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by Garibaldi

Before Loonwatch launched in 2009 the web was inundated with a plethora of anti-Muslim Islamophobes, who for a full 8 years (since 9/11) organized and propagated their narratives on Islam/Muslims largely unopposed (notable exceptions). A cornerstone narrative that was developed and used by the Islamophobia Movement during this time was the myth that “All Terrorists are Muslim.” This narrative had wide circulation until it was debunked by Danios.

The fallback arguments that Islamophobes have since tried to amplify are two: 1. even if all terrorists aren’t Muslims, the overwhelming majority of terrorists are, and 2. most terrorist attacks worldwide are committed by Muslims, hence, in a further leap of logic, Islam is to blame. This argument conflates the tactic of terrorism with the religion of Islam, a claim whose proponents don’t even consider Islam a religion but rather a “political ideology.” More on this later.

TheReligionOfPeace.Com and the Faulty “Islamic Terrorism Ticker”:

If you visit JihadWatch, AtlasShrugs or any of the too numerous to count anti-Muslim hate sites and blogs, you are likely to find on the sidebar a hyperlinked image claiming that “Islamic Terrorists have carried out more than _____ Deadly Terror Attacks Since 9/11.” The image was created by the anti-Islam hate site, The Religion of Peace (TROP), associated with Islamophobe Daniel Greenfield, aka “SultanKnish,” who you will recall earns a pretty penny from the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

(as of July 7,2012)

The clear visual intent of this “Islamic terrorism ticker” is to provoke an emotive fear and anxiety of a global, monolithic, totalitarian Islam (read: Muslims), that is waging terror everywhere through thousands upon thousands of unmitigated and random attacks. On TROP the “terror ticker” serves as ammunition for the site’s stated missionary proposition of portraying “Islam” as “the world’s worst religion.” It also aids in the attempt to tie terrorism to Islam.

Even a cursory glance at TROP’s list of so-called “Islamic terrorist attacks” reveals it to be nothing more than a deeply biased, propagandistic spin-job that conflates:  real terrorist attacks, (semi)religious/culturally motivated crimes, attacks on military personnel and attacks by secular groups with no ideological basis in Islam — all in theaters of occupation, civil war and separatist conflict.

Sheila Musaji comments on this aspect of TROP’s list, writing,

This site lists acts committed around the world – some in wars, some having nothing to do with Islam, but to do with nationalist or political struggles, some in civil wars. No links are given. No sources for any of this just a list of supposed attacks carried out by “Islamic terrorists”.

Musaji’s complaint about their lack of links or citations to attacks holds true, however, one can generally glean where they grab their information. Some of it is likely from verifiable news sources while other sources are Right-Wing Christian/Zionist sites and news aggregators such as World Net Daily, BosNewsLife and Arutz Sheva.

A sampling of the entries on TROP’s “terrorism attack ticker” list  is quite revealing. One of their most recent entries is an attack near Turbat, Pakistan. This is how TROP spins this nationalist/separatist attack:

According to most reports Balochistani nationalist separatists are suspected (via. CNN),

Attackers on motorcycles killed 18 Pakistani day laborers traveling through Pakistan’s Balochistan province on their way to Iran on Friday, according to Home Secretary Naseebullah Khan Bazai.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, but Bazai said authorities suspect Baloch insurgents who have been fighting Pakistan’s government over economic, political and human rights issues.

According to Bazai, the day laborers from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa provinces were heading to Iran to seek work when four assailants on two motorcycles drew close and opened fire, killing 18 and injuring two.

The incident happened about 74 miles (120 kilometers) from Turbat, CNN affiliate GEO TV reported.

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf’s office condemned the attack, saying in a statement that “the cowardly act will not weaken the resolve of the government and people to defeat the forces of evil.”

These facts are no hindrance for TROP’s propagandistic methodology, they likewise file this attack under “Islamic terrorist attack.”

Non-religious crime:

Criminal gangs as well as a low scale insurgency operate in Dagestan. No group has claimed responsibility for gunning down the cop. Interestingly enough if one searches Google for “off-duty cop gunned down,” one will notice many findings of such incidences occurring recently in the USA. Should such killings likewise be termed “American Terrorism,” or since the majority of Americans identify as Christians, “Christian Terrorism?”

Attack on Foreign Occupiers:

British soldiers who are part of a coalition force in Afghanistan are not civilians, therefore this attack is not one that falls under so-called “Islamic terrorism.” Terrorism in most definitions refers, in one way or another, to the targeted killing of civilians in the furtherance of a political cause.

