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Bigot Bruce Eden Accuses Muslim Judge of “Jihad” and Applying “Sharia Law”

A case involving New Jersey’s contentious laws regarding alimony payments has been sidetracked by the insistence of a father’s rights group leader, Bruce Eden in highlighting the religion of a Muslim judge who was simply doing his duty and applying New Jersey law.

Eden considers what he is doing a “crusade.”

Mr. Eden we understand you’re a pissed off dad who wants alimony reform but playing the Islamophobia card just makes you look like a jackass here and doesn’t do your cause any favors.

Muslim N.J. judge accused of imposing Sharia law on Family Court

FLEMINGTON — The legal battle over alimony payments in New Jersey has turned into a clash of civilizations with an activist group accusing an Arab Muslim judge of imposing Sharia, or Islamic law, on Family Court cases.

Family Court Judge Hany Mawla first made headlines in 2010 when then-Gov. Jon S. Corzine made him the first Muslim-American appointed to state Superior Court.

UPDATE: Alimony reformers distance themselves from ‘anti-Muslim’ attack

Mawla lately has drawn renewed attention for his rulings on alimony payments. In one case, which is being championed by advocates of alimony reform, Pennsylvania resident John Waldorf remains in Hunterdon County Jail after a month because he was unable to pay his ex-wife the $8,000 monthly payments Mawla ordered.

“It is obvious what Judge Mawla is doing is a ‘jihad’ against men in general and fathers specifically,” Bruce Eden, civil rights director of the state chapter of Dads Against Discrimination, said in a statement this week. “Therefore, as a fathers’ rights group we intend to initiate a ‘crusade’ to remove this vermin from the bench.”

In an interview, Eden said Mawla, whose parents moved to Egypt when he was a boy, is following the Sharia practice of throwing debtors in jail.

“(His religion) is compounding the issue,” he said.

Mawla could not be reached for comment, but Gadeir Abbas, staff attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, called Eden’s statement “an anti-Muslim rant that relies on the same type of slanders that have been used in the past to attack Catholics and Jews.”

Eden doesn’t relate how any of this has to do with Shariah or Jihad except to say he “believes” it’s a form of some nonsensical concept that only he knows called “reverse Wahabbism.”

Eden commented on the Central Jersey article,

Judge Mawla was born in the US, and as a toddler, moved to the Mideast where he grew up and had his religious beliefs ingrained into him. These religious beliefs just don’t go away into a vacuum while he’s sitting on the bench. He came back to the US and became an advocate for women based on his observations as a child in the Mideast that he and his mother were forced to sit in the back of the car and his mother could not drive. Is this some-type of reverse Wahabist type of Sharia or is the Judge overcompensating on behalf of women?

Shaking my head at this conspiracy.

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  • Long Ben Avery

    “Reverse Wahabism” Walking backwards to Christmas?

  • Chameleon


    You say, “I can’t even find any sense in that phrase.”

    That makes two of us — and just about everyone else here! That is the whole point of propaganda. If it sounds bad and threatening, that is all that matters. It doesn’t even have to make sense. Sound trumps sense every time with loons.

  • Zan

    They are calling him a “reverse Wahabbist syariah implementers”. I can’t even find any sense in that phrase.

  • Oh my God this is so incredibly stupid. It’s becoming easier and easier to make such amazingly bigoted accusations without real fear of being held accountable for such claims or beliefs.

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  • Garibaldi

    Thanks Ali5, we actually just posted this story.

  • Ali5
  • mindy1

    Razainc, that is great news 😀

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  • Hey guys an update on a previous story Glenn Greenwald”Happy ending: US Muslim I wrote about barred from flying home ( allowed to board plane last night: “

  • This is really just laughable. The Sharia is supposedly anti-woman; yet when a Muslim judge rules in favor of a divorced woman, that is also somehow ‘creeping Shariah’! 😆 I suppose Sharia is simply whatever non-Muslims don’t like. Do you suppose it would be an example of ‘creeping Sharia’ if a Muslim judge ruled against a Muslim cab driver for refusing service to someone who is drunk or carrying intoxicants? 🙄 If a judge is Muslim, obviously any ruling he makes MUST be an attempt to force Sharia on U.S. citizens – right?

  • sam muhammad

    Islamaphobes habve laid the groundwork for every idiotic anti muslim bigot to feel embolden to voice his hatred in every venue whether relevant or not

  • Garibaldi

    Yup. There’s no pleasing bigots. If it’s not misogyny, it’s misandry. “Reverse Wahabism” I’m still trying to wrap my head around that. What would that look like?

  • rookie

    “He came back to the US and became an advocate for women…”

    One can never please these bigots…

  • mindy1

    Ugh, politicians will say anything

  • Chameleon

    So now Islam is the religion of misandry? The Islamophobia Fuhrers better set this guy straight soon before he single-handedly unravels all of their misogyny propaganda against Islam.

  • Tanveer Khan


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