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Expose the Islamophobia Industry

Our friend Nathan Lean on the necessity of exposing the Islamophobia Industry:

Expose the Islamophobia industry 

by Nathan Lean (NY Daily News)

One victim wrote his telephone number in blood that ran from his head. Another described the sensation of feeling his brain through an empty eye socket.

During the trial of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian behind the July 2011 Oslo bombing and shooting attacks that killed 77, such testimonies were reminders that the city which awards the world’s most prestigious prize for peace is itself not immune to brutal displays of violence.

The 33-year-old Breivik is charged with terrorism and murder. On Aug. 24, judges will announce if he is sane enough for prison. The 10-week proceedings against him resembled a freak show more than a judicial event: Shoe throwing, self-immolation and far-right salutes were among the happenings that animated a normally humdrum process.

What was absent from the scene, though, was blunt discussion of the anti-Islam ideology that influenced Breivik and caused him to be so fearful of Muslims that his only response was to slaughter fellow citizens whose politics he blamed for their presence.

Breivik carried out his bloodbath alone, and his idiosyncrasies give him the appearance of a sociopath. But his delusions are hardly products of his imagination. Instead, they are the workings of a cabal of fear merchants who roam the post-9/11 world scaring people about Islam.

Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto offers a clear view of the people and ideas that shaped his actions.

“About Islam, I recommend essentially everything written by Robert Spencer,” Breivik gushed in one of 162 shout-outs to the blogger, whose website is a one-stop shop for everything anti-Muslim. Spencer has waged a populist campaign against “stealth jihad,” “creeping Sharia” and even Campbell’s soup (which offers halal-certified cans of its famous products).

Breivik cited Spencer’s partner, blogger Pamela Geller, 12 times. Geller and Spencer co-founded Stop Islamization of America, the American branch of a European hate franchise, Stop Islamization of Europe, a group whose soccer hooligan members have whipped the populations of Britain and Denmark into nationalistic frenzies. SIOE’s motto states: “Racism is the lowest form of human stupidity but Islamophobia is the height of common sense.” Both Geller and Spencer organized the vitriolic protests against the Park51 Islamic Center in 2010.

Breivik mentioned Frank Gaffney, who runs the Center for Security Policy, seven times. Gaffney provides legal counsel for Spencer and Geller and is famous for decrying the threat of Sharia law and claiming that President Obama is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood. He is also on the board of the Clarion Fund, a group that produced the now-infamous anti-Muslim film “Obsession.” Breivik’s manifesto linked to that movie 10 separate times.

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  • Indeed… my spelling and grammar are sadly well below a decent standard but I do ask people to email me when they seen an error so I can correct it 😉

    On a more important note, I see that our man didn’t come back to prove his or her points. Don’t they always… I think I know the chap and they have a regular habit of leaving our little email ‘debates’ when challenged. Kinda sad really, that you can build an agenda that sets out to hate others on a flimsy foundation, no wonder Islamaphobia is popular!

  • Solid Snake.

    Lol yes sometimes google translate can get things wrong. I am not an expert in the Arabic language or hold any sort of degree, but what you said can be translated to “Ramadan Mubarak, oh Snake”, I dont know how it got “my” ffom “ya”. for example calling out “ya Muhammad!” Can be informally translated (meaning by the everyday Arabic person) as “oh Muhammad” or even less informally as “hey Muhammad”.

    That is probably an insufficient explanation but inshallah someone more knowledgeable than me can explain it better.

  • Just Stopping By

    @Solid Snake:

    You are most welcome. And, you (or others) may now have a chance to return the favor.

    I put my message into Google Translate from Arabic to English just now as a test, and it came back with “Ramadan Mubarak, my snake.” Would that have been how you read it? Not what I meant, but interesting. Should it give me pause about Google’s translating ability?

  • Solid Snake


    Lol thanks again. I really appreciate it and your effort to help me improve my grammar and spelling.

  • Just Stopping By

    @Solid Snake:

    I told you in a prior thread that I would not harp on your grammar if I did not think you were capable of fixing your errors and improving. Jack, sadly, may be a lost cause. (It’s okay for me to say that, as I know Jack in real life and while he is very intelligent, his grammar and spelling are indeed close to hopeless.)

    And, in your honor, I’ll repeat my “kind words” in a way where I believe there are no spelling choices (unless you count vowel-inclusion as a spelling choice):
    .رمضان مبارك, يا ثعبان

  • Solid Snake.

