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Forget Stealth: Bold, Brash Graffiti Jihad Comes to Boston

Boston Jihad Mural

by Ilisha

There is probably a terrorist in your lunchbox right now. Seriously. Well, maybe not an actual terrorist, but a stealth jihad symbol of some sort for sure. Trust me. They’re everywhere!

If you’re skeptical, just ask the citizens of the iconic American City of Boston, Massachusetts. When a 70-foot-tall mural  entitled, The Giant of Boston, was recently revealed in Dewey Square to promote a show at the Institute of Contemporary Art, some keenly aware observers immediately recognized a “threat” to the public order:  Graffiti Jihad! 

In recent years, stealth jihads have been popping up hither and tither on a regular basis, but as you can see, there’s really nothing “stealth” about this bold, brash, in-your-face jihad-inspiring monument to terrorism. Apparently sensing a juicy opportunity for faux controversy, the local Fox News affiliate invited responses on Facebook, posing the question:

“This is a new mural on a Big Dig ventilation building. What does it look like to you?”

Some of the replies (here and here):

“Mooselim protected by Obama!”

“towel head”

“a Muslim woman in a head scarf holding an AK-47 in her hands”

“[It looks like] the wife of a terrorist”

“Taliban fighter”

“a tribute to [President Barack] Obama’s birthday”

“Finally a building worth crashing a plane into”

“a slap in the face to all those who lost someone on 9/11 & another slap in the face to our military who is over there risking there lives”.

“I’m going down there tonight and painting an American flag over it”

So far no one has painted an American flag over the mural, and secret Muslim US President Barak Obama is apparently remiss in sending a thank you note for his birthday tribute. Mr. President, Os GĂȘmeos are waiting!

Os Gemeos

Is there a bomb in that satchel?

Os GĂȘmeos (“The Twins” in Portuguese) are identical twin artists from SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil. The twins claim their work is inspired, not by Osama Bin Laden, but by Brazil’s budding hip hop culture, and that their distinctive style of art is an outgrowth of street graffiti. Apologists have suggested the masked subjects they depict could be spray paint artists avoiding fumes and evading authorities, who tend to take a dim view of scrawling art, no matter how lovely, on the sides of public buildings.

Other artwork by the twins, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, may seem like peculiar fare for apparent “Islamists,” laced with nudity and other seemingly incongruent themes, but savvy “counter jihadists” will quickly recognize this as mere taqqiya. Check out the damning piece of “art” to the upper right: Spray paint bandit or keffiyeh-clad suicide bomber?

This apparent jihad-loving duo  isn’t content to keep their Graffiti Jihad confined to one place either:

As they build upon these monumental gallery projects across Brazil, Europe, and the rest of the world, Os GĂȘmeos takes their exhibitions in new directions that incorporate their love of theater, spectacle, musical performance, and sculpture. All the while, they continue their graffiti-based practice of murals and street painting, bringing that joy to people who will never visit one of their gallery or museum shows.

Then, as now, graffiti’s great strength was, is, and will hopefully remain, its ability to cross boundaries of culture and background like no other art form. For Os GĂȘmeos, that boundary crossing took the form of an art freely mixing the traditions of graffiti with their mutual fantasy world; all taking shaping since the mid-1980s amid the gut-wrenching pain and pants-melting bliss displayed on every SĂŁo Paulo city block. As Os GĂȘmeos continue their ascent as the greatest artists the graffiti and street art movement has ever produced, the simple qualities of joy, caring, rage, and empathy ring through their work, rooted as ever in a love that began at conception. —Caleb Neelon

Rooted in love? Crossing the boundaries of culture and background? Clearly this Caleb Neelon is a fawning, leftist dhimmi. The twins themselves had this to say:

“…We believe that when you paint and put something in the street, museum, gallery, video—whatever—this touches somebody. People need time machines, they need to fly, to feel love, and we love to make that and give that to everyone for free. In exchange, we have so much to learn from life. We just bring back the way that we played when we were kids. When we were four or five, we were building things, destroying toys, and reconstructing them into others. What we do today is the same. Making sculptures is one way that makes people touch and feel in three dimensions, because everything we paint is a piece of the movement. It’s like a movie, everything is a frame from this one long film.

We also believe in God and in [His] writing, and sometimes we represent that in our work. Brazil is a very spiritual country, around 89 percent are Christian, and most of that Catholic. This came from Portuguese colonists, and the Evangelists. There are also the African religions that we call Afro-Brasileiros, people from the northeast of Brazil. In Brazil you find all these religions and the mix of religions, people of faith. Sometimes we represent a small church in order to show the belief of the people and how they trust in God…

This is either sophisticated taqiyya, or we’re looking at a couple of leftist dhimmis. Which could it be? Perhaps we can glean evidence from another project, named–gasp!–The Pig. The pig in question appears to have an distinct “down with the Empire” antiwar theme apparently loved by jihadists and their leftist dhimmi allies alike, but a pig is a curious choice for a jihad mascot. A closer look at the pig’s belly from the proper angle yields a clue: It reads, “Occupy USA.”

Lefist dhimmis it is, folks.