Suspected non-religious motivated crime:

TROP seems to have taken this report from BosNewsLife, which according to its About page is a Christian news agency. News reports of this incident do not mention the religion of the two individuals who were killed. They are described as two musicians and brothers, and most reports say a “religious” motive is not suspected. Again, this does not fit the paradigm of so-called “Islamic terrorism.”

Tribal/Cultural crime:

A sad and despicable murder, but definitely not related to Islam or terrorism. TROP’s attempted spin here is to conflate Islam with the so-called cultural practice of “honor killing,” which exists in various cultures around the world.

Nationalist/Secular Attack:

The BLA are nationalists yet TROP labels them “Islamic Terrorists.”

TROP once again conflates separatist groups who have specific nationalist aspirations with so-called “Islamic terrorism.” The BLA (Balochistan Liberation Army) claimed responsibility for the attack,

QUETTA: The Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on a passenger train, warning people to refrain from traveling on the Pakistan Railways coaches as “such attacks will continue until the independence of Balochistan.”

According to Meerak Baloch, a spokesman for the BLA, the portion of the train which was attacked actually carried Pakistan personnel of the Pakistan army.

“We have warned all people, including the Balochs, Sindhis and Pashtuns, to stop collaboration with the Pakistani army or traveling on Pakistani trains,” said the spokesman who called the media from an undisclosed location. The spokesman said such attacks on the Pakistani army would continue in the future as well.

Domestic violence:

A very sad story, related more to patriarchy and domestic violence than “Islamic Terrorism.” It also should be pointed out that instances of husbands beating or forcing their wives to vote the way they want is not limited to Muslim countries.

Honor killing:

Once again, a sad and despicable murder, but definitely not related to Islam or terrorism. TROP’s attempted spin here is to conflate Islam with the so-called cultural practice of “honor killing,” which exists in various cultures around the world.

Reprisal attack, inter-ethnic violence:

Myanmar is home to the displaced Muslim Rohingya peoples, a group that is considered one of the most oppressed in the world. The country is seeing some of its worst inter-ethnic violence in quite some time with the beleaguered Muslim minority facing the brunt of the violence. These attacks are better categorized under sectarian and reprisal violence, not “Islamic terrorism.”

Honor Killing:

Also an unbelievably sad and despicable triple murder, no doubt, but definitely not related to Islam or terrorism. TROP’s attempted spin here is to conflate Islam with the so-called cultural practice of “honor killing,” which exists in various cultures around the world.

Attack on Foreign Occupiers:

Once again, NATO soldiers are not civilians, this does not fall under the general understanding of “terrorism,” let alone the ephemeral concept of “Islamic terrorism.”

Separatist attack on soldiers:

TROP leaves out the fact that there has been a separatist insurgency in Southern Thailand since 2004. The majority of the population in the South are Muslim Malay who feel marginalized and discriminated against by the predominately Buddhist Thai government. This does not fit under the rubric of terrorism. Those targeted by separatist insurgents were Thai soldiers and not civilians (via. AP).

Police Col. Samneang Luejeangkam says the attackers hurled a grenade into a school in Yala province’s Krongpinang district on Saturday while soldiers were taking part in a daily briefing in the schoolyard.

 Soldiers guard state schools in the area because teachers are often targets of the separatists, who regard them as representatives of the government.

More than 5,000 people have been killed in Thailand’s three southernmost provinces since an Islamist insurgency flared in 2004. Muslim residents have long complained of being treated as second-class citizens in the predominantly Buddhist nation.

Honor-related Crime:

Another terrible honor based crime.TROP’s attempted spin here is to conflate Islam with the so-called cultural practice of “honor killing,” which exists in various cultures around the world.

Honor Killing:

Once again, a horrific and despicable double murder, but definitely not related to Islam or terrorism. TROP’s attempted spin here is to conflate Islam with the so-called cultural practice of “honor killing,” which exists in various cultures around the world.


While certainly falling under “assault” and disregard for freedom of religion/expression this has nothing to do with “terrorism.”

Possible Honor Killing:

A horrendous triple murder, but again, definitely not related to Islam or terrorism. TROP’s attempted spin here is to conflate Islam with the so-called cultural practice of “honor killing,” which exists in various non-Muslim cultures around the world.

The above is just a rough sampling of “attacks” over a period of a month that TROP included as terrorist attacks but that would not fit most definitions of terrorism, let alone so-called “Islamic terrorism.”

TROP also reports many incidents of attacks as the work of Islamist/terrorist groups when no group has taken responsibility or when law enforcement is unsure of the culprit. They omit facts, decontextualize, leaving out the fact that most of these attacks are part of larger insurgencies against the state. They also just plain lie about some attacks.

