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  • So here it is July 29th and I have come back to this July 24th posting by Danios. I think I have come back because of the profoundness and the depth of the sadness than any normal human must feel upon reading this heart felt article.

    And so I wanted to share the Dalai Lama’s daily meditation which interestly is for the 26th of July:

    “When others insult, rebuke, and speak unpleasant words to us, although an intolerable pain arises like a thorn at the heart, if we can comprehend the teachings then we can recognize the essenceless nature of these words which resemble an echo. So just as when an inanimate object is scolded, we will experience not the slightess mental turmoil.”

  • SE

    I agree with DrM but the reality also is that you have to start at the bottom to succeed (or even just to get a job) in politics unfortunately you have to work for people you don’t agree with, network with the right people, or rather cater to the corrupt system. If I (a Muslim-American) get to work in D.C. after I graduate i hope to initiate or become part of the change…..however, I don’t know how long I’ll stay

  • AJ


    As regarding Cordoba House:

    So I still think Weiner is OK. He loves Israel but he is not an Islamophobe.

    As regarding the setup, two words – andrew breitbart.

  • DrM


    I don’t think Weiner was setup at all. As far as how Zionism is concerned :

    Abedin according to our laws could not marry him so that tells me how far she is from Islam. May Allah(swt) give her hidaya, and bring her back to her senses.

  • loonwatch

    So fraudster Romney can speak against gay rights and run for President but a Muslim have to be crucified for his beliefs. This is a perfect example of hypocricy of democracy

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  • AJ


    I disagree with you here. Muslims come in all shapes and sizes and people like Abedin defy the stereotypes and the notion that there is a stealth Sharia in action. Only God knows if their marriage is blessed but I think both are good people. Weiner is quite popular amongst his electorate but some in the pro-Israel’s group felt slighted by his marriage to Abedin and I think they set him up. It’s not that he was set in that direction anyway but to have those pictures readily supplied to tabloids and stuff smells of a setup.

    Anyway, I have the feeling that he wants to get back to politics and hence the spread in People magazine but I think their union could be good for the Islam and Israel camp – perhaps I am a dreamer 🙂

  • DrM

    BuddhaShrunk said :

    “Your reality: “I wouldn’t trust any Muslim….” is that of a religious bigot.”

    Your comment is that of a semi-literate. You can’t read to well can you? You didn’t quote the entire sentence i.e. “I wouldn’t trust any Muslim WORKING FOR ANY AMERICAN POLITICIAN FROM EITHER PARTY.” Wonder why you did that..
    Just because I’m a Muslim doesn’t I have to support the likes of Huma Abedin. I have no respect for anyone who’d marry a Zionist scumbag like Anthony Weiner, and compound that further by staying with that pervert AFTER his antics were exposed.
    I love it when sell outs get theirs.

  • AJ

    The guy, Anthony Weiner, pursued Abedin for quite some time (about 2 years) – he would attend Clinton’s campaigns to get a glimpse of Abedin – before she said, yes. I think the opposite theory, Zionists are trying to infiltrate the Muslim Brotherhood or perhaps Saudi Arabia, makes much more sense 🙂

  • Pamela


  • @DrM

    Your reality: “I wouldn’t trust any Muslim….” is that of a religious bigot.


    I agree with Mindy1! Stand tall, don’t give up and know that you have friends and allies who all grown up and beyond bigotry.

  • DrM

    Sarah Brown said :

    “Not so nice comment from DrM.”

    Reality is seldom “nice.”

  • Sarah Brown

    Nice piece.

    Not so nice comment from DrM.

  • DrM

    Hatethehaterz nailed it. I have the same opinion on the “ground zero mosque.” Frankly I wouldn’t trust any Muslim working for any American politician from either party. The level of corruption in American politics would corrupt any decent human being. Abedin married a Zionist scumbag and pervert, so that tells me exactly what type of “Muslim” she is, but even that wasn’t good enough for the usual suspects.
    I love it when house “Muslims” get their wake up call.

  • Abbey

    Hatred does not vanish so easily…even if every Muslim in USA gave up their faith. Hatred always change goal posts. It’s Muslims today and someone else tomorrow. So it will go on. Sadly.

  • mindy1

    I think the best thing to do is to keep fighting, to try and change minds, and to make the haters look like the fools that they are.

  • Hatethehaterz

    A good article. Thanks for putting it up Danios. A sad state of affairs, but on the bright side, I think the extra scrutiny and suspicion on Muslims is having the opposite effect on a sizable number of Muslim youth; than that presented in this article or saught by Islamophobes. I know a number of Muslim youth who actually became more interested in careers in law and politics as a result of all this Islamaphobia. Inshallah, as our numbers in law and politics increase, this sort of scrutiny will become less and less acceptable.

    I can relate to the youths’ reactions though. For example, before all the controversy over the “ground zero” Mosque (in quotes because it’s actually not all that close to ground zero), I couldn’t have cared less about it. In fact, had I even known about it, I probably would have had a negative opinion of it because of the extravagance and cost (they could build several smaller mosques with the amount they are forking over for the cultural center). But since ignorant bigots began saying we could/should not build this Mosque, I now strongly favor the project.

  • Omar


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