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Qur’an-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Says “Obama Dead in 2012,” Builds Grave for President (Video)


Qur’an-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Says “Obama Dead in 2012,” Builds Grave for President (Video)

By Rich Abdill

Last month, Terry Jones (the “Burn a Qur’an Day” guy)hanged President Barack Obama in effigy on the front lawn of Dove World Outreach Center, the Gainesville church where he was the pastor until late last year. It earned him a few calls from the Secret Service and an IRS complaint that said his church’s tax-exempt status should be revoked because the church was participating in obvious political activism.

He told New Times the effigy represented “death — of course, not to him. To his political career” and that the black guy hanging from a gallows wasn’t meant to carry any racial undertones.

Now, he’s upped the ante: Terry Jones has dug a grave for Barack Obama.

“Dr Terry Jones says Obama Dead in 2012,” reads a statement sent by Jones’ political organization, Stand Up America. He’s using the same out that he did with the gallows: It’s a metaphor, man.

“Dr. Terry Jones calls for the death of Obama’s presidency in 2012. America cannot afford another four years of being lied to, and stolen from,” it reads. “In 2012, vote Obama out of the White House and bring a death to Obama’s political career.”

And, if you look really closely, the fine print reveals that the grave isn’t technically for Obama but for his presidency:

Jones also posted a YouTube video explaining the move; other than that he’s standing next to a tombstone with the president’s name on it, his points are pretty sane: He faults Obama for not bringing troops home from the Middle East, for not closing Guantanamo Bay, and for being soft on immigration. Then, though, it gets a little dicey:

“He has closed his eyes to the problem that we have in America with illegals. Twenty million illegals,” Jones said. “The illegals and the Hispanics make up the largest prison population — they are only outnumbered by the blacks. They greatly exceed all other races. We must put an end to President Obama’s political career.”

In case you accidentally think Jones is correct, don’t: In addition to the obvious fallacy in blaming Obama for brown people going to jail, the rate at which Obama is deporting illegal immigrants far exceeds the rate of George W. Bush – his annual average is double that of Bush’s first term and 30 percent higher than Bush’s eight-year average. Sure, freak out about his DREAM Act executive order thing, but don’t go thinking Obama isn’t chucking immigrants out of the country.

In addition, there aren’t “20 million illegals” — it peaked in 2007 at 12 million, and the rate at which they’re entering dropped 70 percent between 2007 and 2009, according to the Pew Hispanic Center.

But forget about facts — this is about killing Obama(‘s presidency). Also running for president and hosting “International Judge Muhammad Day” on September 11.

“Let us learn, never again to vote for someone based upon the color of his skin,” Jones said. “Let us put this year a deadening blow, a death to Obama’s presidency. Thank you.”

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  • Fred

    Ah yes…. EVERYTHING is a metaphor with him. The perfect excuse for such a bigot.

  • Betty

    Organized religion sure attracts a certain personality type. What’s the word I’m looking for? Megalomania? Or maybe narcissistic personality disorder? Or maybe just plain batshitcrazy.

  • Pamela

    Not playing with a full deck

  • rookie

    He reminds me of those drug addicts who ride on ruined Harleys 🙂

  • Reynardine

    Abbey, the custom of a desperate man in Spain was to drill a hole in a canteloupe, but if the Reverend has other tastes, cucumbers are at every produce counter.

  • Abbey

    He thrives on attention… what will he cook up next? someone, please introduce him to a dildo… that’ll keep him busy!

  • @Amago

    Terry Jones really should have thought twice about putting Obama Dead, in such big letters. He’s obviously not the smartest guy in the world, but you would think that even he would understand what that would make reasonable people think, viewing it from a distance when they could only make out the words “Obama Dead”

  • Saladin

    Hey LoonWatch you need to another story on Greece this is a good video from Russia Today with an interview from a Somalian man who was beaten and ran over with bike and a pregnant woman who was assaulted also the the Golden Dawn made a campaign promise to throw every sick immigrant out of the hospital beds

    Crisis breeds xenophobia in Greece as nationalists gain clout

  • Reynardine

    He does, indeed; so did Sarah Palin, with her crosshairs.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this (not that Obama’s so great either but still…)

  • Hatethehaterz

    If a Muslim had pulled this crap (for example, dug a grave for or hung an effigy of Bush), he’d be drone struck within seconds. Yet non-Muslims are always free to spew whatever garbage comes to mind. Free speech in the west means free for them, not for us.

  • JD


  • mindy1

    Let’s ignore him, he thrives off attention

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