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Actress Cindy Lee Garcia sues over Innocence of Muslims

This poor woman has been implicated in the horrific anti-Muslim movie and wants her name cleared. She’s suing the deceptive producers and directors. I am going to guess that other actors who were tricked will be suing as well. (h/t: Jai):

Actress Cindy Lee Garcia sues over Innocence of Muslims

A US actress who appeared in an amateur anti-Islam video that sparked protests across the Muslim world is suing the film’s suspected director.

Cindy Lee Garcia accused Nakoula Basseley Nakoula of duping her into a “hateful” film that she was led to believe was a desert adventure movie.

She is also asking a judge to order YouTube to remove the film.

A clip dubbed into Arabic provoked widespread anger for its mocking portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad.

The film, Innocence of Muslims, which was made in the United States, has sparked protests across the Middle East, North Africa and as far away as Sri Lanka, with some demonstrations turning into destructive and violent riots.

Four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stephens, were killed during an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

According to Ms Garcia, the script she received had made no mention of the Prophet Muhammad or made references to religion.

She claims she has received death threats since the video was posted to YouTube, and says her association with the film has harmed her reputation.

In a court filing lodged with Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, Ms Garcia alleged fraud, slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Dialogue dismay

Lawyers for Ms Garcia contend that changes in dialogue during post-production casts her in a false light.

“[Garcia] had a legally protected interest in her privacy and the right to be free from having hateful words put in her mouth or being depicted as a bigot,” the lawsuit says.

“There was no mention of ‘Mohammed’ during filming or on set. There were no references made to religion nor was there any sexual content of which Ms Garcia was aware,” it adds.

Mr Nakoula denies being “Sam Bacile”, a pseudonym used by the person who posted the video online.

He has gone into hiding after telling US media he was the manager of a company that helped produce the film, but US officials believe him to be the director.

Mr Nakoula was convicted of fraud in 2010 and ordered to pay more than $790,000 in restitution. He was released in June 2011 with the provision that he did not access the internet or use any aliases without permission.

Authorities questioned him last week over whether he had violated any of those conditions.

YouTube has so far refused Ms Garcia’s requests to remove the film, according to the lawsuit, although it has blocked it in Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt.

“This lawsuit is not an attack on the First Amendment nor on the right of Americans to say what they think, but does request that the offending content be removed from the Internet,” the complaint states.

Google, which owns YouTube, has blocked the film in Saudi Arabia, Libya and Egypt.

A spokesman for YouTube said they were reviewing the complaint and would be in court on Thursday.

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  • layla

    thanks cindy! im glad someone good is trying to help.

  • Just Stopping By

    @HGG: Done. You should get an email stamped 9:31 my time with a link explaining my US travel time/location.

  • HGG

    JSB: I can’t be trusted to be geographically correct after midnight.

    I do like my city a lot, and there are some good sights here. I can’t vouch about the food being kosher, though. And rest assured, I’m as likely to confuse east/west here as much as anywhere else.

    (If you want you can email me at as to not keep being off topic here)

  • Just Stopping By

    @HGG: “we have on the northeast, which is a pretty city.”

    Umm, perhaps you should spend more time paying attention to geography and less time on inside jokes or quasi-translations of city names. Or has Wikipedia misplaced the pretty city into Mexico’s Northwest? 😉

    “While I do live close to the US…” Actually, that was a good reminder.,_Mexico has a nice list of landmarks, and I remember you saying that it has a morrano history, which makes it more interesting to me than most places and created some local cuisine that I would actually eat! Plus, you might be able to give advice that did not confuse east and west…

  • Jai


    “How many other actors have come out against it? What about the main characters?”

    All of them, according to CNN.



    Staff and crew of film that ridiculed Muslims say they were ‘grossly misled’

    By Moni Basu and Tom Watkins, CNN
    September 13, 2012

    (CNN) — The 80 cast and crew members involved in the making of the movie that has roiled much of the Islamic world said Wednesday they were “grossly misled” about its intent and expressed sorrow over the resulting violence.

    “The entire cast and crew are extremely upset and feel taken advantage of by the producer,” they said in a statement to CNN about the movie, “Innocence of Muslims.”

    “We are 100% not behind this film and were grossly misled about its intent and purpose,” continued the statement, which was sent to CNN by a member of the production staff who asked not to be identified for security reasons.

    “We are shocked by the drastic rewrites of the script and lies that were told to all involved. We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that have occurred.”

  • HGG

    Hey, JSB. The northern part of Mexico is fairly wide, so I’m not sure exactly where would best suit, but we have on the northeast, which is a pretty city. While I do live close to the US, I’m more familiar with that kind of place further down south, but that may be too far for you.

  • Just Stopping By

    @HGG, Two things:

    First, I agree on the dubbing. You can even see differences between the lip movements and the words.

    Second, and completely off topic, I am flying across the country at the beginning of the new year and was thinking of adding in some vacation time. Is there a city/locale in relatively northern Mexico that would be nice to visit but not primarily a tourist or resort area that actually has local culture? If you have a recommendation, great. If not, no big deal.

  • HGG

    “I wish her luck-if she was truly tricked”

    I think it’s certain they were. Any mention of Mohammed or Islam were dubbed (rather obviously and amateurish) in post production by other voices.

  • Ummer

    How many other actors have come out against it? What about the main characters?

  • @David,

    Denied on the reason of “the man who is believed to have made the film had not been served a copy of the lawsuit.”

    Technical hick-up.


    we all know about the type of people who desire offensive free speech:

  • @Emperor

    I heard about this, but I had trouble finding anything on it. I hope she does win, and I hope the other actors sue as well. Get it out in the open.

  • Lexus

    Tons of message boards posting on news sites on the web around this ruling… typical response it “Freedom of speech trumps Islam blah blah blah”…. even thought this lawsuit was not filed by a Muslim.. just shows you how deep the brainwashing of the general public in the US truly is

  • Sir David ( Illuminati membership number 5:32)

    Good try but not a winner

    Sir David

  • mindy1

    I wish her luck-if she was truly tricked, she should not be forced into enduring the hate because of a mistake.

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