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  • Jay Johnston

    This was done by OS GEMEOS, artist twins from Brazil, who have painted similar giant faces around the world. They are Portuguese speaking CATHOLICS, they have NO TIES to Islam, and if you even knew a TINY bit about the modern art scene and how WORLD FAMOUS these guys are you would realize just how bizarrely STUPID this line of thought is; if you think it is a muslim thing i’m sorry but you are a damn fool.

  • slobo

    And this must be an orchestra of terrorists
    Look at the bald man! He must a Hamas-Linked conductor.

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  • Bostonian

    ’bout time someone got the greenway to loosen up.

    The mural is a great.

    Surprised those two killjoys Spencer and Geller are all over it yet.

    But so far it hasn’t been defaced.

  • Jai

    “Graffiti Jihad!”

    Pamela Geller’s recent Atlas Shrugs article about the British Muslim children involved in the English Chess controversy was titled “Chess Jihad”. Beyond ridiculous.

    I wonder how long it’ll take for Geller to notice that a disproportionate number of India’s biggest movie stars are Muslims. Presumably Geller would describe this as “Bollywood Jihad”.

  • Garibaldi

    @Ilisha, you wrote,

    There is probably a terrorist in your lunchbox right now. LOL. Considering how nearly anything sends the looniverse into a panic, I wouldn’t be surprised if they find some conspiracy literally about a forthcoming lunchbox jihad.

    More to the art itself, I find that it must have been very difficult to make. I like the style, though I can see how it can surprise everyday Bostonians, what to make of it?

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  • Khalid

    My god, the nefarious Muslims have done it again.

  • JD

    I believe it or not I just told Loon Watch about that, but via two different sources.

    The judge sent to prison Czech Breivik

    Czech police charge man over ‘Breivik-style’ plot

    However, Its a good thing that the Huffington post also decided to cover the story. Thanks for telling us what you found.

  • JD

    Anders Breivik Sympathizer Arrested In Czech Republic

    PRAGUE — A man believed to be a sympathizer of Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik has been arrested in the Czech Republic for building up a stash of weapons, explosives, a detonator and an automatic rifle at his home, according to local media reports.

    The 29-year-old man, living in the eastern city of Ostrava, had used Breivik’s name in email communication, Czech news agency CTK reported Saturday. He was arrested Aug. 10 in Ostrava. Police would not comment further on the apparent Breivik link.

    “In a home search we’ve found computer equipment, weapons, ammunition and explosives,” CTK quoted Ostrava criminal police head Radovan Vojta as saying.

    Vojta said police bomb experts were examining the seized material.

    The suspect, who was not identified, has been convicted five times in the past on explosives-related charges. On one occasion, he blew up explosives near a highway in Ostrava.

    Right-wing extremist Breivik shot dead 69 people on a rampage at a youth camp at Utoya island, Norway, on July 22, 2011, after killing eight people in a bombing in Oslo.

  • JD

    Hank Williams Jr.: Obama Is ‘A Muslim President Who Hates Farming, Hates The Military, Hates The U.S. And We Hate Him’
    Hank Williams Jr. reprised his role as a fiery anti-Obama blowhard on Friday, telling fans at a concert that the president was Muslim and anti-American.
    The statement came near the end of a concert at the Iowa State Fair Grandstand. Williams Jr.’s comments were first reported in a review by Des Moines Register reporter Joe Lawler.
    According to Lawler, the show was relatively free of politics until the end, when Williams Jr. made the following claims: “We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!”
    The comments were apparently met with applause and loud cheers.
    Williams Jr. made waves in October 2011, when he appeared on “Fox and Friends” and likened the president to Hitler.
    That statement resulted in ESPN yanking Williams Jr.’s opening song from “Monday Night Football,” where the country star’s song had played for over two decades.
    Though he later said his “Fox and Friends” comments were “misunderstood,” Williams Jr. has continued to be outspoken in his dislike of Obama. He also released a song entitled “Keep the Change,” in which he derides not only the president but also Fox, who he describes as “twisting [his words] all around.”
    In a July 2012 interview with Rolling Stone, Williams Jr. doubled down on his particularly blunt brand of criticism of the Obama administration.
    “We’ve got a President that does a call to the Koran or Mecca or whatever,” he told the magazine. When asked if he believed Obama hated America, Williams Jr. responded, “I don’t know about that but it’s kind of obvious. I guess when you take a tour, a world tour, to apologize for America.”
    A number of entertainers have come out in support of Obama and/or against the Romney-Ryan ticket. The Silversun Pickups issued a strongly worded cease-and-desist letter to Romney when it was revealed that the campaign had played one of their songs. The campaign responded by saying it was within its legal rights in playing “Panic Switch” and added that the song was not among those usually played and would not be used again.
    Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine wrote a takedown of Rep. Paul Ryan. Ryan had previously said that Rage was his favorite band. In his op-ed, Morello wrote that Ryan represented “the embodiment of the machine our music rages against.”
    But Williams Jr. is not alone in the entertainment world. Musician Ted Nugent has made a cottage industry out of criticizing Obama, most recently claiming that the president “represents everything bad about humanity.” Nugent was investigated by the Secret Service after he made the bizarre claim that a second Obama victory would result in the singer either being “dead or in jail.”

