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Angry, Paranoid and Sporting a Fu Manchu: A Triumphant Terry Jones Does Dearborn

Terry Jones

Terry Jones is a crackpot “Reverand” who gained infamy by publicly burning the Qur’an.

Last year Jones was denied a permit to protest on Good Friday in front of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan, prompting howls of protest all across the looniverse. Anti-Muslim bigots accused the court of subverting the US Constitution and caving in to Sharia.

Dearborn is home to America’s largest Muslim community, and a model of interfaith tolerance. Jews, Christians, and Muslims responded to Jones’ hateful message by holding their own rally and carrying a banner that read:

“We, as caring neighbors in southeastern Michigan, stand together in condemning the actions of those who spew hate and fear, and who misuse and desecrate holy books of faith.”

Before and during the rally, hundreds of people signed a 50-foot-long banner that exhorted them to oppose Jones and remember the best parts of their faith. Jones was briefly jailed and banned from returning to the mosque for three years.

This year, a Michigan judge overturned the decision to ban Jones, and the “Reverend,” dressed in a dapper black leather ensemble and sporting a carefully trimmed fu manchu, delivered an impassioned speech about the grave danger Islam poses to America–to all 20 of his supporters.

Florida pastor at Dearborn protest: ‘Islam has one goal — that is world domination’

By Niraj Warikoo, Detroit Free Press

Speaking today in front of the biggest mosque in Michigan, the Florida pastor known for burning the Quran blasted Islam and called upon Americans to take back their country.

Islam has one goal — that is world domination,” said Terry Jones, wearing sunglasses, jeans and a faded black-leather jacket. “It’s time to stand up.”

Holding signs in English and Arabic that read “I Will Not Submit,” about 20 supporters cheered as Jones and his assistant spoke outside the Islamic Center of America, a Dearborn mosque that sits off Ford Road. Framed by the mosque’s minarets, Jones said he’s concerned that the growth of the Muslim population in metro Detroit and the U.S. will lead to the oppression of non-Muslims.

“Muslims, no matter they go around the world … they push their agenda on the society,” said Jones. “We must take back America.”

The mosque was placed on lockdown Saturday afternoon, with about 30 police cars from Detroit, Dearborn, Wayne County and Michigan surrounding the complex, which also includes several churches. Traffic in and out was prevented, disappointing some worshippers who were not aware of Jones’ rally and couldn’t access the mosque. During the anti-Muslim rally, an electronic billboard with the Islamic Center read: “Happy Easter.”

About 500 feet from Jones was a group of counter-protesters, some of whom were with an activist organization, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). Police prevented them from approaching the grassy area in front of the mosque where Jones spoke. Muslim leaders had urged people not to attend the counter-protest. Unlike Jones’ last two visits to Dearborn, this one was uneventful with no arrests and no street clashes.

Jones said during his talk that he’s also concerned about the free speech rights of Americans. Over the past year, Jones has battled the City of Dearborn for the right to speak in front of the mosque. Last year, a Dearborn judge threw him briefly in jail and ordered him to stay away from the mosque for three years. That decision was later overturned by a Detroit judge.

Last month, the city asked Jones to sign a legal agreement before protesting. Jones then filed a lawsuit, prompting a Detroit federal judge to rule Thursday in his favor. Jones was represented for free in his battles with the city by the Ann Arbor-based Thomas More Law Center, a conservative Christian group established by Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan.

During the talk, some supporters of Jones made derogatory remarks and jokes about Muslims. When Jones criticized Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson during his speech, one supporter blurted out: “Throw ’em in the pit with the Muslims.”

After the rally, supporters of Jones posed for photos in front of the mosque.

A crew from Real Catholic TV, a media outlet based in Ferndale that’s owned by a member of Opus Dei, was at the rally. Its host, Michael Voris, said he supports Jones’ right to free speech and some of his views. Jones, who was a pastor in Germany, said Europe is increasingly under the sway of Islamic law.

“There are whole sections of London ruled by sharia law,” Voris said. “I think there’s the potential to happen in the U.S. what has happened — and is happening — in Europe.”

Tim Voss, 64, of Wayne, said he came Saturday to support Jones because “sharia law is the most dangerous thing. We can’t have it in this country.”

Down the road, counter-protester Laura Dennis, 38, of Detroit, held up a sign that read: “God Loves Us All.”

Speaking about Jones, Dennis said: “This guy’s just a hate monger, no different from the Klan or a Nazi.”

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  • This guy is a lunatic

  • khushboo

    All this hate reminds me of the good ole Nazis. Many Jews left during that time and if we all leave the country like they want, who will they blame next for anything that goes wrong? They will certainly miss us!

  • khushboo

    It’s obvious to me he’s not scared of the Muslims whom he thinks are terrorists. He knows he can get away with it and get media attention. Freakin Media Whore!!

  • MasterQ


    He never resigned so officially he still is.

  • Susie

    Does anybody know if this idiot is still running for president?

  • revenge

    Muslims push their agenda on the society? Uh, newsflash, Jones, Christianity is the religion that’s been forcing it’s agenda on the society (like anti-homosexuality, anti-abortion, creationism).

