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King of Bollywood Detained in the US….Again

Shahrukh Khan

India boasts the largest film industry in the world, and Shahrukh Khan is one of Bollywood’s biggest stars. The Muslim actor was recently detained at a US airport–for the second time in three years.

The incident caused a stir in India and once again raised questions of ethnic profiling, but Khan seemed to take it in stride. Later when addressing students at Yale University, he quipped:

“Yes it always happens, it’s nice. Whenever I start feeling arrogant about myself, I always take a trip to America.”

“The immigration guys kick the stars out of stardom,” said Khan, who boasted of some small victories when he was questioned under detention, such as fibbing about his height.

“The next time I’m gonna be more adventurous. What colour are you? I’m gonna say white,” Khan said.

What’s in a name?

Editorial, The National

Shah Rukh Khan has more Facebook fans than Tom Cruise (2.58 million to 1.79 million) and has acted in more films (78) than most Hollywood A listers do in a lifetime. And yet, he still can’t get through immigration in New York without trouble.

During a weekend visit to the US to be honoured at Yale University, Khan was detained for two hours at the small regional airport in White Plains, NY. Were this the king of Bollywood’s first run-in with American border policy it might have been a mere inconvenience. Coming after a similar detention in 2009, it looks like a trend.

US officials, clearly embarrassed, defended their screening of Khan by rejecting allegations of profiling. As State Department spokesman Mark Toner said Friday, Khan was less “detained” than he was “simply delayed”. But anyone with a Muslim-sounding name who has travelled to the US since September 11 2001 will find this explanation unsatisfying.

Two US administrations in a row, one Republican and one Democratic, have subordinated everything else, often including common sense, to an obsession with security.

Nor has this been done intelligently: Islamophobia has been in practice – though not, at least, in theory – a frequent element of this policy. Combined with American ignorance of the rest of the world, that leads to incidents like this one, ludicrous if they weren’t so damaging.


The Daily Show, following the prior incident in 2009:

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  • Shahzad

    No problem with profiling and detaining of all those named Fredrick, Frederick or any variation thereof. Fredricks, Truth Seekers and Porky Pies and the people they represent have proven to be the most likely to bomb countries and utter bloodcurdling cries of protecting the realm by nuking “the mother of cities.” Not all of them are airborne terrorists but I’ve heard that most airborne invaders come from their realm.

  • Sir David : Man on a phone with a french spell check

    I have heard it claimed that most loons cannot read And believe any old tripe that they are told.
    Your posts today confirm this.

  • fredrick

    Nice one Crow, your post just confirms the stereotypical muslim, full of inarticulate hate and ready to blow up the world.

  • fredrick

    No problem with Khan’s detention or profiling in general. Muslim’s have proven to be the mostly likely to bomb airliners so I approve a very careful vetting of them. Not all muslims are terrorists but I’ve heard it claimed that most terrorists are muslim.

  • Crow

    lawerance, your one to talk about hatred when white trash scum like you love murderers like slobadan mislosavitch and anders breivik etc…you are a shame to this country and real Christians, you claim to be christian but nobody believes that. go join the scum of the earth white trash on jerkhard watch, pam shrugs and fascist republic so you guys can all play with yourseves as you talk about murder and genocide. what a piece of sh*t you are.

  • One can learn the lesson from the attepted terror attack by the SHOE BOMBER .The case is in the court just now.He is white and no body could have expected him to blow up a plane full of innocent ,unsuspecting people.But he had one qualificatin.He was a Muslim ,full of hatred against the Kafirs,indoctrinated through Quran in some Mosque.Islam is a form of Mental Disease. Hence every Muslim should be considered dangerous unless found otherwise.By the way ,the Americans are not hooked on Bollywood movies.Khan is nobody in their eyes and not an American Idol.The Americans did apologise from India though,where as they refused to aplogise from Pakistan for killing their 24 soldiers.

