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First Underwater Mosque: Deep Sea Islamization?

The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad is said to have remarked that, “the whole world has been made a mosque, so when the time for prayer is due pray wherever you are,” certainly the first mosque within the Red Sea gives his statement a whole new meaning!

If they haven’t come up with it already, here’s another one for the loony conspiracy theorists; Saudi Arabians have erected the first underwater mosque, likely the first salvo in the upcoming deep sea jihad adventures that are sure to come about with the impending rise in sea levels. (Right-wingers might not be prepared for such a scenario considering they dispute global warming!)

The underwater mosque is not much to look at, just a bunch of pipes filled with sand:

First underwater mosque

But I notice that it has a mihrab, or niche from which an Imam leads the congregation, and therefore retains some of the traditional aspects of normal mosque architecture.

Underwater Mosque In Saudi Arabia Ready For Prayers

(Huffington Post)

The First underwater mosque is ready for prayers in the Saudi Arabian town of Tabuk, according to Emirates24/

“When we put the final touches on it, it was time for afternoon prayers,” said diver Hamadan bin Salim Al Masoudi, “so we performed group prayers in the first underwater mosque in history.”

A private group of Saudi Arabian divers built the mosque using plastic pipes filled with sand under the sea close to the border with Jordan, explains Arabian Business.

The mosque is the latest of underwater construction in the Arabian Peninsula which extends to underwater hotels.

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  • khushboo

    It would be a great idea had they first given money to all the poor people in their country. Instead they like to throw money on bigger and better hotels and such. Beautiful, expensive hotels with homeless people all around it!

  • A Muslim

    As a Muslim (of “Sufi” inclinations), I found this quite an uplifting article.

    As I (& probably many other Muslims) believe, to worship the Creator (including formal salat on time) is the primary aim of a “Muslim” in life.

    So, even if I was enjoying the creation undersea as a tourist, it would be helpful to be able to engage in prayer without the inconvenience of getting back to the surface.

    I love praying in unusual locations e.g. beautiful parts of nature (mountains in Switzerland & UK etc), seeing life as holistic & transcendental, not schizophrenically separating different parts of my living as a person of hopefully spiritual faith.

    The Saudi regime quite often deserves ridicule, but possibly near sectarian jibes do get tiresome.

  • Kflo

    “A private group of Saudi Arabian divers built the mosque using plastic pipes filled with sand under the sea close to the border with Jordan, explains Arabian Business.”

    Did anyone else read this part? Damn evil “Saudis” “showing off” “extreme sports style”

  • Azrael Amir

    non sense and a wastage of money..when the money should have been diverted to feed the hungry , cloth the needy..its being wasted on sheer display of opulence ..

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