The Correlation Between the US “War on Terror” and the Exponential Increase in Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan:

It goes without saying that experts on terrorism, actually anyone involved in counter-terrorism does not rely on TROPs silly “Islamic terrorism ticker” in their listing of terrorist attacks. Most experts laugh off TROPs clear missionary attempt at maximizing “Islamic terrorism” by inflating the numbers with everything from nationalist attacks to so-called honor killings.

What TROP and other Islamophobic sites will also cover up is the obvious correlation between the US “War on Terror” and the exponential rise of terrorism in Muslim majority countries, specifically Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These three countries account for more than roughly two-thirds of terrorist attacks over the past 7 years.

In Danios’ groundbreaking article, Most Victims of Islamic Terrorism are Muslim…And Why America is to Blame for it, he begins by pointing out that the threat of terrorism to Americans and Europeans is “very minimal.” The brunt of terrorist attacks around the world is absorbed by Muslims. One would think that this being the case Muslims would be at the forefront cheerleading the “War on Terror,” but they aren’t,

Muslims around the globe (including in Afghanistan and Iraq), overwhelmingly disapprove of the so-called War on Terror.  In fact, they hold very negative views of the United States (at least in regard its foreign policy), viewing “‘U.S. interference in the Arab world’ as the greatest obstacle to peace and stability in the Middle East.”  This, in spite of the majority holding very negative views towards Al-Qaeda and its tactics.

So why do Muslims hold such negatives views of US foreign policy and the “War on Terror” despite also holding overwhelmingly negative views towards AlQaeda and its tactics?

It’s because they know what is painfully obvious: it is U.S. military intervention in the region that is most responsible for creating the problem of terrorism.

Statistics and graphs illustrating the number of terrorist attacks pre-War on Terror and post-War on Terror highlight this point vividly.


In the year before the Iraq War (from 3/19/2002 to 3/19/2003), there were only 13 terrorist attacks and 14 terrorism-related deaths in Iraq.  In the year after the Iraq War (from 3/20/2003 to 3/20/2004), there were 225 terrorist attacks and 1,074 terrorism-related deaths.  In other words, the U.S. invasion of Iraq resulted in an over 1600% increase in terrorist attacks and an over 7500% increase in terrorism-related deaths in just one year.  

At the height of the Iraq War, there were 3,968 terrorist attacks, resulting in 9,497 deaths–which amounts to an over 30,000% increase in terrorist incidents and over 67,000% increase in terrorism-related deaths as compared to pre-war years.
Here is a graphical representation to help visualize the data from RDWTI:


Using the data from RDWTI, we find that in the year just prior to the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan, there were only three terrorist attacks in the country, resulting in eight fatalities.  By 2008, the number of terrorist attacks had jumped to 450 and the number of terrorism-related deaths to 1,228.  In other words, the U.S. War in Afghanistan resulted in a 15,000% increase in both terrorism related incidents and deaths. 

Here’s what it looks graphically:


The U.S.-led War in Afghanistan has created a worsening terrorism problem for Pakistan as well.  There are many complex reasons for this spike in violence within Pakistan (which are beyond the scope of this article), but all are ultimately rooted in America’s War on Terror.  Using the RAND Database of Worldwide Terrorism Incidents, we find that there was an over 650% increase in terrorism-related fatalities in Pakistan as a result of America’s war (568 deaths in 2008 as compared to 73 in 2000).

Don’t expect these sobering facts to make it onto any discussion about terrorism, let alone onto the Islamophobia Movement’s “terrorism ticker.” In their reflexive dash to demonize Islam and Muslims the Islamophobes stand exposed as the real dissemblers; those who work day and night to cover up the American Empire’s creation of the Middle East and South Asia’s “terrorism” nightmare.

The Conflation of the Strategy of Terrorism with Religion and Ideology:

Why are the Islamophobes so intent on their quixotic attempt to paint Islam as a political ideology instead of a religion? One reason has to do with the unwillingness of the Islamophobia Movement to differentiate between the tactic of terrorism and ideology.

This conflation of the tactic of terrorism as an inherent manifestation of certain political ideologies has its roots in the turbulent political environment of the 1970’s, when terrorism was almost “commonly regarded” as Left-Wing.

“Terrorism and guerrilla warfare have a history dating back many centuries, quite possibly one that predates the advent of conventional warfare. The study of this history is not an academic exercise; however, a true understanding of the terrorist phenomenon is impossible without at least some knowledge of what has gone before. To give but two examples: during the 1970’s it was common to regard terrorism as mainly, if not exclusively, left wing and revolutionary because the leading terrorist groups at the time in Europe, Latin America, and parts of the Middle East, implemented the terminology of the far left.

