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Margaret Hassan and Thomas Hassan: Targets of the Islamophobic Looniverse

Daniel Greenfield, operative of the extremist SultanKnish blog, paid shill of David Horowitz and regular trafficker in “genocide” talk about Muslims recently blogged about Margaret “Maggie” Wood Hassan, who is running as the Democratic candidate for Governor in New Hampshire. Hassan has been endorsed by Bill Clinton and other bigwigs in the party and has a good shot at winning the election. (h/t: Michael Elwood)

Maggie’s husband, Thomas Hassan is principal of the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy. Phillips Exeter Academy has invited Muslims to speak at the school in the past about Islam and American Muslims, a couple of whom are associated with CAIR. This has set off alarm bells in the panicked minds of Islamophobes such as Greenfield. As Michael Elwood noted, Maggie and her husband Thomas are “being portrayed as stealth jihadis.”

Greenfield writes,

Margaret Hassan is married to Thomas Hassan, principal of the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy, that some are beginning to describe as the Phillips Exeter Madrassah.

As principal, Mr. Hassan is culpable for enabling members of radical Islamists organizations like CAIR, MSA, and the Muslim Brotherhood, to propagandize the impressionable student body at the Student Assemblies.

Will Margaret Wood Hassan do New Hampshire what her husband did to Phillips Exeter Academy?

The “some” who are describing Phillips Exeter Academy as “Phillips Exeter Madrassah” are well known anti-Muslim loons in the Islamophobia echo chamber, the likes of AtlasShrugsPamela Geller and JihadWatch‘s Robert Spencer. No reputable news agency worth its name would describe Phillips Exeter Academy as a “maddrassah” unless they wanted to be laughed off the presses.

It is not all too clear whether Maggie or Thomas Hassan are Muslims (Update: They aren’t Muslim. H/T: JSB), not that it would matter to Islamophobes, the name “Hassan” would be sufficient to create a fevered hysteria in the same crowd horrified that the president’s middle name is “Hussein.” Also, as has been repeated ad nauseum about other “Muslimish” politicians, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with Maggie Hassan being a “Mooslim” if she were one. Is it too much to ask that their records as civil servants and educators be examined and critiqued instead of what religion they follow and with who they’ve shared a podium?

Of course the tendentious “guilt by association” and fear-mongering tactics about mainstream Muslim organizations being “Muslim Brotherhood” fronts or setup by “Hamas” are not only libelous but a propaganda tool that has been exhausted. How long do those in the Islamophobia movement believe they can employ these tactics? It is just not as effective anymore.

Such desperate attempts on the part of right-wing Islamophobes and their allies to smear and character assassinate individuals such as Margaret Hassan and Thomas Hassan who have devoted their lives to civil service and education reminds us of the stark difference between Islamophobes and their targets: Maggie Hassan and Thomas Hassan work to build the USA up, the Greenfield’s, Geller’s and Spencer’s work to destroy and divide it.

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  • Leftwing_Muslim_Alliance

    I see propaganda too
    You are full of it
    I suspect you are no more a Jordanian woman than I am a hobbit

    Sir David

  • Nour Bani Hasan

    In Jordan I think we live well. As long as one has the means to live well. I again stress the point that there are amongst you and amongst commentators in general, on many internet forums, those who wish to silence liberty in preference of islam or sharia law. I have seen sharia and it’s not very pretty in the eyes of us women. For we bear the blunt end of that club, or we are the victims of it’s brutality. If you have not witnessed a stoning, or seen an honour killing, or even saw a hanging or hands being cut off then you have no right to speak about sharia, unless you are muslim or a man wanting to dominate women by brute force. Once the taste of freedom is enjoyed by many islamic females they seldom choose to go back. Put your own mothers, wives or daughters in chains and such, to be beaten and mistreated, if you are an infidel who speaks in sharia’s defense, because that’s what this is about. Forcing free people to submit to the will of immigrant’s who deem any land theirs for the taking. And as far as saying native americans had america first, in studying the facts, I have found that american natives were always at war with one another and were never true owners of the lands they tread upon. They were nomads, not unlike Palestinians in their unsettled history when we pushed them out of Jordan to take root in israel a long time ago. Native americans were nomads too and similarly wandered all over the place without a settled nation to call permanent home. How can you take what is not or unmarked territory? People like to say whites took America away from indians, or native americans, which is very debatable. If you allow it, islam will take your land away from you, this is true. And by ‘you’, I mean all nationalities who came to america for it’s freedom. You’ll be giving up your freedom if you allow it. I love the freedom one feels and is able to live like in america. Don’t be so quick to give it away just because people start calling you names! That’s ridiculous!

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