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Rejecting Islamophobia: Town hall counters ‘Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference’ in Dearborn


Jessica Mokdad "loved Islam" according to her parents.

Striking back and rejecting Islamophobia:

Rejecting Islamophobia: Town hall counters ‘Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference’ in Dearborn

Dearborn, home to one of the nation’s largest concentrations of Arab Americans, once again will become a focal point for debate over the practice and persecution of Islam in the west.

Pamela Geller, conservative activist and co-founder of Stop Islamization of America, is scheduled to host the “Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference” from the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Dearborn on Sunday at 5 p.m.

The event is named after a 20-year-old woman fatally shot by her stepfather last year in Warren. Initial reports suggested Rahim Alfetlawi shot Mokdad because he believed she had strayed from Islam, but prosecutors have since said that religion did not play a role.

Despite opposition from family members who say Mokdad’s murder has nothing to do with Islam, Geller has refused to rename the conference, suggesting an attempt to cover up what she continues to call an “honor killing.”

“Unlike those closest to her, we are going to honor Jessica’s memory and stand up against the brutal practice that took her life,” Geller said in a statement announcing the conference.

Local leaders say the conference is misleading and argue that Dearborn has become a convenient target for anti-Muslim groups, pointing to recent protests led by activist Pastor Terry Jones.

To counter Geller’s conference, The Arab American Institute and partners have scheduled a competing town hall on Sunday titled “Rejecting Islamophobia: A Community Stand Against Hate.” It is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m. at the Doubletree Hotel in Dearborn.

“This is clearly not the first time our community in Michigan has had to deal with a hate group,” AAI President Jim Zogby said in a statement. “Despite repeated efforts to target Arab Americans and American Muslims, the community has remained resilient and poised, sometimes choosing to ignore the fervor.

“This group we cannot ignore and this is the time to stand up and make our voices loud and clear in opposition to the politics of division and bigotry.”

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  • Abdul-Rahman

    @john spielman Again Matthew 10:34-36 not peace but a SWORD, Luke 14:26 says to HATE everyone including your family and yourself!, Luke 22:36 says to buy swords!, Luke 19:27, Revelation 2:23 killing of children!, and again I could go on. And simply go to this link from this site:

    I realize you’ll have an explanation for the verses in the New Testament, you should then let Muslims give you the explanation for verses you Islamophobes misinterpret or rip out of context in the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an only allows fighting in self-defense against those who attack you (again just see “just war theory”, etc).

    Also again I can bring up that it is not just the New Testament, if your a Trinitarian Christian you believe God is Triune and thus Jesus PBUH is also supposedly the God of what you consider the Old Testament as well. And of course the Old Testament is famous for all the violence and genocides in it (Deuteronomy 7:1-3, Deuteronomy 20:16, 1 Samuel 15:1-3, Numbers 31:17-18, Joshua 6:21, etc) A good atheist response to the common Christian “defense” of violence and even genocides in the Old Testament:

    And again since you falsely claim Muslims want to “force” non-Muslims to follow Islam, since you believe Jesus PBUH is the God of the Old Testament (if your a Trinitarian that is) what about 2 Chronicles 15:13? Again
    2 Chronicles 15:13- That whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (King James Version) Sounds like some coercion there to believe in the God of Israel!!

  • From the wastelands….

    And when Jesus(Peace be upon him) tells the world Islam is the truth… will you shut up? 🙂

  • Dear Abdul-Rahman: Ther are NO VERSES in the NEW TESTAMENT OF THE BIBLE that allows any violence against anyone. Lule 19 is a parable that is about the end of this age when Jesus returns to put an end to the reign of sin in this world and all who oppose HIM (GOD) will be destroyed. Whe Jesus was dying on the cross, HE said; “FATHER forgive them for they know not what they do.” There was no hate in HIM only love and compassion, but when HE returns HE will return as king of kings and Lord of lords and He must destoy all that is evil!

  • Abdul-Rahman


    From what I’ve red the Iranian authorities were not just having Nadarakhani under arrest for simply proselytizing they were accusing him of being associated with or doing espionage against Iran for foreign Western powers (chiefly the US obviously). At least that was what I’ve heard. But as for apostasy itself, the Islamic scholars are very clear that the context of anything in Islamic literature mentioning executing apostates had to do with an offense of TREASON in the early period of the Islamic State. When certain individuals did not just apostate, they apostated and went over to the Pagan Quraysh oppressing and threatening the Muslims and were intending to give the Pagan Quraysh what would basically be military secrets, military intelligence, etc. Again think espionage or treason in the modern terms.

