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More Evidence: Obama is a Secret Mooslim


Contrary to widely held assumptions, Muslims revere Jesus and the Virgin  Mary, and both are mentioned extensively in the Qur’an. There is no reason for Muslims to celebrate the denigration of Jesus.

Nevertheless, ignorant loons have decided Obama’s refusal to condemn quarter century old abomination (or is that ObamaNation?), “Piss Christ,” is further evidence he is a “secret Mooslim.”

Heathen President Refuses to Condemn Piece of Art From 1987

by Louis Peitzma, Gawker

Why does Barack Obama hate Christians so much? The notorious anti-Jesus President is refusing to condemn the controversial work Piss Christ by Andres Serrano.

Sure, Piss Christ has been around for 25 years, but it’s returning to New York as part of a retrospective on Serrano’s work. So why hasn’t Obama addressed this outrage? Is it his secret Muslim background? A lack of respect for Jesus? A weird pee thing?

Whatever the cause, we should all be very, very angry. As usual the Fox Nation commenters get it right.

Actually would you expect a mooselim to be offended by disrespect of anything Christian? Hasen’t the Mooslim brotherhood inchief already declared war on Catholicism as well as all Christians & Jews?

… what do you expect from a mooooslim… barry bows to them… he doesn’t care about America, OUR Traditions, and OUR Way of life to include Christianity… which IS what this nation was founded upon along wtih the Founding Fathers basic principles of Liberty… you elect a communist usurper… this is what you get…

Obama is a Mooslime. He will never denounce anything Anti-Christian. I used to give O the benefit of the doubt about being Mooslime but not any more.

It’s truly shocking the way we’ve let our government be infiltrated. But what’s even more unnerving is how long the secret Muslim agenda has been playing out.

Get ready for this bombshell.

Piss Christ was sponsored in part by the National Endowment of the Arts, which means Serrano received money from the U.S. government. And the President when this sacrilege was created in 1987? You guessed it — secret Muslim Ronald Reagan. Who knew?

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  • moose

    I thought he was born in Kenya. Geez how many fake birth certificateas can one person get. Reagan was the real Muslim President, he helped start Al Quaeda. As much as you mention that Obama is invoking taqiyya, I’m begining to think you are plotting against his life.

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  • Lord Pork

    There is no doubt that Obama is a true Muslim.Both of his fathers were Muslim.He was circumcised as a Muslim.His birth certificate in Indonesia shows his religion as Muslim.He used Taqiyya to claim that he was a Christian to become the President of U.S.A.The Prophet of Islam was never circumcised as he was brought up as a Pagan Bedouin.Obama is more Muslim than Mohammad.He is the front face of Islam in America.May God save America.

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  • Eric

    so was maplethorp’s gay photo art, the president has no power over who receives endowment. who is Llisha and I hope no one paid her for this pice of crap article.

  • ilfdinar

    it is funny that the same guy who owns the new york times also owns Fox news Murdoch
    he is manipulating the ignorant right wing loons

  • Khalid

    Moozlimz at it again….

  • Hey you Evil MOOZLIMZ I know all about your plot to take over America and the true meaning of LALALALALA form someone who was one of your own Kamal Saleem who loves America unlike you MOOZLUMS who only pretend to love the US

  • mindy1

    Dum dum DAAAAA. I do not like that kind of “art” myself, but let’s focus on more important things fox news

  • Reynardine

    Damn, some mad dogs keep chewing the same rotten old bones.

  • Crow

    Not only is Obama not a Muslim but the rigt-wing Islamaphobes are not Christians

  • @Ilisha

    Guess this just goes to show how people ignore facts that don’t fit with their world view.

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