  • JD

    Muslim Heritage .com he is a actor He is the top paid actor in india He makes few 2 hundred Million off his movies and then few more millions off his inducements . I am sure he would have better things to do then become a terrorist or do a terrorist act. Its simple logic

  • Saladin

    I think there is a video of even Muhammad Ali being detained at airport

  • khushboo

    Maybe they hold a grudge against his movie “My name is Khan”. I’m glad SRK kept his cool!

  • and I meant to say, profiling is bad. Period. But if it is going to be done, it should be done without prejudice. Kings and commoners, celebrities and the ordinary man should be equal under the law.

  • I don’t understand..

    The implication being that a movie star should be above the law or what?

    People are missing something here..when intelligence services want something done, they use the least ‘suspectable’ people. Remember how Mata Hari was able to move around in WW2 and nobody suspected..

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    Actually, after the second time, I can’t help but think it’s meant to send a message. Khan spoke out against the profiling, he even made fun of it. I can’t help but think that the TSA guys were trying to make an example of him, or worse, intimidate him. But then, I also find it bizarre that someone wouldn’t recognize a world famous actor (and heart throb) like Shahrukh.

    It also speaks to how ignorant, backwards and utterly provincial these supposedly enlightened New Yorkers are. They make a big show of being this big, multi-ethnic city that’s so entrenched in the arts and culture. Yet they don’t recognize Bollywood stars? They find someone wearing a sari to be unusual? They feel the need to monitor every mosque, every Muslim owned business, every student group, even outside their jurisdiction? Well fuck them then. I suspect they are just jealous because the world is changing and they aren’t…

    Anyway, maybe next time Shahrukh should just claim to be a relative of Genghis Khan. Aside from the fact that it may be true (something like 1% of the total world’s population is descendant from him thanks to the incessant raping and pillaging) it would be funny. I’m pretty sure Mongols don’t fall under TSA scrutiny, not that they would be able to tell the difference between ‘exotic’ dark-skinned Muslims and equally ‘exotic’ dark-skinned non-Muslims. I suppose it would really screw with their heads to learn that there are white Muslims in places like Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the like, and even more to learn there are white Euro-American converts, some of whom don’t even have identifiable ‘Arabic’ sounding names…

    As for that asswhipe Jasser getting profiled, I fear THAT may be wishful thinking. Jasser is part of the whole anti-Muslim elite crowd. He’s paling around with Geller, Spencer and the like. I suspect that the TSA types who are into racial profiling both know of him and trust him. Moreover, as I’ve said many times before, I don’t believe he is a Muslim, practicing or not. This is not an issue of diversity of opinions here. No, I’m open to that. The fact is that Jasser consistently aligns himself against Muslims, against immigration, against anything non-white, non-western, non-Christian. At best he is an opportunist, at worst, a bigot who uses his name and complexion to push his agenda of hatred.

    Maybe we should be wishing for India, or some other country, to begin more intensive screenings of white Euro-American Christians. We’ve already seen one such individual – Anders Breivik – go on a shooting spree, killing dozens of unarmed children. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to give an extra look at Geller, Spencer, King or any of their followers for that matter. But then, no country would have the balls to do that. The manufactured outrage against it would be too great. Heck, the US would probably declare war over that…

  • mjasghar

    petty hitlers
    they’re doing it on purpose after the first time, to say we don’t care about the media.
    the first time? maybe jealousy. like cops pulling over blacks in expensive cars.
    they hasseled a diplomat wearing a sari FFS. Don’t they get any training? Or is it enough to sit them in front of that film they showed the NYPD?
    Now I would love Jasser to get profiled at some state airport, and subjected to a full cavity search. See if he thinks profiling is so great then

  • Reynardine

    I hate to think how many people from both the Subcontinent and Central Asia share that surname.

  • mindy1

    Sheesh, these screening methods need refinement badly :p

  • TheBig-T

    though i don’t watch bollywood movies that much, i still admire Khan’s acting

    “Two US administrations in a row, one Republican and one Democratic, have subordinated everything else, often including common sense, to an obsession with security.”
    i think i remember a Quote by Benjamin Franklin that says: “Thous who replace freedom with security deserve nether freedom nor security”. i think some of that still applies today

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