  • Michael Elwood

    In related news, Peter Keller killed his wife and children. He is holed up in a bunker he made in anticipation of the end of the world:

    And Andrea Yates, who also killed her children, wants to be able to go to church:

    Pamela Geller is nowhere to be found. Apparently, parents killing their children is only objectionable when “Muslims” do it.

  • Thanks Ilisha – I think it’s important not to let fear of being branded Islamophobic stop people speaking out against the treatment of non-Muslims (or Ahmadiyya etc) in Muslim countries – but I support and welcome the interpretation of Islam’s teaching on apostasy express in the piece you link to. I always find it ironic the way Geller etc seem to mirror the hardline Islamists and only accept the harshest interpretations of Muslim teaching as the correct ones.

  • Abdul-Rahman

    And on another note it is pathetic to see this xenophobic liar Pamela Geller still going around claiming that the killing of Jessica Mokdad was an alleged “honor killing”. Basically, the hack and Islamophobe Pamela Geller simply throws out this term “honor killing” when any of the very FEW incidents of violence occurs that results in harm to a woman who is Muslim or of Arab-American background. The term is called domestic violence when violence occurs within families or within the home setting and obviously in America the white Christian majority far and away leads the pack in number of incidents of domestic violence (think drunk man coming home beating his wife to death, a father killing his children, and all other sorts of crimes that sadly happen all across America). (Domestic violence in America)

    So it is both pathetic and disgusting to see this hatemonger, attention seeker Pamela Geller try to use a few isolated individual causes of domestic violence (and what is in some cases not even domestic violence) to try to make claims about alleged “honor killings” to further Geller’s Islamophobic propaganda:

    And regarding the case of the murdered woman Jessica Mokdad (May Allah SWT Have Mercy on Her Soul) it clearly appears her stepfather is a deranged man who developed a physical obsession with his step-daughter and then snapped (i.e. him being mentally unstable) when she did not reciprocate his advances, etc.

    As the above loonwatch link notes even the police in the case came to this conclusion as well. So what next are these Islamophobes going to also pick out individual isolate incidents of a Jew or Christian committing a crime and then point at it. Like say Orthodox Jew Levi Aron in NYC who killed the little boy Leiby Kletzky and dismember the boy’s dead body.

    This can of pointing at an individual story can be done with any group, and the Islamophobes have shown themselves to be frauds who regularly just make things up or purposefully misinterpret events as well to start with!

  • Abdul-Rahman

    @John Spielman

    Your simply here spewing the same ridiculous and refuted Islamophobic nonsense. If you really want to go there: if you a Trinitarian Christian you have to believe that Jesus PBUH is allegedly the God (or part of the God) of the Old Testament (in the Trinity doctrine). With such statements as 2 Chronicles 15:13- That whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman. (King James Version). And then just some of the famous verses of the New Testament someone can bring up Matthew 10:34-36, Luke 14:26, Luke 19:27, Luke 22:36, Luke 12:46-49, Mark 5:12-13, Revelation 2:23, etc. Even check out this websites article before you even open up your Islamophobic, hypocritical mouth.

    As for your main general asinine allegations against Islam and Muslims.

    *Islam does not “sanction violence” against unbelievers, all cases and situations of military activity in the Holy Qur’an CLEARLY relate to a context of overall self-defensive war when the Muslims have been attacked and oppressed first (i.e. just war theory). The Qur’an specifically says to fight against and oppose oppression, regardless of who does it (be they a Muslim, Christian, Jew, etc)

    *Your completely absurd attempt to link Islamic Shari’ah law to “apartheid” is a laughable absurdity that you Islamophobe regularly throw out. Even in the thing you Islamophobes cry loudest about “Dhimmis” ( all the non-Muslim in the historical Islamic State had to do was pay their state taxes just like a Muslim citizen and they were guaranteed equally rights under the law and the guarantee of protection from their states’ military. The Non-Muslims in the Islamic State paid what is called Jizya, whereas the Muslims paid their own tax called Zakat which is discussed in the Holy Qur’an and Islamic literature. The Jizya was historically far LOWER than the Zakat and Jizya was not imposed on people like the old, the poor, the sick, the unemployed, etc.

