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Why I Agree With Asra Nomani: KFC Restaurants Need to be under Constant Surveillance

Asra Nomani, who is a real life Muslim, recently wrote a piece for the Daily Beast defending the NYPD’s practice of racial profiling and spying on the American Muslim community.  Haroon Moghul, another prominent American Muslim figure, blogged a response, which was cross-posted on LoonWatch.  Nomani had written in her article:

Indeed, just as we need to track the Colombian community for drug trafficking and the Ku Klux Klan for white extremists, I believe we should monitor the Muslim community because we sure don’t police ourselves enough.

Moghul shot back:

The first part of her sentence, about Colombians, is actually right on (by her silly logic); the second part contradicts her own logic (she can call for profiling some Latinos, but she doesn’t have the courage to apply her racializing logic to white America), and everything after “I believe” speaks to how little Asra actually knows anything about the Muslim community, as well as the several seconds of your life which you could have done something better with.  For law enforcement to go after white extremism the way it seems to be going after Muslims (at least, with respect to the NYPD), they wouldn’t be going after the KKK, as Asra suggests–unless Asra means to suggest that Muslim student organizations at Yale and UPenn are offshoots of al Qaeda. Law enforcement would instead have to spy on as many white institutions (churches, civic clubs, student organizations, etc.) as they could.

Danios of LoonWatch chimed in: “Will Asra Nomani stay consistent and support spying on white people?”

But, Haroon Moghul and Danios of LoonWatch are way off: it’s not proper to compare peace-loving, good Christian white folk to Muslims or Latinos.

The real million dollar question is: should the police racially profile and spy on the black community?  Using Asra Nomani’s sage advice, I think we must.  For the longest time though, I have worried that our sense of political correctness has kept us from sensible law-enforcement strategies that carefully look at black male youth, black neighborhoods, and black hangout spots.

The LAPD and other police departments should send “rakers” into the black community–police officers whose racial background (black) and language skills (ebonics) match the places they are monitoring, including black streets, black high schools, and black hangout spots like basketball courts.

Public spaces, especially those protected from police scrutiny due to racial sensitivities, are a natural meeting spot for criminals. If the NYPD was tracking shopping malls or pizza shops where criminal activity is being planned, we wouldn’t complain. Because of racial political correctness, we’re protesting looking into black communities.  Alas, criminals and gang-bangers use our political correctness and racial sensitivity as a weapon against us.

There are other black people who believe law enforcement has to do its job and spy on black people.  I know at least four different random black people who feel the same way I do.

The last few decades of battling violence in the black community has revealed one truth: black neighborhoods are spaces used by blacks intent on criminal activity.  Asra Nomani wrote:

[M]osques and Muslim organizations are institutional spaces used by Muslims intent on criminal activity, not much unlike the pews of a Catholic church or a Godfather’s Pizza might be the secret meeting spot for members of the Italian mafia.

Nomani has done extensive research on this topic.  I heard she watched all three parts of The Godfather.  If we want to crack down on black crime, I suggest especially high surveillance of watermelon stands, basketball courts, and near white women.  As far as I’m concerned, we need plenty of “raking.”

Police and FBI sources reveal that blacks are responsible for much of the violence and crime in our nation.  Kevin Alfred Strom went through the FBI Uniform Crime Report and found the following:

According to the FBI, Blacks are more than 3 times as likely to be thieves as Whites. They are more than 4 times as likely to commit assault as Whites. They are almost 4.5 times as likely to steal a motor vehicle. According to the FBI, Blacks are more than 5 times as likely to commit forcible rape as Whites, over 8 times as likely to commit murder, and more than 10 times as likely to commit robbery. For all violent crimes considered together, Blacks are almost 5.5 times more likely to commit violent criminal acts than Whites, according to the FBI Uniform Crime Report…

A few more statistics:

85% of all felonies committed against cabbies in New York City are committed by Blacks.

Nearly 25% of all Black males between the ages of 20 and 29 are in jail or on probation. This doesn’t include those wanted or awaiting trial!

Statistically, Black neighborhoods are 3500% more violent than White ones.

Nearly 25% of all Black males between the ages of 20 and 29 are in jail or on probation. This doesn’t include those wanted or awaiting trial!

Statistically, Black neighborhoods are 3500% more violent than White ones.

Well, since blacks won’t police themselves, I think it’s high time the police do it for them.  (Does anyone have an Official “I’m Black” card I can use so this sounds less offensive?)