    Thank you for your kind words. Although I am very surprised you didnt take fhe opportunity to correct Jack 😉

  • Just Stopping By

    @Jack Cope says, “*sigh* read through my spelling mistakes… it is that time of day” That would be the time of day when you are writing, Jack?

    And, as long as you are accepting of various spellings, …

    Ramadan or Ramazan Mubarak to everyone here who will celebrate the holiday!

  • *sigh* read through my spelling mistakes… it is that time of day 😉

  • Moody, before we go on I would suggest educating yourself as two what ‘Jihad’ actually means, how it is abused, and what the various texts say about it. Stop throwing random words around as if they actually mean anything.

    It seems quite common amongst those Christians that email me (and I suspect you have actually emailed me before under a different judging by your writing style) to simple name drop random ‘Islamic’ tropes such as ‘Sharia’ into their emails, wanting them to mean what they define them as rather than what Muslims interpret them. I can play that same game with your faith if you wish but its rather childish…

    But in a nutshell, no where is any Muslim ordered to ‘persecute’ anyone through ‘Jihad’ or any other means. I dare you to give me Islamic sources to the contrary. Please note the phrase ‘Islamic sources’, these do not include;

    – random verses quoted out of context

    – cut and pastes from random Islamaphobic websites (I Halal-bet one cookie that TROP is cut and pasted)

    – news stories about Evil Muslims(TM)

    ‘cos if you play that game, I may be obliged to do the same to you.

    Also, I’d suggest that you don’t claim to speak for all Christians. The Pope, for example, disagrees with you r.e. Muslims worship a different God. Muslims and Christians may, at the end of the day, disagree with the exact nature of God and how to worship Him but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it is the same one. Sorry, you don’t have a monopoly on God.

  • Moody

    From a Christian perspective, Mohammed, is a false prophet that means, his ‘god’ is a false (demonic) representation (thus an idol ‘god’) from what is supposed to be the God of ‘The Book’.

    If the God of the Bible is the God of Islam, then why are Muslims ordered to persecute Christians through jihad !? In a spiritual sense Islam is the perfect diabolic deception in order to deceive ‘believers’ in thinking they serve God while actually executing satan’s strategy to destroy Christianity. (Like Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt or any other Muslim country, countries where no nun-muslims have any desire to live, even like the Muslims who live in the western world who absolutely do not comprehend the total destructive nature of Islam, even to themselves.)

    Again if it was the same God, why Jihad anyway !? Does that make sense?

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  • Moody

    Indeed, Allah ain’t exacty the God of Christianity, that is why Boko Haram is killing the Christians in Nigeria.

  • Wanderer


    So “Christian-Arabs” are actually satan-worshippers?? (They refer to God as Allah as well, in case you don’t catch the reference.) And by extension, would that make all Christians satan-worshippers as well? Or am I being ignorant, bigoted and hypocritical by speaking on topics I know very little about?

  • If I had a dollar for every time I got an email telling me Allah was satan or use of the word ‘taqiyya’ as if it meant anything… you owe me some cash Moody! I get a lot of crap about Allah = satan, its quite cute but gets dull, is your faith really that weak that every other faith must be ‘from satan’ to validate it?

  • Moody

    Good work LoonWatch, everyone who exposes islam and her atrocities should be exposed.

    Or is it still wiser to expose the true character of salafists !? :

    Working on the wrong side of the fence, Allah (satan) is well pleased with your taqiyya !

  • Sir david

    Third step arrest Bob and the Lady McBeth.
    Works for me and not before time

    Sir David
    Vice president leftwing mooslim alliance
    West Anjou branch

    Sarko is innocent ….maybe campaign , please donate , brown paper evolopes only

  • @Emperor

    Excellent commentary you found.

    I especially agree with Nathan Lean’s conclusion.
    Judicial systems must absorb the true scope of the Islamophobia industry’s rhetoric and rage. In the case of Breivik, examining the role of anti-Muslim sentiment would have been a logical first step. A second would be finding Breivik “sane,” and acknowledging that his plot was not the result of a deranged mental state but the product of a twisted ideology that turns the fearful and unstable into holy warriors.

  • mindy1

    Well written-I believe Max Blumenthal said something very similar-I wonder how we can stop the hate.

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