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AlJazeera: 2004 Massacre of Thai Muslims Remembered

The ongoing insurgency in the predominantly Muslim Southern Thai states bordering Malaysia does not get much media coverage in the USA. The issue is usually covered in soundbites or framed as “Islamic extremists” versus the Buddhist Thais. Relevant history and context is breezed over or ignored.

AlJazeera brings to our attention the little known massacre of Muslims that took place in Tak Bai, when 85 people were killed in 2004 by the Thai military.

Massacre of Thai Muslims remembered

(AlJazeera English)

Security forces in southern Thailand are on heightened alert for the eight anniversary of a military crackdown that killed 85 people.

In 2004 hundreds protested against the detention of six men, suspected of involvement with armed Muslim groups fighting for independence from the Buddhist majority of Thailand.

Al Jazeera’s Wayne Hay reports from Narathiwat province on the security alert coinciding with what is now known as the Tak Bai massacre.

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  • Abdulmajid

    And today the Rohingya Muslims in Burma are being massacred and ethnically cleansed like the Balkan Muslims were in 1992-1999. And what do I read as comments on most news sites? That “the Muslims brought persecution onto themselves because they came into Burma illegally, fleeing poverty in Bangladesh (who in his right mind would have come to Burma when it had the most repressive regime in the world, only second to North Korea?); Buddhist Burmese are only defending themselves; the Muslims started the violence first; nobody reports on the persecution of Christians by Muslims in Nigeria, Egypt or generally in Muslim countries, so Human Rights Watch, the Soros-funded and pro-Muslim biased organization which first reported the anti-Rohingya pogroms has discredited itself; wherever Muslims are the majority they behave horribly towards non-Muslims: they have come to spread Islam and cause trouble”. The usual anti-Muslim propaganda lies and hate speech. And these comments get the hightest approval and most recommendations. In my eyes the people who write such evil hate speech (and who resent being called fascists or Nazis) have sunk to the lowest ebb of human depravity. And thattheir comments get wide approval shows something is going seriously wrong with our society. Seems like 1933 all over again. It’s an all too familiar picture. In the 1990s it was the Bosniaks and Kosovo Albanians whom they so bad-mouthed. I would like to ask those commenters where they were and what they did in the 1990s. I’m glad nobody in my neighborhood that I know and talk to (and that includes even a gentleman originally from Serbia!) seems to utter such inhuman statements. Look, I’m not at all a violent person. But whenever I read such trash I get notions of punching the authors of said trash in the nose until they bleed if I ever have the chance to meet them. Maybe your netiquette doesn’t allow for such things to be said (At least at where I have been commenting on the Bosnian war since it started, they don’t like that a bit and then banish my comments if they contain more than the mildest rebuke of Islamophobia, but they regularly let Spencer, Julius Streicher and Karadzic style hate speech and crude anti-Muslim jingoism pass (Like Bosniaks and Albanians started the war, Serbs led a heroic and honorable struggle, go to Saudi Arabia, go suck a camel etc…) Let us see how long it takes for some islamophobic moron to say such niceties about the Rohingya as well. A shame Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi doesn’t have a statement on this; maybe they’re keeping her from knowing. Of course I know I shouldn’t threaten anybody with violence. But that’s how I feel about it. Nice words are wasted on such, ah, gentlemen. And most of them would respond with violence anyway.

  • Xithurel

    There was a time of peace and it lasted 200 years – but it had to shed a lot of blood to get there.

  • anon

    Rumors around the time were that—Much of the escalation of violence happened during the Bush-Thaksin era when U.S. President Bush came to Thailand and asked participation of Thailand on “U.S. war against terror” —and if they did not, then favourable U.S. economic policies would be effected—and that in order to get the Thai public to come on-board a “terrorist” needed to be produced. The Thaksin govt used the Southern separatist movement to “produce” terrorists……(2003–Pres Bush visits Thailand and designates it as a Non-NATO Ally—2004–U.S. congress is notified of a Free-Trade agreement with Thailand—also, public statements by Thaksin in 2002 declare there are “no terrorists” in Thailand, but by 2004 Thaksin publicly declares that there are “terrorists”)

    The “escalation” in violence happened after the Thai military “allowed” its ammunition to be stolen in 2004—-(The Thai insurgency has been happening for decades previously on a small scale)

  • @Mindy

    Peace on Earth? That would be great. I share your sentiments, but don’t hold your breath. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s ever been a day of world peace for the last two hundred years. People seem to fight over just about everything.

  • mindy1

    May peace reign one day soon 🙁

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