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Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn: Republican Senator Facing Election Jumps on anti-Mosque Bandwagon

The Sheepshead Bay anti-Mosque effort started around the time of the hoopla surrounding the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque.” As you can see the anti-Mosque effort is still going on:

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn: Republican senator facing election jumps on anti-mosque bandwagon

State Sen. David Storobin has joined the hopeless fight against a mosque being built in Sheepshead Bay – a battle that’s been repeatedly quashed in the courts and has left political insiders believing that the newly minted legislator is more concerned with winning votes than helping mosque opponents.

Storobin fired off a letter to Mayor Bloomberg last week, claiming that the house of worship is thumbing its nose at city laws and threatens its neighbors’ lives. “This may pose a danger to public safety,” Storobin (R–Brighton Beach) wrote as he bashed the city for allowing work on a house of worship continue.

Yet political insiders say Storobin is using the mosque fight to strengthen his image as a right-wing conservative – something that will help him in the race for a new Midwood district peopled with conservative Orthodox Jews. “He thinks being further to the right is more helpful to him in getting elected than being for diversity is,” said political analyst Hank Sheinkopf.

Storobin’s letter discussed a variety of issues regarding the Islamic religious center, including the fact that it will accommodate between 200 to 300 people at a time while providing no parking. With prayers occurring five times a day, the mosque could see 1,500 people per day, Storobin claims.

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  • Common Sense

    What a bunch of lying bigots! Remember the Ground Zero Mosque? They kept on saying “move the Mosque” and denied being hateful to Muslims in any way. But now look here, we have a Mosque that has NOTHING to do with Ground Zero or 9/11, and yet it’s the same bigoted Neo-Nazis who opposed the previous Mosque.

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  • Wanderer

    A full mosque for all five prayers??! God-willing:).

  • NurAlia

    Somehow, I dont see him getting the Jewish vote in America, in fact in America this stradegy might backfire on him…targeting Jews with anti religious rhetoric.

  • Garibaldi

    Some stories just never die. At least this hasn’t been as long and obstacle-filled as the Murfreesboro Mosque saga.

  • mindy1

    Oh FFS, give it a rest and solve some REAL problems 🙄

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