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Stockholm: The Grand “Counter-Jihad” Meeting of the Year Draws 50, Counter Protesters Draw Over 1,000

Stockholm, 8/4/12: US Islamophobes, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller proudly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with co-founder and EDL thug, Stephen Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson.

by Emperor

Did you see the warriors and defenders of Western Civilization, dressed up in their super hero costumes, marching down Stockholm streets, saving Westerners from the pillaging Eurabic Mooslims?

No you say? Well, it’s not your fault. The  grandiosely titled “First Worldwide Counter-Jihad Action” day demonstration can be counted as another abysmal failure in a long list of failures for the trans-Atlantic Islamophobia movement. When it comes to demonstrations, the anti-Fascists and anti-Racist groups generally outnumber these hate-mongers 10-1.

It’s worth noting that this so-called “First Counter-Jihad Action” demo really wasn’t the first “action” as Islamophobes billed it, that title can likely go to their ideological kin and fellow “counter-Jihad” Crusader, the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.

The demonstration was put together by Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Anders Gravers, the EDL, the local SDL and other affiliate organizations, and drew, according to our Swedish sources, roughly 50 demonstrators, though Reuteurs gave a favorable estimate of under 200.

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Stockholm rally by European and U.S. far-right groups seeking to create a global “counter-jihad” movement attracted fewer than 200 people on Saturday who were outnumbered by anti-racist protesters.

Personally I believe the real motive of this counter-jihad demo must have been an opportunity for the Islamophobes to vacation in Stockholm, which is very nice this time of the year.

Swedish Loonwatcher, Anton Widebäck Ullerstam was at the event and sent us this photo of the so-called “counter-jihadists” demo, noting that amongst the Islamophobic demonstrators in this picture are included cameramen and journalists:

Anton, for his part couldn’t contain his laughter, exclaiming further,

Those who protested against the “counter-jihad movement” on their “biggest event this year” were about 1000 people. How many did Spencer, Geller and Robinson manage to gather from all over the world (as they intended)? Hehe…take a look (at the above picture)

As Anton mentioned, anti-Fascist counter-protesters far outnumbered the Islamophobes:

The message of many of the counter-protesters was “heart against hate,” with a few also flipping the bird at Islamophobes:

Of course, such a paltry show of “force” on behalf of the “counter-jihadists” has to be spun positively; as the m.o. goes with Islamophobes, never concede failure, blame someone else. The task for this spin job was left to the queen bee of hyperbolic verbal diarrhea, Pamela Geller, who wrote yesterday,

Today heralded the dawning of a new era of cooperation between pro-freedom groups in Europe, the United States, Australia and elsewhere.

This has been a pretty lengthy “dawn.” We’ve been witnessing claims of a “new era” for quite some time now, and clearly such cooperation between hate groups is already extensive.

Geller, desperate to spin anything into a sensational conspiracy transformed a “firecracker” into a possible “bomb,” writing,

police at one point found a suspicious package from the Leftists, and examined it out of concern that it was a bomb. It turned out to be a large firecracker

Imagine her disappointment!

Geller, gives her reason for why the numbers were so low,

First of all, we were “outnumbered” because we had to conduct our rally surrounded by police vans and police in riot gear…Many people told us they were afraid to come, or they’d get fired if they came. Some told us afterward that they wanted to come but couldn’t get through the leftist hooligans and the police.

Pathetic, isn’t it? It’s the police’s fault, seemingly the protection they provided the “freedom defenders” wasn’t good enough because too many “counter-jihadists” were “afraid,” and oh yeah, don’t forget that the “leftists” are at fault too! It’s a shock anyone made it through to this “world-wide counter-jihad action” demo the way Geller spins events!

Let’s not let the Islamophobes steal the spotlight however, because yesterday rationality, freedom and respect for the “other” won out over the bigotry, thuggery and intimidation of the EDL, SDL, SIOE, Geller and Spencer.

Thank you to all those who peacefully and forcefully protested against the Islamophobia movement’s “demonstration” of hate! It is through your vigilance, your peaceful yet jubilant assembly countering hate that the light of truth will always expose the hate-mongerers dark schemes.

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  • Jack Cope

    Money; alrighty then, perhaps you’d like to explain to us all what ‘Jihad’ is? Citing Islamic sources of course. What? You can’t? How sad…

  • Nassir H.

