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The United States of America: 236 Years Old

The United States of America celebrates its 236th birthday today.

Is it still possible to celebrate, love and admire aspects of her?

One must first ask the Natives I suppose.

Is it still possible to celebrate, love and admire aspects of her even with her leaders incessant thirst for war, disregard for the rule of law, boastful hubris and claims to superiority, culture of consumption and obsession with entertainment, etc., etc., etc.?

Yes, because there is still beauty in the land and there is still beauty in many of her people.

On this July 4th I hope her citizens see her beauty. Working 9-5 (or longer) with a sprinkling of days off here and there, her beauty is more appreciated by tourists.

As the world looks at the USA on her 236th year, many nations hold deeply anti-American views, seeing her as the chief purveyor of violence and insecurity in their own beautiful lands.

I hope, for them, that the beautiful aspects of the USA and her peoples doesn’t become completely lost in the face of the corruption and avarice of her leaders.

David Bowie’s extraordinary rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s “America”:

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    Awww that’s nice 😀 happy independence day to all anti loons 🙂

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