This focus on one specific trend was based on a profound misjudgment. It assumed that terrorism was an ideology whereas in actual fact it was a strategy used by the extreme right and the far left, by radical nationalist and fanatical religious groups alike. Understanding the history of terrorism on a world wide basis would have obviated such a fatal misreading. In a similar way, suicide attacks have struck many observers in recent years as something totally new and unprecedented, though it is an ancient tactic. In fact terrorists attacks predating the twentieth century were almost all suicidal in nature because with daggers, short range pistols and unstable bombs, the attacker’s prospects of survival were less than brilliant.” (emphasis added) Laqueur, W. (Ed.). (2004). Voices of Terror.

Absent from most discussions regarding terrorism is the role of state sponsored terrorism, especially the United States involvement in giving both “material” and “direct support” to groups that they themselves have designated as “foreign terrorist” organizations. Whether it is the Mujahidin-e Khalq (MEK), or the less well known relationship between NATO and the AlQaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), or the current quagmire in Syria where US made arms and ammunition are finding themselves in the hands of rebels, some of whose ideological foundations mirror AlQaeda.

What is evident, and not altogether unsurprising, is that superpowers are willing to do business with terrorists whenever it suits their needs, all the while lying in the face of their apathetic citizenry. Indeed, they can always rely on bigoted zealots such as those at to cheerlead the enterprise of empire.

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  • Brainfreeze

    The is just one example of the many websites created solely to impose hatred amongst muslims and non muslims alike. If you’re looking to know the truth about Islam, who they are, the belief system, principles, and unbiased opinion and experiences with or to the belief then please visit I created the page for those that are seeking real information and were dissapointed with the devil driven website :

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    You think all Muslims are loons? That’s pretty loony. What does “Islamist activity” mean?

    Attacks carried out in the name of Islam are often motivated by barely concealed political motivations and are exaggerated in their threat level especially when it comes to the USA and Europe.

    What can’t be denied is that the monopoly over violence rests with the US empire that continues policies that create a greater wellspring for terrorist recruitment through its aerial drone campaign that has killed and maimed countless civilians.

  • 😛

  • sir David (aged 13 3/4)

    Then you understand what I am talking about, plus you are most likely the same nationality as myself and the loon 😉

    Sir David

  • @Sir david
    Oh right 😛 Ive read that book and coincidentally i am 13 and 3/4 right now

  • Sir David ( aged 13 3/4 )

    Of course not
    I just called myself that after a loon called me a teenager , it’s a referance to a popular book from my teenage years called ‘the secret life of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4. ‘ The loon whom I suspect to be a similar age to myself and the same Nationality would have understood I was taking the mick out of him
    This is the Internet after all things are not always what they seem

    Sir David
    Vice Chair leftwing mooslim alliance
    West Anjou branch

  • Garibaldi


    Good suggestions I’ll definitely consider incorporating them in any rebuttal.

    As far as any sort of open thread with HP it would of course be announced in advance.

  • @Tanveerkhan

    You’re Welcome

  • @Critical and Garibaldi.
    Ah ok thanks for clearing that up 🙂
    @Sir david
    Are you actually 13?

  • sir David (aged 13 3/4)

    TROP does trope again!
    Printing rubbish twice does not make it correct.

    Sir David

  • Chameleon


    Yes, indeed, it is quite pathetic. He blithely asserts on LW’s behalf that LW agrees by default with all the TROP incidents not sampled during the sampling period (i.e., 203 less the 15 sampled). How presumptuously funny. Of the 15 LW sampled for further review, he failed to dispute the clear conclusion that not a single one can be tied to a religious cause. He alludes to a potential “religious” motive in the Egypt “musicians” murder regarding an obscure pamphlet that was supposedly distributed by some nefarious individuals, but then he fails to make any connection between those who distributed that pamphlet and the murderers or to prove that the individuals murdered were even non-Muslim. More likely than not, the busking musicians were simply murdered to steal their daily cash haul. The remaining incidents of the 15 were either clear and admitted errors (2), political motives without any clear evidence that any “Muslim” is ultimately guilty in each case (5: 2 X Myanmar, 2 X Afghanistan, 1 X Dagestan), and honor killing or domestic violence (7, which we have already established is clearly caused by regional cultures independent of religion, with zero evidence backing up the absurd “Islamdunnit” argument).