Nomani notes:

Like the NYPD tracking the Newark restaurants where Muslims congregate, Karachi police have a local spot they have on constant surveillance: a restaurant called Student Biryani, selling a rice dish popular in the country. I learned this tracking the police case against the militants involved in the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. The mastermind, Omar Sheikh, met with his logistical chiefs at Student Biryani, and the police report reveals the men even took some biryani home as carryout. Militants can easily huddle in Student Biryani’s crowded restaurant space and get a hot meal and much-needed noise.

Damn those wily terrorists and their biryani bellies.  Although my extensive googling revealed no evidence for this claim that the popular food chain Student Biryani in Pakistan is under “constant surveillance” by police, I think Nomani raises a good point.  In our fight against black violence, I think we need to keep all KFC restaurants under constant surveillance.  A tracking and listening device should be included in all takeout boxes.  I once heard a gang of Bloods once ate a full 12-piece of crispy chicken at one KFC in one city at one moment in history.  Gang members can easily huddle in KFC’s crowded restaurant space and get a hot meal and much-needed noise (and chicken).

Many African countries make no apologies for monitoring their black citizens.  Neither should the LAPD or other police departments apologize for monitoring blacks.  Blacks should in fact open their doors to the surveillance and help the cops smoke out the criminals in their community, so that black neighborhoods and communities are safe spaces.

Note: If you didn’t figure it out already, the above article is not to be taken seriously and is actually a spoof of Asra Nomani’s article on American Muslims.  My purpose was to reveal how utterly revolting Nomani’s expressed views are, something that only becomes apparent when you switch out “Muslim” for black, Jewish, etc.

Addendum I:

I had thought I was being especially creative when I came up with the KFC bit, but then I realized I had missed this gem from Nomani’s original article (I almost spit my drink out when I saw it): Nomani defended the NYPD spying on

restaurants frequented by Muslims, including Kansas Fried Chicken, a place run by folks of Afghan descent, according to the report.

Danios was the Brass Crescent Award Honorary Mention for Best Writer in 2010 and the Brass Crescent Award Winner for Best Writer in 2011.  

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  • Just Stopping By
  • HGG

    I wasn’t sure where to post this:,0

    It’s hilarious (and scary for Americans)

  • iangould

    “According to the FBI, Blacks are more than 3 times as likely to be thieves as Whites. They are more than 4 times as likely to commit assault as Whites. They are almost 4.5 times as likely to steal a motor vehicle. According to the FBI, Blacks are more than 5 times as likely to commit forcible rape as Whites, over 8 times as likely to commit murder, and more than 10 times as likely to commit robbery. For all violent crimes considered together, Blacks are almost 5.5 times more likely to commit violent criminal acts than Whites”

    Correction: Blacks are more likely to be [b]convicted[/b] of those offenses.

  • Danios

    @ HatetheHaterz:

    You raise some interesting points. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Christian-friend

    @NurAlia, exactly! how these Chams are suppose to be evil, not to be massacred by a dictator? Pam and her ilk are fools.

  • CriticalDragon1177


    I’m not surprised the Khmer Rouge committed genocide against Muslims. Pol Pot killed anyone who did not share his ideology. Heck he even saw to it that people would be murdered who he even suspected would resist his utopia. I remember hearing about him murdering people for wearing classes, since he thought they would be intellectuals and he mistrusted intellectuals.

  • NurAlia

    @Christian Friend.

    Westerners have a hard time with there being ‘variations’ in Islam groups of people. Where I live, Islam is intergrated into the culture, rather than it being the culture.

    They all want Islam to ‘fit’ in the same box, so, as a group of people, we can be demeaned and dehumanised by using ancedotes as our faith being ‘violent by nature’

    Many westerners dont know that…for example, most of the Muslim population is Asian, and that the most diverse practice of Islam is the variations in Asian culture…such as the Cham people.

    Even Muslims will object to what I am posting here…but they all must understand that…the ONLY unquestionable sourse of Islam is the Qur’an…no exceptions, and no variations are excepted.

  • Jeremy

    @khushboo i understand your point, but what I tried to make clear (and obviously failed) in my post is that in fact many ‘innocent people’ are subject to surveilance due to their socio economic-status, hell, some of these communities have armed police patrols walking regularely through their neighbourhoods.
    Whit men are often picked up and question due to profiling in serial killer investigations, there is no uproar or cries about civil liberties being trampled upon.
    i guess the thing is, until police get integrated into the Muslim community, they have no way of discerning a peacable religious Muslim from a potential jihadi. Only through exposure and understanding will they be able to differentiate and find out what it is that makes a Jihadi different from the rest.
    Like you said, they only monitor those with cause. Many Jihadi’s have been radicalised in Mosques and Religious schools. While it is obvious that the vast majority do not get involved with radicalism (for lack of a better word) How are the Law enforcement agencies supposed to know the difference without investigating?
    Not all white supremists are involved with terrorism or violence of any kind. In fact the large portion of them are peaceful bigots who live thier lives quietly. That being said, Many innocent (non-violent, non-criminal) white supremicists and their groups were investigated until the more radical groups were pinpointed. and it’s a good thing! Thats how they now to concentrate on this militia, or that army of god. Also, the peaceful types, while not directly involved, often support these groups ideologically and financially. Some don’t. The only way to find out the difference is through investigation. And while it involves the targetting of innocent people, it also involves the ruling out of innocent people as suspects…