    @Cook, I read Paul Weston’s “inspiring” speech. I guess he sees no parallel between the Nazi goal of eradicating Judaism and, in his own words, the “fight to the death between the Christian West and Islam” that “we cannot afford to lose.”

    Of course, as Weston repeats many times, it’s the libruls who are closest ideologically to the Nazis. Forget that the Axis fought against the Commies. And ignore that fact that fascist movements are known for promoting militarism and chauvinistic nationalism. Are supporters of eugenics today rightwing or leftwing? Are those behind the anti-immigrant attacks in Greece—which have left at least 500 injured and one killed in the last six months—rightwing or leftwing?

    And as always, you got to love the consistency of the “counter-jihad” movement. Just look at the comments section. After ranting about Muslims and their violent religion, Weston fangirl Linda Rviera inspires us with this choice quote from the Bible.

    “Bible, Deuteronomy 20:1 When you go out to battle against your enemies and see horses and chariots and people more numerous than you, do not be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, who brought you up from the land of Egypt is with you.”

  • Garibaldi

    Money and Cook are the same person. Stop spamming and trolling the thread else you will be banned.

  • Cook

    @Sir David

    Paul Weston made a nice comparison between political and religious fascism, a bit inconvenient to be honest.

  • Money

    Good to see that the taqiyya concerning Jihad is still working, there must have been at least a thousand useful idiots present.

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32) Warning Contains Irony

    Do we have any reports of what was said at this meeting ?
    Apart from the obvious like
    ” Heil Hitler” ( Steven Lennon )
    “Does any body what to buy my book ? Signed copies still available !” ( Robert Spencer)
    ” Do you think more people would have turned out if I wore my bikini? ” (Mrs MacBeth )

    How chief Kapo Mrs MacBeth Geller justifies marching with such a group of obvious fascists is beyond me .

    Sir David

  • Fred

    Even the LGBT parade didn’t appreciate the dirty fascists being there!

  • Wanderer

    The problem with the loons is that their message resonates mainly with the lazy and the uninformed. So either their supporters are too tired to get off their couches, or they couldn’t find the place.

  • American Topi

    Aahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha Wah Wah ….. Fat Bob and Slimy Gelly obnoxious fumes emanating every time they opened their putrid mouth drove hundreds of thousands protesters who came in secretly by Submarines and Space shuttles , running helter-skelter towards Arctic’s clean environment for detoxification .
    We hope Polar bears don’t die of food poisoning.

  • Xithuriel

    Now THAT is British pride right there. Good on you Brits! Show the world what the nation of reason and conscience is all about – and why it lives up to it’s title of being GREAT Britian.

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  • Common Sense

    ROFLOL. Islamophobia fails.

  • DanTheHat

    I was at a demo countering the EDL insisting on marching through one of the most multi-culturally diverse and harmonious Cities in the UK ( Bristol ) and that day the EDL were outnumbered 3-1 at least, and that wasn’t counting the 1000+ police officers that were there to protect the right-wing invader, at a cost to the local tax-payer of around £500,000 !
    The EDL even chose to “protest” ( although nobody is sure what exactly , not even the EDL THEMSELVES KNEW WHY THEY WERE HERE !!) on the same day as Bristol Gay Pride festival, which would have had 6 times more attendance all day had the EDL not wasted everyone’s time and money !
    And Where was their glorious leader while the locals of Bristol were mocking his gullible minions !? Stuffed in the boot of an SUV in Bedminster ( an outskirts of the city centre) sleeping off premature coke and beer !

    Anyway, I am glad these idiots are getting the deserved reaction from a worldwide audience !

    Peace, love and Happy Ramadan to all involved from Bristol ( S/W UK )

  • Slobo

    Thank God! the protestors were well aware of the dangers those Anders Breivick’s Inspirators poses..

  • jawad

    thats wonderful. glad to see so many people come out against bigotry.

  • Haddock


  • corey

    I imagine this is the kind of people they were able to gather

  • Nilofour Zaman


    Sulayman, sometimes you gotta be patient, but I agree it is so nice to see this!

  • mindy1

    Yay good on stockholm 😀

  • Sulayman F.

    Finally, some good news.

  • CriticalDragon1177


    Anyway, glad the numbers were so small, especially given the fact that the numbers showing up on our side was so large. That’s a great sign.

  • CriticalDragon1177


    Yeah, Geller, all that police protection scared people off. What does she really think that says about her followers?

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