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    What I find more remarkable about this is that Terry Jones’ ‘freedom of speech’ apparently trumps local Muslims’ ‘freedom of religion.’ The mosque was shut down to worshipers on Friday so that Jones could pull his little protest stunt. Do not Muslims have a right to go there and pray? Isn’t the mosque private property? Don’t they have a RIGHT to turn away anyone who is being disruptive or not following the rules? I know that I most certainly cannot simply hold a protest in front of some random megachurch – many of which dot the midwestern landscape these days – nor would I be likely to be granted a permit for such protests in the first place.

    Which brings me to the second point here. Why the hell should we care about Terry Jones? He has all of TWENTY freaking followers… that’s hardly a major player, and yet he is a national name. People know him. The media trips over his every move. Why do they bother giving him attention? Plenty of people have made fiery anti-Islam speeches, even burnt Qurans or images of Muhammad. And yet not all or even most of them have achieved a level of notoriety close to his. I think we should ask WHY the media chooses to continue making him a celebrity. Who is his PR guy? Hell, who is backing him in the first place?

    And yes, as Anj and Black Infidel have pointed out, if Domino’s Pizza is backing all of this anti-Muslim bullsh*t then why don’t we as a community boycott them? Speaking with our wallet is a good way to get people’s attention. The evangelicals killed ‘All American Muslim’ with the Lowe’s boycott; let’s turn the tables. Boycott Domino’s. Boycott f**king New York city. Why give ANY of our money to our avowed enemies. But we as a community are horribly stupid. We don’t want to confront evil and bigotry when we see it. Playing nice didn’t work so well for the Jews in Germany, nor will it work for us…

  • NurAlia

    The sign behind this man, and it’s posistion in the picture made me laugh.

    ‘I will not submit’…seems that he may not submit to the will of God, which means that his hands, feet, and mouth would be obeying God, but he has submitted to his fear.

    In other words, his fear of men, supercedes his trust in God. He has built a prison between his ears, and the wite flag of surrender has on it a once proud and defiant message…now filled with the tears of a once glorious man.

    Yes…Terry…you have submitted, just not to all Mighty God.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    This douchebag Terry Jones looks like he was transported from the Civil War era, he looks like he would definitely be a Confederate general!

  • Black Infidel
  • Black Infidel

    @MasterQ: Since you’ve mentioned Domino’s Pizza. I’ve read There make donations to anti-gay and pro-life organizations. I’ve read the same about Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Coors.

  • Anj

    Why don’t all the Muslims in michigan stop ordering dominos pizza.
    Protest with your wallet. Rich people will stand up and take notice.

  • Reynardine

    Mindy, they are proof that spontaneous generation occurs, after all.

  • The Informant

    Last year Jones was denied a permit to protest on Good Friday in front of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan, prompting howls of protest all across the looniverse. Anti-Muslim bigots accused the court of subverting the US Constitution and caving in to Sharia.


    These assholes are howling at the Court for “subverting” the US Constitution while THEY are opposing the US Constitution by wanting to STRIP the American Muslims of their Liberty and Freedom to PRACTICE Islam without harassment and Non-intellectual INSULTS and mockery. They accuse the Court of subverting the US Constitution while they’d LOVE to subvert the Laws of Freedom by deporting American Muslims and dismissing new immigrants to the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”. IF they have the FREEDOM to burn the Quran, Muslims have the FREEDOM to burn the Bible too, but Muslims are morally superior to those “Americans” who support “Terry Jones”. Most Americans are against him, yet MOST Americans DO NOT have passports and VERY IGNORANT about the World. I saw a video on Youtube where an American said “I heard there’s a revolution happening in Iran”, which took place in 1979!!!

    Take back America? They have the RIGHT to live here, as YOU Americans have Right to live in Dubai. And didn’t persecuted Hungarian Christians FLEE to the Ottoman Empire to escape persecution? Didn’t the Jews flee European persecution to Islamic Spain to find refuge? But what did “European settlers” do to the Native Americans? They WIPED OUT the real Americans (the Natives) and NOW claim to be “the Americans” Yes, we must TAKE BACK our lands from US occupation (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc)

  • Palestinian

    “What’s with all the Rich, High profile Muslim Haters?”

    Perhaps they have issues with the way Islam views usury?

  • Solid Snake

    Oh and I just found this. I have to say WOW, I mean just read:

    I dont think its healthy to be this paranoid.

  • Solid Snake

    Wow, I was there Friday night, played basketball in the gym with like 13 other people. Did not hear a single thing about this. Besides I havent gotten out of the house since then, when you dont exercise or keep fit for a year and suddenly engage in any type of strenuous activity that doesn’t involve stretching for the remote you will be very sore the next day.

  • mindy1

    Where do loons come from???

  • MasterQ

    “Jones was represented for free in his battles with the city by the Ann Arbor-based Thomas More Law Center, a conservative Christian group established by Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan.”

    What’s with all the Rich, High profile Muslim Haters?

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