  • Reynardine

    It’s true- this article looks enough like the stuff posted by bigots in all seriousness that it’s going to be taken literally by the wrong people. That said, I live in the South, grow collards and blackeyed peas, am partial to fried chicken- and I’m white.

  • Christian-friend

    Can someone make an article about this:

  • Hatethehaterz

    @ Danios: while I appreciate the humor and sarcasm of this piece, I think it misses the mark a bit. You see, a large portion of the people who support spying on Muslims will probably support spying on Blacks and other racial minorities as well. I believe you or other posters at loonwatch have already established a link between religious bigotry and racism. I think your spoof article would have made the point much better if it called for profiling whites. In fact I think some of the bigots out there are so blinded by their hate that they may not even see the sarcasm of this article, and simply agree with it outright. Asra Nomani even commented under that other article that she thinks whites are already monitored in the U.S. simply because they are the majority. You responded by pointing out that they are not being specifically targeted because of who they are. The monitoring is incidental to their status as the majority population. So I think you would have made your point better (and got through to more people) if you had chosen to spoof whites instead. But I appreciate your articles and writing nonetheless!

  • khushboo

    Jeremy, you’re forgetting that the police don’t just monitor any blacks or whites that you mentioned above. They only monitor those with cause. In this case NYPD were monitoring Muslims in the MSA without any good reason. The proof is that none of these people did anything even suspicious unless you count praying 4 times a day, talking about Islam or having a beard (which was in their report) suspicious. This is why there’s such an uproar. If innocent white men found out that they were being monitored to catch a serial killer, I’m sure there would’ve been an uproar and I’ve never heard of such a thing just like I never heard of a radicalization of whites in America hearings.

  • Pamela

    Dont forget the collard greens and chitlins.

  • Omar

    Well, I’m in trouble. Black and Muslim in America is now tantamount walking a tightrope of concertina wire while being diabetic. *Looks for a spot under the bed to hide away from the rest of the world*

  • Jeremy

    It seems pretty obvious that the police can, and do profile. And so they should, it’s ridiculous and Naive that they should just apply their resources randomly.
    The point about black crime statistics is misleading at best. You are assuming that correlation equals causation, which the police forces do not. They are well aware that the reason for the Black crime statistics is socio-economic status. When you look at crime on that basis, you find that the numbers equally represent people in those groups, based on thier race. Whites of the same socio economic status are just as likely, or not likely, to commit a crime as a black guy in the same position.Then the question becomes: should the police monitor those areas of lower economic status to prevent crime? The answer is yes, not only should they but they do! Are they undermining the civil liberties of poor people? It would be plain foolishness to do otherwise.
    Also, the point about monitoring white christians when hunting for White supremist extremists is very valid, and that is in fact what happens. White Christians are monitored, however, with the knowledge gained through surveilance, the police have been able to narrow down their observations to specific groups, who’s ideology shares the one of the terrorists they are looking for. Are they undermining the civil liberties of these white supremist groups?
    The problem with the Islamic terrorists and the broader Islamic community, is that the police haven’t figured out how to differentiate the ideologies of the two groups, as technically they both claim to follow the same teachings (although with wildly different interpretations)The best way for police to learn the differences is through real time surveilance and undercover work. Doesn’t seem very controversial to me.
    Let’s take the problem of Serial Murderers. they are overwhelmingly white males of a certain age, and of a certain background and economic status. Do they use profiling and surveilance on many innocent white guys to catch the right guy? of course they do! do they haul in and question hundreds of innocent guys in their search? of course they do! Is this really a bad thing? at most its an inconvenience to the innocent…. at best it saves many innocent people from torture and murder. itès a small price to pay for living in a free society. Being a member of that community, I am happy to be questioned etc. if it would get a murderer out of my community,protect my wife and kids, friendsetc. I find it hard to understand why any wouldnt feel the same way… unles they had some other agenda
    Violent criminals are overwhelmingly males, is it wrong for the police to focus on males when looking for violent murderers…. does it infringe on male liberties…. maybe, but they would be downright stupid to do otherwise…..

