigots!

  • Géji

    Farlowe Says: “So John is saying Islam appeals to people of certain racial groups”

    He did not say anything about “appeal”, but just said although there are white Muslims, and wealthy Muslims ect, the majority Muslims living in west today are from countries where the vast majority of people are either of brown or black skin, and poor. I’m sure the “poor” part is in big part thanks to decades long of colonialism, dictatorships, imperialism, economic hegemony and so on, and since the past decade or so, illegal
    occupations and “wars” of/”on terror”. —— But it appears, as you said, Islam tend to have more “appeal” on certain type of people who’ve been if you will, racially and socially marginalized and alienated in certain societies, primarily do to it’s perceived promotion of racial equality and social justice, a good example of this would be the African-American community in the US. It’s also becoming quite popular among certain Latino-Americans circle, who feels they’ve been as much alienated in American society due to their different race from the majority. I’ve also heard Islam is bit spreading among certain Native-Americans.

    > “So Islam is a racially based ideology.”

    Absolutely not, Islam is, and always has been a universal religion or “ideology”, welcoming all races, ethnics and cultures background, I’m sure that you already took note of that Farlowe, since the time you’ve been posting here and all. But it is they, the Islamophobe bigots, who also mostly advocate white-supremacist ideology, that are not accepting of the fact that Islam is for everybody, including “whites”, so it is they who are “racializing” Islamophobia, when they focus their hate and poison solely on by profiling the brown and black people of Islam.

  • Farlowe

    “The vast majority of Muslims are black or brown skins and they are poor”

    So John is saying Islam appeals to people of certain racial groups.
    So Islam is a racially based ideology.


  • First of all, I watch Press TV as well as others to get beyond the American jingoistic views …

    Islamophobia also seems to me to be a one way to implement Samuel Huntington’s “Clash” thesis as domestic, foreign and security policy to recreate the Cold War, which includes preservation of NATO and American hegemony by mainly the American right -wing, neocons, and like-minded travelers (Zionists). The Cold War was the heyday for American conservatism, Reagan and Thatcher, and wars and conflicts are what the Anglo-American conservatives.

  • Al

    Thanks for posting this despite it being Press TV

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