  • JD

    Dalbir Singh Murdered: Another Sikh Killed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Another Sikh has been murdered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Fifty-six-year-old Dalbir Singh regularly attended the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, the same gurdwara where white supremacist Wade Michael Page opened fire and killed six members of the congregation.

    According to a press release issued by the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF), the Milwaukee Police Department has been treating the case as a robbery, has not yet determined a motive, and has taken people of interest in custody. Furthermore, U.S. Attorney James Santelle “has assured the community that his office and law enforcement will look at this case critically and ensure that the motive of this crime is thoroughly investigated.”

    This latest murder comes in the wake of the largest tragedy in Sikh American history, and community members are openly wondering whether the murder of Dalbir Singh is connected to the massacre that took place in the same town just ten days prior. While the Sikhs of Milwaukee publicly expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support from around the world, the community does not seem entirely surprised. In fact, some individuals had privately reported that they had received additional threats.

    For example, less than a week after the temple shootings, a member of the Oak Creek Sikh community stopped his car at an intersection next to a pickup truck. The driver of the truck looked at the Sikh American, manipulated his thumb and pointer-finger to make the shape of a gun, and pulled the trigger while mouthing the words “This isn’t over yet.”

    This sort of anecdote raises questions about the toxicity of our society.

    It also shows how much work we still have to do.

    One of our key failures is our inability to identify the source of these problems. By framing the Oak Creek massacre as an isolated incident, we delude ourselves into thinking of it as a randomized event carried out by a troubled individual. However, if we place the gurdwara shooting within its broader context, we can clearly see that it fits a troubling pattern of hate and bigotry within this country.

    But Sikh Americans are not the only targets. The anti-Muslim vitriol in this country has reached an all-time high. Hateful Americans have attacked seven mosques over the past 11 days — some razed a mosque in Joplin, others threw pig’s feet at a mosque site in California, some shot paintballs at a mosque in Oklahoma City, and still others hurled a homemade chemical bomb at a mosque outside of Chicago.

    Given the Islamophobic sentiment raging throughout modern America, we cannot afford to view the pattern of bigotry in this country as disparate, random acts. While the assailant’s intent in murdering Dalbir Singh remains to be determined, the very fact that we are considering hate as a possible motive speaks volumes about the condition of our nation. We’re in trouble. The nationwide desecration of mosques and the terrorizing of Sikhs in Milwaukee are symptoms of a larger problem. Determining the source of these symptoms has become an urgent and pressing need.

    We can no longer just hope for improvement.

    The questions hovering over Dalbir Singh’s death point to a deep societal problem, and while we celebrate his life and begin to move forward, let us ask ourselves a difficult but necessary question: what are we doing to identify the source of these symptoms so that we can address the underlying problem

  • corey

    you know these so called “defenders of western civilization” kinda remind me of infinity inc of the dc comic event 52 and if you haven’t read that I highly recommend you try to pick the series up from your library its really awesome but anyway in one of the issues week 29 to which you will find here and dont worry there is no big spoilers on here but anyway as you will read obsidian is pissed that one of the members of the “infinity inc” is announcing herself as “jade” who is obsidian’s deceased sister and an altercation ensues with alan scott being able to calm him down of course alan lectures them on how the kids have no respect for the names that were used before them but the one called “nuklon” says that they can do better then the original jsa and that he promises to scott and I will try to quote “when everything looks like it is about to end that he will be the first to go into the action with infinity inc at his side” of course when that sort of thing happens specifically black adam going on a rampage guess what nuklon and some of his team members are doing while everyone is trying to fight off black adam even those who don’t have special powers of there own such as wild cat, they are hiding and when scott comes to ask them for aid telling them this is it this that kind of scenario that looks like its about to end they run off.

  • Solid Snake

    *facepalm* at the responses on the Facebook page. Please I want to understand, all Islamophobes and anti-Muslims reading this site, how can you be so utterly stupendously embarrassingly stupid? If you are that comically idiotic how do you have access to the internet? How do you tie your own shoes? And you guys want to be christened ‘Defenders of Western Civilization’? Wow.

  • @Crow When

    I look at that mural I see a poorly drawn cartoon character wearing a jacket around his head.

  • @Ilisha

    This is some interesting artwork.

  • Crow

    When I look at that mural I see fascist, racist, Islamaphobic America hating Israel firster scum with no lives seeing Jihad were there is none once again

  • Natalie

    The brown face covered with a scarf does feel threatening to a paranoid westerner who has never been out of his county, but when you live in the desert (as few in Boston have, apparently), you get used to seeing brown faces (often Hindu/Christian Indians or Christian Filipinos) covered with a scarf while they work in the dust and sand of the Arabian desert. In fact, you will find your own little white self carrying a scarf along with you for the sudden dust ups that we occasionally experience. Its a functional fashion, I guess! there have been a few days when niqab made absolute sense to me-full out burka, even. That being said, I now know how to adjust my hijab when necessary over my lily white face with only my blue eyes peeping out.

    I thought the picture was vibrant and colorful. I hope the exhibit is very successful for the twins.

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