  • khushboo

    I know this is tongue-in-cheek but you should put a disclaimer that this article is not an attack on Blacks. This article may seem offensive to some. Just sayin.

  • khushboo

    check out my comment on your previous Asra Nomani’s article that’s no longer posted here. I did wonder why she didn’t mention “white Christians” to look for the KKK.

    As far as her being a “real life Muslim” is debatable but I don’t want to go off topic.

  • Daniel

    Danios, thank you for tearing off the mask of false kindness and civility that Nomani wears.

    If readers are outraged and offended by the suggestion of special monitoring of African-Americans, why are they not outraged at Nomani’s defense of special monitoring of Muslim-Americans?

    Sure, Nomani pretends to be gentle, kind, understanding, loving and all that. But in reality, her Uncle Tom attitudes are disgusting to any lover of freedom and equality.

    But here’s one thing I fear about your parody: many will start making the logical connection between Islamaphobia and racism, and instead of rejecting both, will embrace both.

    That said, at least the masks will be off, and their evil will be apparent to all.

  • mindy1

    Lulz love a good mockery of someone who deserves it 😆

  • Believing Atheist

    What Ms. Nomani does not understand (or maybe she does and does not care) is that NYPD spying on Muslims is illegal. So it doesn’t matter if she thinks it is justified. Unless she changes the law it isn’t. Here is the legal analysis from Faiza Patel

    They [NYPD] are operating under at least three sets of rules. The first and most basic set of rules is the consent decree from the Handschu case—the so-called Handschu guidelines. This was a 1970s-era political surveillance case that was settled through a consent decree. The NYPD had been conducting surveillance of a number of political groups in the 1960s and ‘70s. The initial consent decree regulated the NYPD’s collection of intelligence about political activity. It first said the NYPD can only collect intelligence about political activities if it follows certain rules. For example, the NYPD had to get clearance from something called the Handschu authority, which was a three-member board that consisted of two high-level police officials and one civilian appointed by the mayor.

    Then, post-9/11, the NYPD went to court and asked a judge to review the consent decree because they wanted greater freedom in their counterterrorism operations. What they wound up doing was adopting guidelines based on the FBI’s guidelines from 2003, issued by Attorney General John Ashcroft. These were different in several important ways. The first was that there was no pre-clearance at all … no requirement that the NYPD get approval from the Handschu authority before they undertook any intel gathering about political activity. The second was that the guidelines explicitly say the NYPD can attend any public event or gathering on the same basis as another member of the public. So, if I can go to a church, the NYPD can go to a church. But it goes on to say that the NYPD can’t retain the information it gathers from such public events unless it is connected to suspected criminal or terrorist activity.

    There are a couple of documents that suggest they may have violated Handschu—for example, the [2006 NYPD report] on the Danish cartoon controversy, which is a collection of statements in mosques and other places that have been taken by undercover officers or confidential informants.

    The second set is that the NYPD has a profiling order in place, and New York City also has a racial profiling law. They are slightly different. The NYPD order [issued in 2002] does not include religion among the categories that they define as profiling. But the New York City law does. It prohibits police officers from relying on race, ethnicity, religion or national origin as a determinative factor in initiating law enforcement action. Normally, you have quite a difficult time in racial profiling cases showing they’ve used one of these factors as the determinative factor. In this case, if you look at the documents, it seems quite clear that the NYPD had its eyes quite firmly on the Muslim community, so it’s possible it is also in violation of this law.

    The third set of rules is, of course, the U.S. and New York state constitutions. Within the [U.S.] Constitution, you’re looking at at least two broad categories of provisions—potential First Amendment claims for free speech, freedom of association and free exercise of religion. The other piece of it would be potential equal protection claims.

    The federal program that was giving them money is the HIDTA program—High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. It’s geared toward providing funds to combat drug trafficking. HIDTA itself does allow for counterterrorism spending to be an incidental purpose. It requires the HIDTA executive board to basically make sure that funds were being used for the purposes that they were supposed to be used for. So, I think there’s a real issue about accountability and oversight of the use of HIDTA funds here.

    Mayor Bloomberg also signed a legislation proprhibiting racial profiling

    So he violated his own law. Now you may say Muslims are not a race but the ACLU incorporates religious groups in its definition of racial profiling.

  • Solid Snake

    Lmao good one Danios, although I believe that the disclaimer is not intended for regular LWers but for loons who will look for absolutely anything to discredit Danios and LW even though they know it is a spoof.

    Oh you forgot to mention one thing! Do you hear the music that they listen to that influences them!! I think we should ban rap! All of it! Introduce Bills in every state to ban this horrible misogynist, violent, homophobic ‘art-form’ that influences them!

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