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‘Islam is like Nazism’: Top Sweden Democrat

The claim that “Islam is like Nazism,” a favorite trope amongst the Islamophobia crowd is projection on the part of the racist nationalist Sweden Democrat (SD) party.

Richard Jomshof speaks in the kind of vague and conflating of concepts language we are quite used to from anti-Islam/Muslim elements. Is he speaking about Islam? A specific trend within so-called “Islamism’? What is his definition of “Islamism”?

The resort to such glib and off-hand comparisons between Nazism and some ideology is often a sign of a lack of understanding of political movements and their histories which is the case with Jomshof as he also compares “Islamism” to “Communism.” That’s sure going to be news to the AKP, Al-Nahda and the Freedom and Justice Party who are deeply involved and supportive of the neo-Liberal economic order.

In reality such statements are intended more so for consumption by the radical sheeple base of the SD party than anyone else and to further the proselytizing fear-mongering premise that such parties are based on. (h/t: Benjamin Taghiov)

‘Islam is like Nazism’: top Sweden Democrat

(The Local)

“We’re presenting a new team today after what happened last week,” Jimmie Åkesson said at a press conference, referring to the scandal after the publication of a video showing three party members in a drunken and racist tirade from 2010.

Åkesson presented Richard Jomshof, a former high school teacher who was previously the editor in chief for the Sweden Democrat paper SD–Kuriren, as the replacement for former justice policy spokesman Kent Ekeroth who stepped down on Wednesday.

Jomshof has previously likened Islamism to Nazism in the publication, a view he showed no signs of abandoning on Thursday.

“I’ve also compared Islamism with National Socialism and Communism. I stand by that. I think it’s a completely reasonable comparison,” he told TT.

Jomshof was then asked whether he equates Islamism to the religion Islam.

Party leader Åkesson did not dismiss his colleague’s statements.

“It depends on how you make the comparison. Now we’re seeing an example in Gaza and other conflicts where extreme Islamists are involved, sometimes using the same symbols that the Nazis used,” he said.

“Such a comparison can in certain cases be relevant.”

Meanwhile, the party also announced a replacement for Erik Almqvist, who stepped down last week as the party’s economic policy spokesman. Taking his place is 44-year-old Sven-Olof Sällström.

The publication of the now-infamous video sent the party into a tailspin.

Its youth wing leader Gustav Kasselström was discharged from his duties as parliamentary secretary on Wednesday after he defended his disgraced colleagues.

Apart from the damage to their political careers, the three politicians implicated by the video may not be out the woods yet.

On Tuesday, Chief Prosecutor Mats Åhlund launched a formal investigation into whether they are guilty of racial agitation (hets mot folkgrupp), a crime punishable by up to two years in prison.

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  • What about Swedish Culture and Nazism? Gunnar Myrdal anyone? And in which European country did the Government perform sterilzations on Sinti and Roma or mentally challenged people without their consent up to the 70ies? In which European country do you have the most people subscribing to anti-Semitic views?

  • Indeed, Jean Raspail’s racist tract “The Camp of the Saints” had Western civilization destroyed by an overwhelming influence of Hindu Indians, so perhaps for these people “Muslim” is indeed just code for “non-white”.

  • Rights

    Islam may be whatever it is, but it is certainly not like Naziism. One thing is for sure: This man does not know what the Nazis stood for and what they did.

  • Nevermore

    @Perpetually Confused:

    It’s pretty obvious that whenever Islamophobes run their mouth, they’re always referring to Muslims who’re of Middle Eastern, African or Asian descent. I’ve yet to see criticism of Balkan Muslims (or, really, American or western European by birth). Other than the vague condemnation of those groups as being part of Islam, there’s little to nothing about them.

    It’s not a secret this is just the same old racial fear mongering wrapped in a new (and more socially acceptable) blanket.

  • Perpetually Confused

    “On Tuesday, Chief Prosecutor Mats Åhlund launched a formal investigation into whether they are guilty of racial agitation (hets mot folkgrupp), a crime punishable by up to two years in prison.”

    So, is Islam a race or not?

  • Xithurel


  • TheBig-T

    The amount of projection coming from SD (or as I like to call them, the STD) is mindblowing

  • Ahmad

    Can they make up their minds? Nazis hated Communists! Seriously what is wrong with them!

  • mindy1

    Are they serious??? Islam allows for people of any race, while Nazism does not

  • sam

    had they said this about zionism or israeli policies against the palestinians they would have been jailed or fined

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