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I’m not being seen by that! Businessman’s shocking rant at Muslim airport worker

Anthony Holt

This seems to be a “one-off incident” but individuals such as Anthony Holt seem quite familiar to us. They defend their abusive and bigoted behavior by saying that they are differentiating between “Islam” and “Muslims” but time and again we see them exposed for who they really are.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Holt was a regular commenter on JihadWatch, he fits the profile:

I’m not being seen by that! Businessman’s shocking rant at Muslim airport worker

Stan Miller and John Scheerhout (Menmedia)

A high-flying businessman was hauled before the court for a tirade of religious abuse at a Muslim immigration official waiting to check his passport.

Anthony Holt, 65, had become wound up after reading an article in the Daily Mail about the ‘victimisation of Christianity’ on a flight into Manchester.

When he landed, the retired consultant refused to go through a desk where Sayima Mohammed was on duty.

He astonished witnesses by pointing at her and saying: “I don’t want to be seen by that. I don’t want to be seen by any Muslim in a position of authority. I want to be seen by someone who’s English. This is England. This is my country. I’m not into all this Islam.”

As Ms Mohammed burst into tears, her colleagues refused to check Mr Holt’s documents and ordered him to calm down.

When police arrived, Holt turned his attention to a cop, saying: “That’s Islam. I’m not going to that. This is my country.”

The 15-minute row only ended when he was arrested.

During a police interview Holt claimed the abuse was not ‘personal’.

He said: “The problem I have is with Islam as a whole. It’s threat to the British population and the British way of life. I wanted to take a stand.”

Holt, of Railway Road, Urmston, pleaded guilty to using religiously aggravated threatening words or behaviour.

He was ordered to pay £100 compensation and a £145 fine.

Trafford magistrates heard he had worked as a consultant advising lawyers about the purchase of railway stock until his retirement earlier this month.

The court heard the outburst took place in front of a queue of witnesses, including children.

In a statement to police, Ms Mohammed said: “I felt threatened, shocked and humiliated to be treated in that manner for no apparent reason.”

Praveen Sethi, defending, said Holt had been flying into Manchester at the end of ‘a stressful week’.

He had been reading an article in the Mail in which the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey spoke of the ‘victimisation of Christians and Christianity’.

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  • Truth Hurts

    “I’m not being seeing by that”

    This phrase is revealing i.e. referring to a person, instead of “her” as a thing i.e. an object.


    De-humanisation of the enemy, making it an “impersonal” matter highlights how far the individual has imbibed the ideology of hate. Genocides have required a facilitating logic & this is an example.

    The Daily Mail has been shown to be a quick radicalizer by this example of causality.

    It is a legal hate-sheet. Once it was the Semitic Judaism, today it is Semitic Islam.

  • Zakariya Ali Sher

    What a jackass. I suppose he should be proud of himself. He referred to a woman as a ‘thing,’ and reduced her to tears in public. What’s his encore? Giving his wife a black eye? I find it fascinating that for all the bravado about ‘protecting women,’ these Islamophobes are often extremely misogynistic. But then, it’s much easier to be ‘brave’ when you are confronting a woman half your size.

    Another question here: how exactly does he know that she’s a Muslim? Was she shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ as she saw to the passengers? Seems pretty bloody unlikely to me. No, I suspect he saw an Asian woman and decided to throw a hissy fit. By the way, Deccal, since you’ve expressed an interest on the plight of Hindus in the past, what do you think about a bigot like this? I noticed he was very slick in getting a lawyer of Panjabi descent…

    His quotes are hilarious. Apparently a Muslim can’t be English in his world. Presumably neither can a Sikh or Hindu, or someone of Afro-Caribbean descent. Of course Williams sounds rather Celtic so maybe he isn’t English either. Still, he admits that she is in a position of authority, meaning she IS above him. Self-hating much?

    Does anyone know what ‘business’ this moron represents? I feel compelled to boycott it on general principle alone. It is rather odd they don’t reference this in the article, but then I’ve never heard his name before either so its unlikely to be very important.

  • @Deccal

    Please do us all a favor, including yourself. Look around you. There is no stealth Jihad, no creeping sharia. There’s no encroaching “Islamic tyranny” in the west for anyone to submit to. Its all just paranoia and bigotry. Stop living in fear of something that isn’t there. Stop helping to demonize innocent people.

  • deccal

    Highly laughable. Anglican Christianity is dead. Rowan Williams is just a pathetic old dhimmi.

  • jabhawiya

    ^Because he probably would have ENJOYED that.

  • Anj

    Why didn’t she just call security and recommend a cavity search by a brother with massive hands?

  • Especially when compared to the abuse heaped in the opposite direction when the roles are reversed. The last time I traveled to the States I was asked by the border and immigration employee: “who was the petitioner for your naturalization?” When I asked politely for an example of what this might mean, he replied: “For example, the woman you married to obtain your citizenship.”

    Of course, I was not allowed to create a scene like Mr. Holt.

  • mindy1

    Sheesh, does his passport care who is looking at it?? 🙄

  • Khalid

    More and more “courageous” behavior from the right-wing.
    Anglican christianity is christianity with a special emphasis on British-christian architecture ( Westminster Abbey etc.)

    I wonder if I should start yelling and abusing the Anglican nuns who “offend” Muslim culture with their moderate religious garments and who have built another Mega-church complex here in Qatar, this time; priced at 7,000,000 dollars.

    Would I be revered? I certainly am attacking on the same parameters he is.

    No, it’s inexcusable to harass someone because of their religious beliefs let alone a woman.

  • MC

    No amount of “stress” allows you to openly discriminate against a person, and a woman too.

  • crow

    Isn’t the daily mail a garbage paper anyway? They use sensationalism to sell papers sort of like the tabloids. And its strange how these Islamaphobes confuse themselves with Christians

  • A bigot is a bigot, no matter how they try to justify their behavior. You claim to be against my religion, but I am not proselytizing, I am doing a non-religious function. All you are worried about is my religion, not whether or not I am rendering the required service appropriately.

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