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Jewish Settlers Torch 250 Olive Trees in Nablus

Uprooted trees

This is a recurring thing, in which extremist settlers, who believe that God gave them the land attempt to intimidate and terrorize Palestinian landowners in the hope that they will leave and then the settlers can annex the land. (h/t: Musa)

NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers on Wednesday set fire to hundreds of trees in Nablus in the northern West Bank, a Fatah official said.

Ghassan Doughlas said residents of Tappuah settlement chopped down and torched around 250 olive trees in Jammain village. The settlement is built on land belonging to the village.

Settlers also chopped down 17 trees in nearby village Burin and forced shepherds off their pastures in Aqraba and Yanun, also in Nablus, Doughlas said.

I’am not sure if the following is a report of the same incident, but it was reported a week ago, and reports that the settlers came from Etamar rather than Tappuah (via. Occupied-Palestine):

NABLUS, (PIC)– Jewish settlers uprooted 200 olive trees near Aqraba village, Nablus, on Wednesday morning, local sources said.

Hamza Deiriya, a member of the committee for the defense of Aqraba land, said that the settlers came from Etamar settlement and chopped off the trees planted in an area of six dunums.

He noted that the settlers were attacking this same area for the sixth time, recalling that olive trees and water wells in it were destroyed at their hands.

He charged that the Jewish settlers want to terrorize the Palestinian landowners and to annex their land.

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  • Christian-friend

    Cue in the defenders of This attack in 3….2….1

  • mindy1

    @Arab atheist, i’ve said that also-let’s get rid of the loons and nutters once and for all 😛

  • Palestinian

    ….and one wonders why we behave the way we do….

  • Arab Atheist – ملحد عربي

    How unfortunate :(

    Just imagine if Muslims re-invaded Spain and started torching olive trees!

    (I know for a fact that some Muslims feel nostalgic about Spain)..

    Maybe we should send all bigots of all creeds to a planet exclusive to them so we never have to smell their stench again. The Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Tzipi Livni, and Robert Spencer should be the first immigrants. Let them spit-fight there and let’s live in peace here.

  • mindy1

    Dear settlers-please stop doing hateful things in my faith. Thank you. This kind of thing is frustrating, and I wish it would stop. :(

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