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Loy Mauch: Another Arkansas Lawmaker Defends Slavery, Uses Bible

More inanities out of Arkansas. Rep. Loy Mauch uses the Bible to justify American slavery. Imagine if a Muslim had said something of the kind, the Islamophobes would be in an uproar about “evil Islam” and the “impending doomsday Islamization of the USA.”:

Loy Mauch, Arkansas Lawmaker, Defended Slavery In Letters To The Editor

A Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives has a history of writing in support of slavery and the Confederacy, along with comparing Abraham Lincoln to Karl Marx.

State Rep. Loy Mauch (R-Bismarck) wrote a series of letters to the editor of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, defending slavery and attacking Lincoln, the Arkansas Times reports.

The revelations about Mauch’s letters come days after it was reported that state Rep. Jon Hubbard (R-Jonesboro) wrote that slavery “may have been a blessing” in a 2010 book.

The Arkansas Republican Party has condemned Hubbard’s comments, along with comments by Republican legislative candidate Charlie Fuqua, who advocated expelling Muslims from the United States.

Mauch, a first term legislator, wrote the letters starting in 2000. He has called Lincoln a “fake neurotic Northern war criminal” and said the 16th president committed “premeditated murder” on the Constitution. He called Lincoln and Civil War generals “Wehrmacht leaders” — the name for the armed forces in Nazi Germany. He also praised his ancestors for standing up to “Northern aggression” and said the Confederate flag is “a symbol of Christian liberty vs. the new world order.”

In two letters, Mauch wrote about the Bible and slavery. The Arkansas Times quotes from a letter Mauch wrote in 2009:

If slavery were so God-awful, why didn’t Jesus or Paul condemn it, why was it in the Constitution and why wasn’t there a war before 1861?

In 2010, it was reported that Mauch was a member of the Sons of Confederates Veterans and the League of the South, which has been described as a “neo-Confederacy” group advocating for second southern secession. Mauch was also reported to have chaired the western Arkansas chapter of the League of the South, which he downplayed as an honorary title. He also helped organize a 2004 conference calling for the removal of an Abraham Lincoln statue in Hot Springs, which included a keynote speech entitled “Homage to John Wilkes Booth.”

The Huffington Post reached out to Mauch via telephone and email seeking comment but did not receive a response.

Mauch is retired from AT&T and lists on his state website that his hobbies include hunting, fishing, reading history and writing. He is currently vice chairman of the Children and Youth Subcommittee. On his campaign website he cites bills he’s written on sewer, water and education issues.

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  • Truth Hurts

    “Slavery may have been a blessing”

    Since I have a contrarian non-PC streak, let’s try & think about that in an open-minded way.

    Slavery HAS existed across most of Mankind’s history in many places & cultures. It has been slowly dying out, but has been renamed in various gradations e.g. people-traffiking, 3rd world outsourcing, sado-masochism & indentured labor imperial/Caste system.

    Has it been a blessing? Well, power imbalance, mostly to the slaver & rarely to the slave. Where are the instances slavery has been a small mixed blessing to the slave? Well, in existential situations where there is NO other option. Rare were the cases of Slave kings & Janissaries.

    Slavery is dehumanising, to the slave & society, & can only really exist if there is no other option.

    In the US it was economically viable to have slaves in the rural South, whereas the north it became a burden as mechanization was cheaper. With robotics, human slaves, except as companions isn’t really an option. perhaps the keep someone economically/physically alive is another reason.

    Non-PC Empathy off >

    Excuse me while I scream at this twit!

  • Judy Smith

    Come people! Really!!!!! White man, this is no longer your world, in fact, you are just a nut living in it. And bigotry lives on! And what did Jesus and you friend Paul say about other matters like homosexual, heterosexuals, abortions, love? Oh, but you don’t know because you didnT read that part. This is a perfect example of interpreting the bible to sooth your own soul and your followers.

  • Hey guys, speaking of racism, it looks like a Missouri Branch of the Ku Klux Klan has joined the anti Islam, anti Muslim, panic. Should any of us be surprised by this?

    5 Most Alarmist Fliers of Missouri KKK

    I wonder if Spencer will be willing to embrace these guys as allies, after all, he allied with racists before.

    [Open Thread Sunday] Robert Spencer’s White Nationalist Colors

  • Sam Seed

    You wrote,
    Let him be a slave for a year and see how good it feels, then tell the rest of the world how good it is to be a slave.

    Exactly, why do you think some people have even said, its better to die than to be a slave? Its not a pleasant experience.

  • cheryl

    I see he never read the Book of Exodus. What the heck do he THINK the word BONDAGE means????

  • Sam Seed

    Let him be a slave for a year and see how good it feels, then tell the rest of the world how good it is to be a slave.

  • Anon

    Funny, how wannabe slave owners compare the Emancipating President to Nazis. Ironic, isn’t it?

  • Now lets hope congressman Allen West is paying heed.

  • Khalid

    There is no bigotry too childish or petty for the Republican party.

    American conservatives owe Christianity an apology.

  • Crow

    To be slaves. And they wont revoltSlavery should come bsck and loy and all his little friends who think like him are going to be slaves. Of course they wont revolt because slavery is great but if they do , disporportionate violence will be used against them. Oh, and this time there wont be any Lincoin to save you…so, you”ll be pretty much stuck. LOL. Better watch what you wish for.

  • mindy1

    Good lord, what sort of hellishness is spawning these people?!

  • @Emperor

    Looks like we have a racist politician on our hands. Wouldn’t be surprised if Loy Mauch is also a supporter of the KKK and David Duke.

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