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Muslim Graves Desecrated in the Chicago Suburb of Evergreen Park

The hate attacks continue. Above you can see racist Islamophobes vandalize a Muslim man’s grave with the words “Raghaed killer!”

The hate graffiti in the pics below reads “Mohamad is a liar & a Fagit We Whont Be taken Alive!” (h/t: Crystal)


On August 16, 2012,  a Palestinian American man went to pay respects to his deceased father at Evergreen Cemetery and was horrified to see anti-Muslim hate graffiti on a number of Muslim graves. Evergreen Cemetery is home to at least 500 Muslim graves.  Cemetery officials and the police have been notified. The cemetery is located at 3401 West 87th Street, Evergreen Park, IL 60805.

 The hate graffiti reads “Mohamad is a liar & a Fagit We Whont Be taken Alive!”

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  • Pamela

    the fools are disrespectful, may ALLAH grant peace to the families

  • Yasin

    Michele Bachmann Gets Wrong John Wayne
    The day before making her official presidential campaign announcement, in Waterloo, Iowa, Michele Bachmann, who was born and grew up in Waterloo before moving to Minnesota, told Fox News, “John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That’s the kind of spirit that I have, too.” However, the John Wayne with roots in Waterloo is John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer convicted of 33 murders. John Wayne the movie star was born in Winterset, Iowa.

  • Common Sense

    ROFLOL they don’t even know how to spell, let alone the fact that they’re mini-Spencer neo-Nazi bigots.

  • Meryem

    @SalCat, I live in Turkey and quite a lot of the mosques have grave yards. This is an example:
    These are located in Istanbul. There are some sects in Islam, like wahabbis that are against tombs and stones because they are convinced it will lead to grave worship, which is a major sin. There are some nice Muslim tombs out there. My two favorites I have visited are the Rumi Mauseoleum in Konya, Turkey and the Green Tomb
    in Bursa, Turkey. There are some nice ones in Istanbul too.

  • SaiCat

    I was quite sure that Muslims aren’t supposed to have gravestones. I thought graves were supposed to be unmarked…

  • GW

    Dispicable, cowardly act.

  • MC

    I am not at all surprised. Like Meryem says, stupidity and hate are not that far apart.

  • broke

    Spencer and Geller have a hard time without “spellcheck”

  • Meryem

    This proves that bigoted and stupid go hand in hand. They write disgusting, offensive and bigoted comments on a grave and they cannot even spell properly, and their grammar is below elementary level. Don’t people have any decency? Just leave the dead in peace. This makes me sick.

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  • Crow

    first of all having heard the name frequently you would think they would know how to spell faggot. they say “we wont be taken alive”…..thats not really a bad thing less racist bigoted fascist zionist scum on the planet.

  • mindy1

    What is WRONG with people?! The dead should RIP 🙁

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