    So this in fact respected Non-Muslims (especially People of the Book like Christians and Jews) by not calling their tax to the state (I’ve yet to see any state in history that didn’t have taxes on their citizens to run the state itself!) the same religious tax Muslims pay: the Zakat. We are not forcing our religion on someone and we make that clear by not having them pay their state tax by the name of the religious Zakat tax that Muslims pay in an Islamic state to the Bayt al-mal (“House of Money”) of the Islamic State (the manager of the finances of the Islamic State). Also Non-Muslims citizens of the Islamic State are guaranteed protection by the Islamic State’s military and security forces from any outside threat or harm (just like Muslim citizens are as well) but Non-Muslims were not required to serve in the military unlike Muslim men where military service was compulsory (an additional burden for many). A Non-Muslim could join the military service of an Islamic State if they chose and many did.

    Also on this point doesn’t the whole fact that the system of Jizyah, in lieu of Zakat in the Islamic State, existed itself clearly show you the reality that Islam doesn’t allow Muslims to supposedly “kill infidels at will” as you also absurdly claimed?!

    *As for the “viciousness” which you claim that insults against the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and Islam; what exactly are you claiming here? I’m guessing your referring maybe to the whole “Danish cartoons” episode. The vast bulk of the Muslim world did not go out protesting in the streets much less engaging in any actual angry public actions. Even in the cases were larger, more angry public demonstrations or actions were held they tended to be in places that can be termed political hotspots like in Afghanistan (being illegally and unjustly occupied by foreign crusader forces, aka NATO mass murderers, for the last ten plus years). The Muslims in demonstrations that did occur were fed up with the double standards and the constant attacks on Muslims, and they let their emotions get the better of them; Islam calls for the Muslims to be calm and restrained and only attack in necessary imminent self-defense.

    This goes nicely into a video that refutes your claims that Muslim majority countries (you just say “any other Muslim country” but I assume you mean this) allegedly, according to your lies and Islamophobic propaganda are allegedly out to “kill the infidels” “Hamza Yusuf on Pope Benedict” 6:00-7:00 in particular

    Far from what you claimed John Speilman, the Christian communities in the Middle East and Muslim majority nations of the Middle East in particular are often continuous, unbroken communities since the early periods of Christianity itself. The very fact these historic communities still exist and that many of the oldest churches in the entire world are in Muslim majority nations like Syria, Egypt, and many others refutes Islamophobic claims. Contrast this, as Sheikh Hamza Yusuf does, with Muslim (and in many ways even Jewish) communities in Europe (putting the United States aside, as the US wasn’t conquered by European Christian colonists till later in the 1600s and 1700s CE). Muslim communities are largely recent immigrant communities in Europe (often leaving homelands splintered by the legacy of European colonial domination), this is despite the fact that Muslims were in Greece, Spain, and the island of Sicily for hundreds of years yet those populations are all still majority Christian why weren’t they supposedly forced to become Muslims according to you?!

    Then as for your claims about Dearborn and the First Amendment, I don’t see anybody stopping the Islamophobic hack Pamela the Zionist pig Geller from coming and putting on her silly circus of lies. The community in Dearborn is simply uniting together and voicing their First Amendment right to protest against Islamophobic hatemongers descending on their tolerant, diverse and open city. But there certainly is precedence I see, I’ve read and heard that the KKK has been banned from going into majority Jewish or African-American neighborhoods to spew their racist hatred as law enforcement says the KKK’s presence and actions were likely to cause public disorder. In an Arab-American majority city like Dearborn having xenophobic bigots and hatemongers like Pastor Terry Jones (who looks like a Confederate General that was transported from the Civil War era itself lol) and Pamela Geller show up to attempt to antagonize the Arab-American community is on par with the KKK racists going into Jewish or African-American majority neighborhoods to cause problems and try to provoke incidents.

    In closing, if you simply “hate what is evil” you should spend your time opposing the genocidal imperialist US war machine and the Zionist entity’s continuous crimes against the Palestinian people (put I’m sure from your Islamophobic tone that your a firm imperialist Zionist supporting tool). But then again you right wing “Christian” (of the Pamela Geller supporting ilk) also don’t follow really anything in the New Testament such as turning the other cheek, giving away all your possession and living in a vow of poverty, sharing with the community “as one has need” according to Acts 2:44-45 (literally the slogan of Marxism, something your ilk seems to revile all the time as well), etc.

    May Allah SWT guide us all to the straight path.

  • dreamdayz01

    @John :// It’s not Saudi Arabia or another Muslim country you know where you can kill infidels at will.//

    Just a random, irrelevant question (for personal observation), but are you older than 60 years of age?

