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Stephen Lennon Appointed Deputy Leader of The British Freedom Party


Stephen Lennon (aka. Tommy Robinson) set to join the BFP (Image credit to

(Readers, please welcome Haddock, a new contributor to LoonWatch.)

Co-founder of the English Defence League, Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) is to be appointed “deputy leader” of the British Freedom Party come May 5th, 2012, just a few short hours before an EDL demonstration in Luton, according to EDL News.

The BFP, which came about due to a split within the British National Party (which itself came about due to a split within the National Front organization), has increasingly focused their bigotry onto Muslims in an attempt to make racism more “acceptable” in the eyes of a segment of the public who may find some of the “old guard” racism (Blacks, Jews, etc.) problematic.

The two organizations decided to form an alliance in November, 2011 after agreeing that they had a better chance at “helping the Cause” if they worked together. The intended platform for the new alliance is typical fodder for anti-Muslim racists; calls to “ban the Burka,” forbid the establishment of new mosques, “madrassas” (by that they mean any Islamic schools) and “Sharia law” in “all forms”, including “Sharia finance.”

Another strategy they have decided on is to “Focus” on the “non-Islamic” population, in order to convince “useful idiots” of all colors and creeds to set themselves upon the Muslim population; all the while still holding onto their “regular” racist beliefs.

I find it hard, for example, to picture them hanging out with their fellow Black, Jewish, and Hindu Islamophobic cohorts as “buddies,” after everything is said and done.

Some of their other loving policy suggestions include the following vignettes,

End to mass immigration, except for vital (highly qualified positions). Immigrants must undergo health check, have a sponsor, have sufficient funds to support them and their families and must be able to speak/write English.”

Have a system in place to regulate all mosques & madrassas

Leave the European Union.”

Promote Christian values.”

The BFP has also decided to be extremely creative and change their name to simply British Freedom, so that people won’t confuse them with the BNP. In a strange twist of irony, the parent organization of the BNP, the National Front, is beginning to see a comeback after jumping on the anti-Muslim bandwagon. The organization was popular among the far-right in the 1970’s, when it was more socially acceptable to advocate “roots” racism. According to Islamophobia-Watch,

At next month’s London Assembly, local council and mayoral elections it  [National Front] is putting up 35 candidates – the highest number it has fielded for 30 years. Among its hopefuls is a businessman once convicted of assaulting an anti-racism campaigner who hopes to be the first directly elected mayor of Liverpool; a former BNP supporter arrested for burning a copy of the Koran; and Derek Beackon, the notorious far-right councillor.

Classy folks.

This just demonstrates the power of Islamophobia. The fact that a nearly defunct organization that had its heyday in the late 70’s, is able to momentarily drag itself out of bed while in a drunken stupor proves that the anti-Muslim niche works. The same is true for the BNP, who has in recent years hopped onto the “it’s the Muslims vs. the rest of us” bandwagon, despite the fact that its members still hold onto their other racialist beliefs. But hey, “the enemy of my enemy, is my friend”, right?

If there is any silver lining in all of this, it is this; most British people simply don’t like thugs who resort to violence to make their points. This is why the EDL is viewed as an embarrassment (at least publicly) even to some racists; they reveal what racism is truly about, and reality face to face makes most people uncomfortable.

That’s bad publicity for people trying to impose an agenda onto others. Recall that Hitler eventually abolished the SA because he realized that his street thugs were making a bad impression on his so-called “noble Cause.” Bob Pitt of Islamophobia-Watch says it better than me:

Some have suggested that the EDL-BFP lash-up is an example of the classic fascist strategy of building a movement with a physical force and an electoral wing. The theory behind the strategy is that by showing you control the streets and can intimidate your opponents you win admiration as a powerful movement that will be able to impose order on society and this translates into increased votes.

But this strategy is based on the successes of Mussolini and Hitler in situations of extreme economic, social and political crisis, where large numbers of people turned to the leadership of the far right out of sheer desperation. No crisis of such proportions has occurred in Britain and despite the current economic problems there is no sign of it doing so any time soon. Consequently when the far right takes to the streets of the UK with a mob of racist thugs this doesn’t impress people with the strength of the organisation and boost electoral support. Quite the opposite – voters are repelled by a movement whose public face is that of a gang of violent hooligans.

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  • Abdul-Rahman

    It is particularly ironic how these fascists in the EDL (with their fascist “JDL” allies) so openly support Zionist colonialists from Europe, Russia, America, Canada, etc. stealing and occupying Palestinian land but then these same EDL fascist clowns turn around and claim Muslim immigrants are “invading Britain”. Putting aside also the hilarious nature of their charge as Europe (and particular Britain) invaded and occupied half the globe little more than a 100 years ago and the vast bulk of immigration to the West from the “Third World” is recognized by true academics in Post-Colonialism to be largely one of the lasting effects of colonization and the poverty and corruption that Western colonization entrenched.

  • Black Infidel

    BareNakedIslam claims Stephen Lennon (aka. Tommy Robinson) was recently attacked by Muslim:

    BNI could be making it up.

  • Yes – as Jai said, I was just filling in what seemed to be a gap in the post, as that quote seems such a useful one.

    I’m totally confused by Christian friend’s comment to me.

    I do sometimes blog against Islamist extremism, but also against the EDL. I am interested in this site because it seems more engaging than anything vaguely similar in the UK. I feel there is at least common ground between what I think and some of the posts here – eg I think some points I make here are ones I’ve read on LW.

  • @Christian- Friend:You are neither a Christian nor a Friend.Are you going to ask the Muslim countries to reciprocate similar treatment of Christians and other Non-Muslims.Hardly possible because every Muslim is prejudiced and hides innate hatred against the Jews and Christians because of the teaching and practices of Mohammad of Arabia.

  • Haddock

    Thanks for all of the tips and the lively discussion, fellow Loonwatchers!

  • RDS

    Blimey, Captain Haddock had retired from his adventures with Tintin and now writes for LW?

    Also, Jai is the original author of the article that Sarah AB has linked. Thank you for the additional information.

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  • Jai

    I’m familiar with Sarah AB from other websites. For the record, she certainly does not support Yaxley-Lennon or the rest of the EDL. The reason she quoted Yaxley-Lennon is to expose him by highlighting some of his most self-incriminating public statements.

  • Jai

    CORRECTION: The video of Yaxley-Lennon’s disastrous appearance on “The Big Questions” is available here:

  • Christian-Friend

    @Sarah AB, I’ll agree with you if you accept this conditions:

    1)No innocent muslim will be hurt, exceptions include those that are (by an unbiased judicial procedure) proven to be criminals.

    2)No disrespect towards their faith.

    4)*IF* you drive them out of England, all their property shall be move with them, plus enough money for their new location.

    5)Muslim women have the right to wear the hijab; you will not have any say whatsoever in this right.

    7) The Koran, Sunnah, and any other Muslim religious text shall NOT be treated with disrespect.

    8)Mosques are NOT to be treated with disrespect.

    9)No discrimination against their ethnicity; not all Muslims are from the Middle East or Africa.

    10) The Muslim children are to be treated kindly

  • Jai

    CORRECTION re: “Dr Matthew Feldman, who was another guest on the debate”

    The guest was Dr Matthew Goodwin, although Dr Feldman has also written extensively about the EDL.

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