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Nazi graffiti on mosque in south-west France

Al-Kanz has more on the mosque attack, as well as Nazi graffiti that was sprayed on an Islamic clothing store: Islamophobia: Excrement on a Shop, Swastikas on Mosques.

Nazi graffiti on mosque in south-west France

On Monday night a swastika and Nazi symbols were sprayed the mosque of the El Mouhsinine Muslim association in Tarascon-sur-Ariège. Police have launched an investigation. Local councillors visited the site to express their support for the association, and the mayor has called for a firm stand to be taken against racism and xenophobia.

France 3, 22 May 2012

See also La Gazette Ariégeoise, 22 May 2012

Via Islam in Europe

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  • Vichy Collaborators were neo-Nazis

    @Steve “It isn’t even a nazi swastika anyway.” – so what do you it represents?

    I do hope that you aren’t indulging in apologist whitewashing.

    Much of hatred is based on ignorance & fear.

    I do think it is an attempt to spread Neo-Nazi ideology (whatever the symbolic rectitude); & many do not want that to happen in Europe after last time.

  • Steve

    MC, what would the story be? Lots of synagoues in many places have also been targetted by idiots spraying graffiti.

  • MC

    If this was a synagogue, this would’ve been a different story.

  • Steve

    “Really, so it was Buddhists who spray painted the Gamata then?”

    Probably not, it was doubtless sprayed by an idiot who doesn’t understand symbology.

  • Columnist

    @Al Says:
    May 23rd, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    The French claim the Algerians raided Southern France for centuries, as well as engaging in piracy.

    And the Arabs colonized North Africa first. I am part Amazigh.

  • Daniel Ibn Zayd

    It’s not really detached from reality. And it is a tactic to keep separate groups who might otherwise find common cause as workers to stand together.

    It’s like in the movie Matawan, where the local West Virginia coalminers are displaced by Italian immigrants and black Southerners. There is common cause here, but it’s much easier to “blame” the newcomers than to join forces with them against the common enemy of Capital.

    When I lived in France in the mid-’80s, I had landlords tell me straight out they “don’t rent to Arabs”; I was stopped in the street five times a day to have my ID papers checked. I couldn’t get anywhere on time. That was over two decades ago, and even still was just a continuing manifestation of a cultural problem, not an “isolated incident” which is what they like to say in the U.S. as well, which has its own version of built-in racism.

    “Francophobia” is a ridiculous term. The power differential here clearly leans 150% to the dominant mode in France, which in no way can be regarded as having anything to do with immigrants or Muslims. “Anti-colonialism”, or simply “resistance” might be a better term.

  • DrM

    Stevo said :

    “It isn’t even a nazi swastika anyway.”

    Really, so it was Buddhists who spray painted the Gamata then? No far Right scum in France have a history of this sort of attack, right? The extremes you EDL types go to trying whitewash such criminal acts really does show what utter scumbags you are.

  • Umayr

    I have never really understood nationalist racism. It’s so detached from reality.

  • Steve

    “What is wrong with France?”

    Are you suggesting everybody in france is responsible for this graffiti? I don’t think it’s state policy to spray graffiti on mosques and by the looks of it the spraying would appear to be the work of one person, not the whole of france. Francophobia is not something rational people indulge in.

    It isn’t even a nazi swastika anyway.

  • mindy1

    So wrong. A house of worship should be sacred no matter the faith :(

  • Al

    What is wrong with France? The colonize all these Muslim countries and instill a reverence of France, but when the colonized go move to France because they think it’s a great place, they are looked down upon? WTF

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