  • @Ilisha – well, ‘blasphemers’ are subjected to terrible punishments in quite a few Muslim countries, and there is the case of the Christian pastor in Iran whose life is under threat. Don’t disagree about the conference though.

  • Géji

    @john spielman Says: “Plese understand a person can hate Islam and what it represents … without hating muslims”.

    First, do you know the sole raison-d’être-(existence) a Muslim is a Muslim??

    If your answer is – the sole existence a Muslim is a Muslim – BECAUSE of Islam? you answered right.

    So based on that answer. How can you “hate” Muslim’s existence “without hating muslims”??

    > ” In fact Jesus commands all HIS followers to love their neighbors and their enemies, so we can hate what is evil without hating those who believe in it.”

    You said, “we [Christians] can hate”? So according to that thus, Christians are “haters”??

  • @Corey

    I agree with you, Spencer isn’t out to defend human rights, not in a million years. Assuming of course he believes the Earth is millions of years old. who knows at this point. After all his “Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam and The Crusades” was published in the same series as the “Politically Incorrect Guide to Creationism and Intelligent Design.”

  • Palestinian

    I so wish you LOONS would quit bashing my hometown. Dearborn is awesome. While the rest of Detroit collapses and begins to look even more like a war zone, Dearborn stands out as a shining symbol of hope, community, and what can be done when neighbors act like a family. Self-sufficiency embodied.

    And it just BUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNS you up inside that it happens to be Arabs who’ve made Dearborn so great.

    Sorry you can’t accept the fact that Arabs have been more successful than you. Get over it, try to emulate it, and if you refuse to, oh well, sucks for you. Enjoy your trip to the abyss.

  • corey

    spencer isnt happy about this but of course I am aware he and his fanboys will only be happy when muslims are reduced to second class citizens or expelled out of america I love the part where he spouts about how his opposition would make claims to represent human rightswhen that is something he does, and we all know spencer himself is quite a represenitive of human rights and his record shows, like when he joined a facebook group that wanted to commit ethinic cleansing wait actually I just remembered that ethinic cleansing has nothing to do with human rights fighting in fact its opposite of that, oh well at least he was very vocal in condemning a website that was celebrating mosque burnings and its commenters who were raving about how they would burn a mosque and kill muslims oh wait no he came to there defense and was completeley apathetic to the fact about comments of a guy who thinks that shooting muslims for no reason is self defense and wanted “muslim blood in his hands” yeah spencer is full of sh*t isnt he.

  • John

    “I tell you why to pick a fight!

    She isn’t only living by the Sword, she is seeking by it as well.”

    How does speaking up for yourself equates living by sword? You like blackmailing, do you?

    Why would there be a fight? Haven’t Dearborn Muslims heard of First Amendment? Just because they have come from a barbaric country doesn’t mean they have to keep following their barbaric ways. Probably why it’s so much fun living there; no need to civil up.

  • John


    “so can a Muslim still pray, follow Allah and the Quran, and be able to congregate in Mosques, without harassment?”

    Isn’t harassment illegal? It’s not Saudi Arabia or another Muslim country you know where you can kill infidels at will.

  • @Emperor

    Geller Will explode!

  • Dehnus


    Bullsh*t in this case they are just looking for a fight and then a “waahaaa look at the hatred in their eyes boohooohooo”. Dearborn has been like that for AGES, these people took the place of the Irish in the Ford Motor Company. And unlike your precious GM, who fired most of their people to move to lower paying countries (GM f**ked over workforces all over the world like that, from Opel to Saab.), and Flint Michigan, Dearborn Michigan is still a thriving fun town to live. Where people live in peace. Why does this protest has to be there? and not in the place where the woman was actually killed? I tell you why to pick a fight!

    She isn’t only living by the Sword, she is seeking by it as well.

  • Isa

    @John Spielman. I hate basic spelling errors in comments, but I love those who make them.

  • Christian-Friend

    @John Spielman, so can a Muslim still pray, follow Allah and the Quran, and be able to congregate in Mosques, without harassment?

  • Plese understand a person can hate Islam and what it represents (sanstioned violence against unbelievers, the apartheid nature of sharia law, the viciousness that preceived insults against Mohammed and Islam in general are treated) without hating muslims. In fact Jesus commands all HIS followers to love their neighbors and their enemies, so we can hate what is evil without hating those who believe in it.

  • mindy1

    Good for them for doing the right thing 😀

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