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Alliance with Wilders Did Hurt Netherlands’ Reputation

Wilders divisiveness and hate promotion has hurt the image of the Netherlands.

Alliance with Wilders did hurt Netherlands’ reputation

The previous coalition government, which involved Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam PVV in a supporting role, did have an image problem abroad, civil service documents supplied to website show.

Ministers repeatedly said foreign governments understood the relationship between the minority coalition and Wilders and that he was not officially part of government.

However, official papers show “time after time” that diplomats wanted proper instructions on “how to avoid reputation damage as much as possible” – for example, when Wilders published a new book. This often did not work, the documents state.

Rob de Wijk, director of research institute HCCS and an expert on international relations, told the website this should not be a surprise. “Wilders’ position was impossible to explain abroad,” he said.

The problems have not all been solved now Wilders is no longer part of the alliance. “He was a symbol of the way the Netherlands had turned in on itself.”

Dutch News, 4 November 2012

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  • sam muhammad

    he was the george wallace of the netherlands…..good riddance

  • Xithurrel

    I must say that Wilders is a cancer; he and those that revolve around his intellectually challenged mentality have only served to prove that Europe learned nothing – and that evil can still crawl into the seat of power and influence. It’s more than a stain, it’s a scar.

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  • mindy1

    Hang with Wilders, you lose 😛

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