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Arlington, Virginia Mall Bombing and “sudden jihad syndrome”

Excellent breakdown by Sheila Musaji of the nonsensical conspiracies created by the Islamophobia movement.

She writes that false stories, no matter how absurd do have a negative effect on the perception of Muslims. (h/t: CriticalDragon):

Arlington, Virginia Mall Bombing and “sudden jihad syndrome”

by Sheila Musaji (TheAmericanMuslim)

Leon Alphans Traille, Jr. was arrested this week for an attempted mall bombing in Arlington, Virginia.

It is puzzling how Islamophobes have so little memory about our own recent history.  Debbie Schlussel is suspicious because the facts that we know so far don’t add up (in her mind).  She wonders how Leon Traille can be a crazy or homeless person and also well educated (M.S. from Georgia Tech).

But, she is on the case.  She says

And you can’t help but notice that the once shaven Traille now sports a beard, like many Muslims do when they commit violent jihad. Did Traille convert to Islam? Why did he try to bomb a shopping mall? And why–given his tech expertise–were his bombs so crude and ineffective? A lot of questions.

Brilliant people are not immune from mental problems, or from carrying out senseless acts of violence.

How about the brilliant science student James Holmes, the Aurora Colorado shooter who was getting his PhD at the time of the shooting.

How about the brilliant, and crazy mathemetician Ted Kaczynski who was even better educated than this fellow (with a PhD from Harvard) and carried out a nation-wide mail bombing campaign.  Kaczynski lived in a shack in Montana, off the grid, and also grew a beard.

This ridiculous allegation based on nothing except a beard is right up there with the claims by the Islamophobes that Joel Hinrichs and Seung-Hui Cho were probably Muslims.

Joel Hinrichs was the individual who detonated a large bomb made of TATP outside of a packed football stadium in Oklahoma.  He was described as an example of “sudden jihad syndrome”.  In that case, the “facts” that the Islamophobes used were that there is an Islamic Center near the campus which Hinrich’s roommate attended (the roommate was a Muslim), and Hinrichs was seen walking through the parking lot of this mosque.  This is not too surprising for a student whose on-campus apartment was only a block away from the mosque.

Seung-Hui Cho, was the individual responsible for the Virginia Tech massacre.  He was considered by the Islamophobes to be possibly another case of “sudden jihad syndrome” because his father had worked in Saudi Arabia before Cho was even born.

It appears that the Islamophobes are engaged in a disinformation campaign that involves throwing out as many crazy charges as possible in the hopes that even one out of a hundred will turn out to be true.  In the meantime, whether the charge is totally baseless or not doesn’t matter, because the sheer volume of “crazy Muslim” stories has an effect on the perception of ordinary people who have heard many of these stories.

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  • Ali

    She only looked at the beard and not the mustache of Traille. Those Muslim who grow long bread also trim their mustache short, short enough to not cover the upper lip.
    But do we expect the Islamophobes to know all the details? Even if they know, they will conveniently ignore it since it doesn’t fit their narrative.

  • Xithurel

    wow that woman is a total psycho!

  • corey

    that article I think is on loonwatch(but I didn’t link that one because the lw filters seem to see it as spam for some reason) but yeah to say something like that to victims of a tragedy is just despicable any compassionate human being would put aside there own political disagreements and show sympathy but no she instead opts to just be an a-hole, you know anytime somebody I see someone cheering whenever a tragedy that happens (such as this one) I wonder if they have any iota of courage to say that to the survivors.

  • @Corey

    That story you linked to about her is really revealing.

  • corey

    dont forget she also suffers cases of being a horrible human being considering what she said about the norway shooting victims

  • mindy1

    Yah know I think Debbie has sudden nutcase syndrome, requiring medication and hospitalization STAT 😛

  • Al

    it’s almost overkill the way these people want to demonize and otherize Muslims to such an extent.

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