    In addition to quickly refuting his analyses of the 15 incidents and his other silly tangential arguments, you should do one more sampling, if possible. However, this time you should sample all sequential incidents in a one or two day period or – even better – sample 20 or so incidents from a single 30 day period based on a provably independent number sequence, with only the start date not being independent. I would suggest picking sequential incidents that are prime numbers to accomplish this objective (i.e., incident numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, etc. during this period). That way, there can be no potential allegation that you handpicked those incidents or are agreeing to TROP’s conclusion on incidents that are not prime numbers.

    As I pummeled this guy in a private debate, one of the key questions that he could not answer was this: If all these murders can be traced back to Islam as the root cause, then where in the Quran are all the murderous kill orders to back up this claim? Forget even that – just show me ONE kill order in the entire Quran. He failed miserably to do even that. Since he is responding to LW with a rebuttal, make sure you brazenly challenge him in your next article to an online debate with us to settle the issue once and for all. We can do it on LW or any independent public forum, if he prefers, as long as both sides are free to publish the debate on their sites too. He is already on our hook, so let’s make the effort to reel him on in. He is just a dimwit peddling a mountain of logical fallacies, but he is also a very big fish in the Islamophobia industry based on the influence of his hate site, as you know. Now is our chance to take his site head on and to fry this fish in a debate, for the record, while the world is watching.

    On a related note, with respect to another recent post you made to me about the HP debate, please just make sure that this is properly announced at least a week in advance on both web sites (particularly the visiting site, since they need the confidence that others have been properly informed to come over to the host site en masse on a certain date). If this communication is not done, I fear it will fail to attract sufficient participation from especially the visiting site members.

  • Garibaldi


    I would hope the ludicrous nature of their site and these articles exposing them would be enough to destroy any shred of “credibility”, and I believe this article goes a ways in doing that, but rebutting their nonsense is vital.

  • @Garibaldi

    I’m glad you are planning refuting TROP’s pathetic response to this. We need to do all we can to destroy whatever credibility they may have in the eyes of who don’t know any better.

  • Garibaldi


    It is such a ridiculously poor article I haven’t really given it priority as far as rebuttal, but no doubt I will do a post that will be sure to humiliate dimwitted Glen even more.

    So as not to give the drivel any traffic I give you the link via google cache:

  • Chameleon

    For obvious reasons, I missed that TROP article, and their site doesn’t seem to have a search feature to find it. Can someone post the link without the “…com” prefix so that I can see what they wrote without creating a track back to their site? I highly encourage a response to whatever trash of a rebuttal they post, if for no other reason than to humiliate that dimwit Glen even more.

    @Jack Cope,

    I just saw your post for the first time now. I guess I wasn’t tracking this article when you posted, so sorry about that. Send an email to Ilisha or LW, and they have my permission to release my email to you, after which we can talk offline. I have had similar ideas.

  • Garibaldi


    That response was actually pretty pathetic, and yes we do plan an article rebutting it.

  • @Tanveer Khan

    Unfortunately you’re right, but Loon Watch unfortunately can’t always respond to everything anti Muslim bigots say or do. Hopefully most of the people who see both this and ROP response will realize how pathetic it was.

  • Tanveer Khan

    Yeah so do I. I’m worried that people will take LoonWatch’s silence as a victory. Indeed i think i have seen some islamophobes/fools actually think tbat.
    PS Technically i didnt ‘see’ them but you know what i mean 😀

  • @Tanveerkhan

    I think they know, I sent it to them in an email awhile back. ROF didn’t do a very good job of debunking Loon Watch, so I suspect they just didn’t think their response was worth responding to. I wish they had through, they could have thoroughly debunked them again and totally Power owned them, really easily, thus making ROF look really stupid once more. Unfortunately far too many people still trust that awful website.

  • Did you guys know they made a response article?

  • Chameleon, having had such debates with happy chappies such as the one mentioned before I know what you’re up against. Having largely ‘retired’ from the whole ‘debating with idiots’ thing (it gets to you after a few years and my hair started going grey) I do know what you are up against when going toe to toe with those who make their name out of lies!

    I think it would be a good idea to publish your email correspondence in some form or another (I can help if needs be) so that people can see just how low these people are and as a reference point for others interested in talking to them. As you say there does need to be a more organized approach to this whole thing. On your note about forums etc, yes, there were many a few years back but sadly the people behind them were not paid professionals like their opponents so we got overwhelmed by the sheer volume of crap out there…

  • Garibaldi


    Thank you for your well thought out comment. Thank you for taking the time out to debate Glen Robinson. He clearly has very little coherent understanding of Islam and Muslims, and your debate with him further proves this.

    I believe a Loonwatch vs. Jihadwatch debate is a good way to bill any sort of encounter with Spencer and his groupies, but they are usually running away from any real debate.

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